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Bless you, Hi

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Hi everyone! It's me, Bless You, Hi. Yes, I've realized saying "Hi" with a username that has "Hi" in it is awkward. 

Anyway, I have a thread going here called "Hayfever + Gamers" that's gotten pretty popular... so I applied my same search method to Facebook (and other social media sites).

HOWEVER, there are some strict rules you have to read before continuing.

I'm kidding.

Links are in the same format as my other thread. Remove the *remove* portion in the middle of the link and paste them together.

Let's get this party started with some Rapid-Fire Makeup Tutorial Sneezes: 

https://www.facebook.com/RoxieJac *remove* kieBeautyGlam/videos/1344114132625356 ( 10 sneezes )

3:00 - 5x

35:20 - 5x

https://www.facebook.com/Recklessbyje *remove* ss/videos/830647797660145 ( 4 sneezes )

1:13:20 - 4x

https://www.facebook.com/LucyRegl *remove* err/videos/354088153134235 ( 6 sneezes )

2:40 - 3x

37:40 - 3x




Skeletor voice: "Until we meet again!"

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15 minutes ago, leone said:

Just a question. Can we use this place for male content too ?

I think it is better to create a topic that is dedicated to male content.

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2 hours ago, MeasuredMove said:



Starts around 7:00. Legendary 







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These are my favorite that I've found so far.

facebook.com/shopze *remove* alboutique2/videos/539972577124318/ 14:20 18:20
facebook.com/shopze *remove* alboutique2/videos/453261982668650/ 22:00
facebook.com/shopze *remove* alboutique2/videos/337581727722173/ 27:30

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Here's a few more.

facebook.com/shopVi *remove* vianONay/videos/413797730170815/ 23:00 42:35
facebook.com/thedressingro *remove* omfashion/videos/233616948752781/ 42:30
facebook.com/ThePearlsGo *remove* neWild/videos/417063199726213/ 0:05
facebook.com/mtcreekqui *remove* lters/videos/533150047692489/ 30:30
facebook.com/lilyan *remove* dclaireboutique/videos/164049602551076/ 40:40 (offscreen)
facebook.com/GiselleDe *remove* nisFineArt/videos/217922183152293/ 24:30
facebook.com/JesusCof *remove* feeandChickens/videos/438853533901301/ 28:15
facebook.com/Chi *remove* ckADs/videos/807393786807465/ 15:55

I'm finding lots and lots of almost sneezes, but not a lot of actual sneezes.  Though I'm sure there are many more out there to find...

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Glad to see this thread is already taking off! I'll post many "mini-fits" but I've found a few clips that contain truly 🥇 sneeze attacks. I'll post them when this thread gets a little more momentum and keep you all in suspense. On my other thread a lot of you requested if I could specify nose blowing, so I'll try to remember that. I'll abbreviate it as "👃🏻". 

...Anyway, enjoy this prolonged fit from "just your common cold".

https://www.facebook.com/TheSnobShopEx *remove* change/videos/201543621732088

54:45 - 8x + 👃🏻


Skeletor voice: "Until we meet again!"

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Well it looks like based on the posts here (and messages I received) that the audience for this thread has a preference for rapid-fire sneezes... I can't believe it. First every other sneeze thread I've posted and now this one. I'm shocked. Look, this is my shocked face 😲. With some 🤭 too.

So I'm posting clips that are basically: "I have to sneeze. Ah... Ah... Ah- :uzi:" haha


31:35 - 7x


6:20 - 5x


5:40 - 7x + false start


18:22 - 5x


2:55 - 5x

1:43:25 - 2x

I don't want this to become a request thread, but feel free to shoot me a message about your personal sneeze preferences and maybe I can add something on here for you. Or message to say "hello". I'd appreciate it cuz the only messages I get are "Can you find so-and-so type sneezes for me?" or "Can you find out who this sneezing girl is?" haha

I want to be more a part of this unique community but aside from posting fantastic sneeze clips, I am but a lost lamb in the forum.


"Until we meet again!" - Skeletor

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Just for fun, take a guess which of these strong allergens causes the prolonged sneezing fits in the clips below:

A ) pollen 🌻

B ) dust 💨

C ) cat 🐈‍⬛

D ) cheese 🧀

https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=1175449712894363 - 10x

https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=457879724694635 - 8x (starts at 3:50)

Edited by Bless you, Hi
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On 2/27/2022 at 12:37 AM, Maxx said:

Did you notice my post? It contains a similar attack.

ah yes, i noticed it after i replied! thank u for sharing :biggrinsmiley:

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It's really annoying how you can only use the m.facebook.com player to view a limited number of videos before it starts asking you to log in.  And then if you log in it won't let you use it at all (it just ignores the video ID you gave in the link and goes to the watch facebook home page).  Then after several hours I think it seems to reset so you can view a limited number of videos without logging in again. 

Has anybody figured out a way around this?  Like deleting your browser cookies or something?  It's really limiting searches (can only do a few a day).  The m.facebook.com player is superior to the regular www.facebook.com player because you can skip 10 seconds using the keyboard arrow key instead of clicking (similar to youtube).  I've also seen some videos that were completely unviewable or won't load the captions on www.facebook.com but they work on m.facebook.com.  Very weird.

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On Sunday I will be posting one the best sneezing fits I've ever found on here. Nose twitching. Uncovered. Loud nose blowing. It's got it all.

You: "Why didn't you just post it now?"

Me: "For dramaaa!"  💫 👏🏻

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17 hours ago, Bless you, Hi said:

On Sunday I will be posting one the best sneezing fits I've ever found on here. Nose twitching. Uncovered. Loud nose blowing. It's got it all.

You: "Why didn't you just post it now?"

Me: "For dramaaa!"  💫 👏🏻

always leave them wanting more 🤣

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Amazing!  Especially the fact that she didn't try to get out of the camera during the fit.  Great work, thanks much.

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