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What do you have with you right now for nose blowing?


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What do you have with you for if you need to blow your nose? Packet of tissues in bag, tissues in pocket, up sleeve, handkerchief in trousers, jacket, bag, etc.? I have a white handkerchief in my left pocket - never carry tissues (only ever use them in bathrooms and dispose of them straight away).

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Light blue handkerchief with a green border in my right pocket. Many other handkerchiefs in a small bag in a cupboard in my truck and also a box of kleenex balsam extra large tissues too in my truck

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I have some white Puffs Ultra soft tissues in my shorts pocket.  I grabbed some from the box in the bathroom this morning.

My allergies have been a pain this morning and have had some gurgly blows (starting off as soft blow, then getting to be loud with honks)

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