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TwoSet Violin - Eddie


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So I've been watching TwoSet Violin on Youtube for a while, and I found a couple of sneezes from Eddie that I thought I would share here in case people are interested :) The timestamps should be included in the links, but let me know if it doesn't work.


(right at the beginning of this video which is making fun of Eddie's constant sniffling)


(someone in the crew sneezes off-camera and then Eddie sneezes literally not even a second later)


(nice pre-sneeze expression in this one)


(tbh the editing ruins this one a bit, but then again he sneezes twice with a good bit of build-up in between, so can't really complain too much lol)


If anyone knows of any more sneezes (from Brett as well), please post them here!! :D

I'm pretty sure there were a couple of videos where they sound congested and mention being sick, but I can't remember for the life of me which videos those were.

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looove twoset! i actually had a playlist for myself already 😅


some more from eddy:


1:38 https://youtu.be/Kn2tHmM-EOs


10:04 https://youtu.be/6T0GAFCJkNI


3:45 allergy talk 10:38 sneeze https://youtu.be/PgMiJENcnuc


1:28 really small one https://youtu.be/uJpxl2T8qo8


1:15 https://youtu.be/kxxZgpWqSWc


6:32 and brett… at the very beginning.. or whatever that was 😭 https://youtu.be/y05E_9e-Qmg


more brett:


0:07 almost https://youtu.be/BqtBwAbTkNo


0:33 https://youtu.be/WaOySImzXEQ


5:42 a second one seems to be cut out when he comes back in frame a 5:53 https://youtu.be/YiwOC3fap4A


i got some more videos saved but i can’t find any sneezes so if anyone wants to go through them lol






i know there’s more from both of them out there but i don’t have them rn will post if i find!

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