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Johnny Depp-for real!


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I haven't posted here in a very, very long time but after I saw what I saw I came here and kept refreshing the page to see if anyone else had witnessed it and I didn't see anything.

I had one of the live feeds playing in the background while I was doing other things today. A split second before I went back to that tab in my browser, I heard a sneeze, and when I clicked on the tab and looked at the feed, I just barely caught Johnny recovering from the sneeze and being blessed. It was loud! Everyone in the chat was blessing him too. I sat there and was like "Wait...how do I find this later??!" Sadly I don't remember which channel I was watching because I switched feeds a couple times. And unfortunately, each feed seems to use different camera angles at different times. So far I'm not having luck, but I do know what they were talking about when it happened, so it just needs some investigative work! I did find audio of it and saved it to my bookmarks with a timestamp so I could put it here but...it's gone now. Not taken off of Youtube but just magically gone from my bookmarks. 😡 It was a shorter video, like 8-11 min, and I found it by searching "Amber Heard cross examination." 

Here's the info: During the cross examination of Amber, Camille was drilling her on her supposed injuries and showing pictures of various appearances she had made right after allegedly being assaulted. The sneeze happens around the time that she talks about the backless dress Amber wore at an event for Mordecai. Right after Amber says something like "I bet you have it" (referring to a picture) and right before Camille has them submit the picture into evidence.

Hope that helps someone find it!


Ahh!! Found it! 


Please forgive me if I'm not doing this correctly:


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Posted (edited)

Sorry for the messy way that I did this...got a little excited. 😆 An admin can delete this extra post. 

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Ohhhh, thank you for posting this, omg!!!! Such a loud and throaty sneeze, hot!

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OMG I love you! Thanks for posting it!!

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Omg thank you for sharing! The relationship between Johnny and his lawyer is so wholesome, seeing him bless Johnny and give a quick pat on the back was so sweet🥹

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I'm glad to share in the joy with you all! A long time ago my sister was obsessed with Johnny and we would watch all his movies. Little did she know I was also crushing on him pretty badly. 😅 If this would have happened back then I probably would have self-combusted, but it's still nice to experience it now!

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  • 2 weeks later...

thank you for sharing, you beautiful soul :notworthy:

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Oh my God.

That's what I didn't know I needed. 

I like the loud sound & the prior inhale. 

Also...The way his lawyer pats him on the back while blessing him is too freaking sweet!!!

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Oh my, shy, you are amazing!! Thank you so much! That was wonderful!!! 💜

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