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I finally caught a cold!


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My first cold in over 2 years. Let me give you the progression so far. 

On Sunday, let's call it Day 0, we were outside most of the day, and spent a long time sitting under some oak trees. My eyes were watering, and my throat felt a little scratchy, so I figured it was the oak pollen, seeing as it's springtime. 

By Sunday night though, my throat was still a little sore and I was really tired, so I called it an early night. 

When I woke up Monday, (Day 1) I didn't feel any better. My throat felt more sore so I had some tea and went to work. (I work from home.) By the end of the day, I was sure I was coming down with something. I took a covid home test, it was negative. 

Tuesday, (Day 2) things went more downhill. I worked in the morning, but my voice was quite hoarse on zoom (no one said anything, but I'm sure they could hear it.) But by the afternoon, I was alternating between being freezing and hot, my temp was 100.4 F, and I was starting to get a headache. I kept having to clear my throat. No sneezes, but my sinuses hurt and there was a lot of pressure. I decided not to take any Tylenol, because I figured a low fever is good for kicking whatever bug this is out of my system. Didn't really feel like cooking, so just heated up some soup. Went for a pcr test in case the home test was bogus. (No results yet, but I don't think this is covid.)

At 1 in the morning, I awoke with the right side of my head pounding. So I caved and took the Tylenol. Spent the rest of the night on the couch since Husband's snoring was going to pierce a hole through my head. 

Today, my sinuses have unclogged a little bit, and I have the sniffles. My throat is still scratchy, my voice is cracking (which I find sexy and adorable and kind of fun). Fever is down to 99.6. My nose is super tingly, but I've only sneezed a couple of times today. One was pretty breathy and didn't really accomplish anything, you know? But just now I had a nice strong-ish "juicy" sneeze that felt so good. My nose still tickles a lot, so I hope more are coming. 

I had to tell some colleagues that I was taking the afternoon off. They gave me sweet self-care advice: drink tea, get rest, etc. and said they hoped I feel better soon. I love that! ❤

I hardly ever get sick, but it's nice to slow down for a couple of days, binge read stupid novels, eat popsicles, and have someone else prepare meals. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my regular healthy self. If anything changes (or gets more sneezy) I'll keep you posted. 

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Nice obs! Hope ya feel better soon but definitely keep us posted! 😉😁

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Update: My pcr test came back positive. Ugh. 

Last night (Day 3) when I tried to lie down to sleep, my sinuses let loose the floodgates. So much pressure, so much snot. I went through lots of tissues and basically had to prop myself upright and breathe through my mouth all night. Not comfortable! I didn't really get much good sleep. 

This morning (Day 4) I awoke and sneezed a couple of times. I've heard that one of the symptoms of covid is repeated sneezing, but so far today, just those two. Darn. I'd love to sneeze all day long! I've been laying low all day, still have a low fever, taking Tylenol for my pounding head, and blowing my nose every 5 minutes into tissues.  My blows are wet, gurgly, and very productive, but the snot just keeps accumulating. It hurts to wear my glasses, that's how much sinus pressure there is. 

I really hope to be able to sleep well tonight. I'm exhausted. 

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Additional obs:

Last night I finally got to sleep. I had tissues right at the bedside, and one ready under my pillow. At about 2 in the morning, something woke me up, and about 30 seconds later I sneezed. I grabbed the tissue, and  30 seconds later, I sneezed right into it. That pause between the two sneezes was delightful, I could feel the second one building. 

They were both wet, and fairly strong, but I kept them as quiet as I could. I guess I'd spell them like

hih-tchhhew. I felt like maybe there would be a third, but it didn't happen, so I blew my nose and went back to sleep. 


Today was Day 5 of my covid experience. Fever finally broke this afternoon, and I'm feeling much more like myself this evening. Thank goodness!

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Just now, NickG1998 said:

Bless you I hope you feel better soon

Thank you so much Nick!

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It feels like everyone I know (including myself) is sick right now haha
I hope you feel better!!!! Thanks for the obs :)

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2 hours ago, credence said:

It feels like everyone I know (including myself) is sick right now haha
I hope you feel better!!!! Thanks for the obs :)

Thanks, credence. I hope you feel better too. Take care!

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An early morning obs:

I woke up at 4 am really thirsty, so I came out to the kitchen and got some water, decided I was probably awake for the morning (what is this now, Day 7?) and reclined the couch. I'm lying back and on my side, so I can't easily reach the tissues on the end table. 

My nose started tingling, specifically my left nostril, was up high, in the back. It was intense! I opened my mouth slightly and took in some slow breaths, I didn't want to lose the sneeze, I needed to get rid of this sensation! It took a few seconds as the tingle got stronger, and my mouth was wet because I had just drank some water, and when the sneeze finally happened, uncovered, KITSHHHIEW, I sprayed all over my thigh. I'm wearing shorts, so my leg got all cold and wet! I rolled over and grabbed a tissue to wipe my leg off, pretty grossed out. But it was basically water spray, not snot. When I put my head back down, I realized the couch pillow got wet too. (It was a pretty big sneeze!) So I dried that off too. 

Overall, I feel way less congested this morning. Maybe I'll finally have my "sneezy" day. So far, I've only sneezed 2-3 times per day during this illness. If I have to be sick, at least let me enjoy it a little more!

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Love the frequent updates in this obs. Bless you and get well soon

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Thank you @CheekyGuy, and everyone else who commented and offered blessings! 

I'd say this illness has pretty much played itself out, and besides some lingering sinus pressure and residual throat gunk, I'm back to normal. 

I've never shared publicly the details of a cold or anything before. It feels self-indulgant to do so, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. I appreciate this forum, and I'm happy to be part of this supportive community! Thank you @Bondi and all the powers that be for keeping this up and running. 

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Nothing at all remotely self-indulgent about sharing details of a cold on here - some of us find every intimate detail, especially relating to ‘production’, completely fascinating and enticing!

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On 5/12/2022 at 3:18 PM, Cici said:

My blows are wet, gurgly, and very productive, but the snot just keeps accumulating.

As a huge fan of noseblowing, I loved this. 🥰

Glad you're feeling better though. 😄

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Congrats on your cold (even though it was actually Covid). It’s been a few years since I’ve had a proper cold too. Lately I’ve been dealing with dumb allergies (barely any sneezing, mainly sore throats and sinus pain ugh). I feel like I’m coming down with something now but I’m not getting my hopes up. Thanks for the obs

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21 hours ago, nothin2sneeze@ said:

I feel like I’m coming down with something now but I’m not getting my hopes up. Thanks for the obs

Good luck, nothin2sneeze@! And bless you in advance. 

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