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Hello folks
After failing my first try, I'm trying again. A little One Piece sneeze story. Let's see how you like this.
Once again I would like to point out that English is not my mother tongue and it will therefore not be perfect.
Story title: Reading the newspaper



Like every morning, Nami, the navigator of Monkey D. Luffy's pirate gang, stood on deck and waited for the mail gull to buy the latest newspaper from her. 
Your deck chair and a cup of coffee were already waiting for you. 
She closed her eyes with relish and thought about how she would soon sit down in her deck chair and read the newspaper in peace.

"Hey Nami" she suddenly heard Luffy's voice behind her "What are you doing?"
"Well what," the redhead replied, "I'm waiting for the newspaper"
"Is there anything interesting in there?" the rubber boy wanted to know.
"I don't know that yet" Nami answered "I have to read it first"

The sound of the approaching gull made the young woman look up. She started waving and the bird approached to bring her the newspaper. 
Nami paid and went to her deck chair. She relaxed, leaned back, took a sip of her coffee and began to read.


"Hey Nami" Luffy suddenly stood behind her again. "I want to read the newspaper too," he announced.
"You can" replied the redhead "You'll get them when I'm done"
"But I want to read it right away." Curious, the rubber boy put his head on Nami's shoulder to take a look at the newspaper.
"Don't disturb me" grumbled the young woman "You'll get it soon. Wait a moment"
"We can read them together," Luffy whined, grinning.
Nami sighed. She probably wouldn't get rid of her captain that quickly. She shook her head and her long hair slightly.


Since Luffy's head was still close to Nami's shoulder, he suddenly had her hair in his face. 
They tickled him slightly, but the rubber boy found it more amusing than unpleasant.
"How cool" he thought to himself "How soft and ticklish her hair is. And how good they smell"
Luffy liked the smell of Nami's hair so much that he started to sniff it.
"What kind of hair care product does she use?" he thought to himself.
But his nose didn't like this action at all. Unnoticed, she began to walk easily. Luffy sniffled but thought nothing of it.
Nami didn't pay any attention to him. She had already found an exciting article and was engrossed in reading it. 
he didn't even notice that her captain started making faces on her shoulder.


Luffy sniffed again, which increased the tickle in his nose. While the rubber boy had fun at first, he slowly lost control. 
Nami's hair had tickled his nose so much that a sneeze was triggered.
But Luffy realized it way too late.

The tickling reached its climax. His head still resting on his girlfriend's shoulder, his breath caught. 
His eyes closed, his mouth opened. Luffy suddenly took a deep breath and the inevitable happened.


A heavy, wet sneeze shot out of his nose and landed right next to Nami.
"Luffy" she called out, turning her head to face her captain. 
It would have been better if she hadn't done this, because the rubber boy's nose was still itchy. 
She looked straight into his face from the sneeze.

"Luffy" she called again "Don't you dare!" Nami was about to turn away, but it was already too late. 
Luffy's eyes closed and with a sharp inhalation a second, strong one erupted
"Ah... Ah... Atchoo" 
this time directly in the face of the young woman. A fine mist settled on her cheeks. Then there was silence.
The rubber boy sniffed again and sighed with relief. It was over.


"You idiot" Luffy reaped your headbutt from the redhead. "Turn away from me if you need to sneeze"
"But Nami" the captain stuttered in shock. "I only had to sneeze because your hair tickled me so much" he defended himself and noisily sniffed.
"You idiot," the young woman continued to scold. Then she crumpled up the newspaper, threw it at the rubber boy's head and stalked off in anger.
But Luffy didn't mind the whole thing much. He sat on the floor, unraveled the newspaper and started reading it, grinning



I hope you liked it. If so, I'll be adding other characters from the crew to this soon.
Greetings, your Mimi
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I would love Nico Robin to be part of this story. 
Your mother tongue is german, isn't it ? 😜

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21 hours ago, guynextdoor said:

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Nico Robin Teil dieser Geschichte wäre. 
Ihre Muttersprache ist Deutsch, oder? 😜

Yeah right. German is my native language. Is that so easy to spot?

So Nico Robin, let's see what I can think of. Give me a little time and I'll think of something.

I have never seen an episode where Robin sneezed. It's the same with Sanji. I've already seen all the other Cew members sneeze

The last story I tried to post here was about Nami and Sanji. Unfortunately, it slipped into the wrong 
column and the text looked strange afterwards. I have no idea how to fix that now.

I am all the more pleased that you have read this and answered me.
Now it would be nice to know how you liked it.
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You wrote in english with a kind of german grammar. So it was easy to spot. 😅

I never saw Nico Robin sneeze either. Also she is smart enough to never fall into the water. Lol. 😂

I like the story, but I am not into male sneezes. 

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Hello, I'm back

After my story got an answer, I thought about the individual main characters of the crew and also had some ideas. 
Ideas on common causes of sneezing and ideas on being sick. I also came up with two little sneeze stories for each character. 
Of course, whether I show them all here depends on how great the interest is.

Today there is a little story with Robin and Brook. Since I started with Common Causes in the last story, I'll stick with it.
Have fun while reading.

Character: Nico Robin and Brook
Gender: female sneeze
Cause: various
Story title: Mystery



Robin's eyes shone with joy. She had never before had the opportunity to inspect the tomb of a famous nobleman.
This morning, Monkey D. Luffy's pirate gang docked on this small island. Your real goal, buy groceries.
While part of the crew went to a small town, she and Brook had time to go for a walk. They discovered the tomb in which Robin was 
now taking a very close look at everything.
These were decorated with strange looking characters.



"What are these signs?" Brooke wanted to know from your comrade. "They look similar to those on the poneglyphs"
"It's a very old font," Robin replied. "It is similar to that of the poneglyphs, and yet somewhat different"
"Can you read them?" asked the walking skeleton.
"Yes," the young woman replied. "It's been a long time since I've been to such an interesting place"


Robin walked on and ran her fingers along the wall. Brooke followed her. Suddenly there was a click and a soft hiss. 
One of the two had probably come to a button. Pungent gas poured into the corridor they were in.
Robin immediately began to cough, dropping her notebook.

"Robin?" Brook asked concerned. He seemed to care much less about the whole thing. "Are you all right?"
"Yes" the young woman coughed and put a hand in front of her face. The smell got into her nose and it started to burn. 
It felt as if she had received one of Usopp's pepperballs.
"We'd better get you out of here," the skeleton said, bending down to pick up the notebook.
Meanwhile, the young archaeologist struggled with her nose. The acrid smell burned inside, she could do nothing about it. 
She took another shaky breath, closed her eyes and
"Eh ... Ehtschew" couldn't prevent a soft sneeze. She staggered a step forward and bumped into Brook, who was now holding the notebook.


"Bless You" he replied, who had heard the sneeze very well. "Let's go outside and get some fresh air"
He got no answer. The young woman continued to struggle with her burning nose.
"Eh... Ehchew" another sneeze was inevitable. "Excuse me," she coughed. 
But Brook had long since grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the exit.
"Don't apologize" he said understandingly "Come on, get out of here"


They were finally outside, in the fresh air. Robin stood facing away from Brook, both hands in front of his face. 
She was still struggling with her nose, which had meanwhile started to walk. Although Brook couldn't see her face, he knew she wasn't done yet.
"Eh... Ehchew" another soft sneeze followed by a wet sniffle confirmed his thought. 
His bony hand went into his jacket pocket. He pulled out a clean handkerchief and handed it to his girlfriend.
"Here you are, Robin," he said as he handed her the handkerchief.



"Brook, I can't... Eh... Ehchew" her answer was interrupted by another soft sneeze.
"Don't think about it," her comrade replied as he pressed the handkerchief into her hand. "Think of it as a gift from a friend"
"Thank you very much" with slightly red cheeks Robin took the handkerchief and blew his nose. Somehow this situation felt uncomfortable. 
Still, after that the sneezing was over. Relieved, she sighed young woman.

silence arose. The two just stood next to each other.
"Brook" Robin broke the silence. "Could that... could that remain our secret?" she asked sheepishly.
"Of course my dear" answered the person addressed and gave the notebook back to his girlfriend. 
"It remains our secret, my lips are sealed... Even though I don't have any lips anymore. Yohohohoho"


So that's it for today
I hope you enjoyed it and there is interest in further stories.
Best wishes
your Mimi
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Hello folks
Today there is another short One Piece story.
Today's story has two parts. The first part is about Vivi and her duck Karu.
The second part is about Zoro and Ruffy. Have a good read

Vivi and Karu
Ruffy and Zoro

female sneeze, male sneeze


Story title: 
Try it out



Part 1

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day on the Grandline. 
The pirate gang of Monkey D. Ruffy and his crew had left the winter island of Drum and were heading for the desert island of Alabasta.
The afternoon was quieter than usual. The crew was still a bit exhausted from their adventures on Winter Island. 
So it happened that Princess Vivi and her faithful friend Karu fell asleep in the galley after tea.

Vivi and Karu lay cuddled up against each other on the bench in the small galley.
The duck snored happily and the young woman slept soundly.
Karu stirred slightly. His wing touched his face. A small yellow feather fell out of its plumage and settled just above its beak.
The feathered animal continued to breathe, calmly and evenly. The feather moved up and down on its beak.
The beak twitched, Karu opened his eyes. The tickle caused by the feather had woken him.



"Quaa... Quaa..." only now did the duck realize that she was about to sneeze.


Karu blew the feather from his beak and sniffed softly. As a result, his beak tickled much harder than before.
"Quaa ... Quaa ..." a sneeze could no longer be prevented. 
Carefully Karu took another deep breath, put his wing in front of his beak and prayed that 
Vivi wouldn't be woken up by the sneeze that was about to burst out.
"Quaa ... chuuxx ..." the duck's sneeze sounded strange. Karu had tried to keep it as quiet as possible. 
He looked cautiously at Vivi … and was startled. The young woman hadn't been awakened by the sneezing, but now the feather was on her nose.



Karu could see his girlfriend getting more and more restless. The sleeping face contorted, Vivi was about to wake up. 
Karu's sneeze wasn't the reason. The reason she woke up was her own impending sneeze..
Vivi's eyes opened to two narrow slits. Her face twisted into a pre-sneeze grimace again. 
Before she knew it, the tickling on her nose had grown so much that her eyes were closing again.



"Uhh...Ahh..." a big sneeze was in store for her. She couldn't help it as she reflexively took another deep breath and...
"Uhh... Uhhchiiwww" sneezed heavily. She sat up sleepily and saw the quill now lying on her lap. 
She looked at Karu, who just looked at her in embarrassment. Then she took the quill between her fingers.
Now that she was awake, she also understood what had happened here.
Suddenly the door to the galley opened. Ruffy walked in. He had heard his nakamas sneezing heavily.



"What's going on?" he wanted to know from his girlfriend. "Did you catch a cold on Winter Island?"
"But no," Vivi replied, holding out the pen to her friend. "Karu lost a feather. She tickled our noses. That's why we had to sneeze"
"The feather made you sneeze?" he asked rubber boy and examined the yellow thing from Karu's feathers.
"Yes," the young woman replied.
Ruffy continued to examine the yellow feather, then grinned.

"You Vivi?" he asked "May I have the feather?"
"Yes, of course," answered the addressed and left the pen to her captain.
"Thank you" he replied and disappeared out the door.

Karu, on the other hand, yawned loudly and had already curled up again. 
Vivi smiled at the sight of her friend and snuggled close to him again.



Part 2:

Zoro took a nap too. He lay under the Going Merry's mast, snoring loudly. He too was tired from the adventures on Drum. 
Although he was snoring loudly, he still had one ear on the ship. After all, he had to take care of his nakama. 
As vice of the gang, he had his obligations.
Suddenly he felt a faint tickling in his left nostril. He sniffled and the tickling stopped.
But then the same thing started in his right nostril. And it kept getting stronger.
The swordsman stopped snoring. His whole concentration was now on that annoying tickle.


"Haa... Haa..." Zoro felt this tickling growing stronger. Now his nostrils tickled not only from the outside but also from the inside. 
The tickling spread rapidly up his nose and he knew there was only one way to stop it.
He didn't struggle as his body tensed and his lungs filled with air.
"Ha...Ha...Harschaaa" a loud thunderous sneeze shot out of his nose.
Zoro hadn't bothered to open his eyes. Now that the tickling was over, he wanted to get some sleep.
He sniffed noisily, waggled his nose, and turned sideways.



Just as he came to rest, the game started all over again. First his left nostril tickled, then his right. 
The tickling quickly spread and he realized he was about to sneeze again.


"Haa... Haa..." Even as he began to catch his breath for the impending sneeze, he hoped he hadn't caught a cold on Drum. 
After all, he was there swimming in the ice water and then walking around half-naked. 
The swordsman really couldn't afford a cold... that was totally beneath his dignity.

"Haa... Haa..." but the tickle was there, all he could do was sneeze out again.
"Haa... Harschaaa... Harschaaa..." two large, loud sneezes thundered from his nose. 
He slowly opened his eyes and saw his captain sitting in front of him, grinning. In his hand, a yellow feather.
Noisily Zoro sniffed and sat up.



"Tell me, Ruffy," he began, "What are you doing there?"
"Here" grinning, the rubber boy held up the feather with which he had just tickled Zoro's nose.
"Vivi said if a feather tickles your nose you have to sneeze. I wanted to try that once"
"You wanted to try that?" Zorro asked a bit surprised.
"Yes" Ruffy replied "And it worked. Let's see who I can tickle next"
With that, the rubber boy jumped up and ran away.
Zoro just shook his head wordlessly. Only his captain could have had such an idea.
Then he yawned loudly and lay back under the mast. After all, he hadn't ended his nap voluntarily.


So, that's it for now. I hope you like this story too.
If so, I'll write a new one for you soon.
Now only missing: Usopp, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Franky and Brook. I also came up with a little something for Jimbei for this round.
So write me a comment if you liked it.
Warm greetings
your Mimi
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11 hours ago, guynextdoor said:

Ich mochte es. 😊

Thanks for the answer. I hope you like them all and not just the second one where Robin has to sneeze.
I'll write a new one soon. Lysopp will probably be my next victim.
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Hello folks
Here I am again with a short Nies story.
This time it's about usopp. I wish you much fun

Title: A Little Accident
Sneezer: Lysopp, male
Cause: various

Usopp sat on the gun deck of the ship Going Merry, which belonged to Monkey D. Luffy's pirate gang. 
He sat on the floor with a box in front of him. 
Various things were lying on this box, because he was experimenting again with his ammunition, which he used in the fight against his opponents. 
This time he tried a new recipe for his pepper balls.

"Now carefully fill the bullet," the gunner whispered to himself as he completed another bullet.
"Yes sir." Usopp rejoiced. Two more bullets and he would be done. He spread the material out on the box and began making a sphere again.

A light wave rocked the ship. One of the finished balls lying on the box started rolling and fell to the ground.
The long-nosed one gave her an uncertain look. He waited a moment more, but nothing happened.
"Lucky you," he said to himself. "She seems to be fine"
Now he bent down to pick up the ball. But right at this moment...


the ball exploded.
His homemade pepper mix hit him square in the face. The irritant stung his eyes and nose.

"Ah, no," he cursed and began rubbing his face. This only made things worse. 
His eyes turned red and watered. So did his nose, which also turned red and began to run to flush out the irritant.
His friends, hearing the explosion, rushed over. They found Usopp in a wretched condition.
He sat on the floor, sniffling and streaming tears.

"Usop, are you alright?" Nami asked worried. "We heard a loud bang"
"You're crying," Chopper stated. "Have you hurt yourself?"

But Usopp did not answer. He sat on the floor sniffling and couldn't calm down. In fact, he wasn't crying at all. 
He wasn't injured either. Only his nose, which fought against the irritant.
The burning sensation turned into a tingling sensation that settled in his sinuses.
"Hii... Hii... guys I... Hii... Hii..." 
the gunner tried to answer his friends, but the tingling continued to spread in his nose and tickled it incessantly.
"Don't cry usop," Chopper said again. "Let's see, where does it hurt you?"
But Usopp turned his face away from Chopper. He couldn't stand this feeling in his nose any longer. 
He pressed his fist against his nostrils and just hoped that sneeze would finally come out.

"Hey... hey..."
He pulled a strange face, closed his eyes and...
"Hii... Hii... Hitschewww... Hitschewww... Hii... Hitschewww..."
was finally redeemed. Two wet sneezes came out of his nose

"What's the matter with you?" Chopper wanted to know now
"The pepperball... hii... hii... it exploded and i hii... hii... it makes me sneeze... Hichewww"
"I see," Nami murmured in relief. She really thought her comrade had hurt himself.
"Hitchwww .... Hitchwww...” Usopp gasped, praying the irritant would wear off.
"Here" Chopper handed your friend a tissue. "Try this"
"Thanks Hii ... Hii ... thanks Chopper" gasped the long-nosed one and wiped his snotty nose.
"Better?" asked the little reindeer.
"Yes, much better," Usopp breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks Chopper"

So, that's it again. I hope you like it. If so, please write me something about it.
My next victim will then be Nami.
Greetings, your Mimi
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Hello folks
Today there is the Nami story. I hope you like it.

Sneezer: Nami
Gender Female
Other characters: Luffy, Chopper, Usopp,
Title: Secrets

Nami, the navigator from Monkey D. Luffy's pirate gang, stood at the railing and looked at her watch. 
The ship Going Merry should have set sail again an hour ago. However, for some reason she didn't get Luffy and Usopp to come on board.
The two weren't far away. Right next to the jetty was a small forest. 
From there, the Nami heard the voices of their comrades, laughing out loud and amused at something.
"Hey" she called now, as loud as she could "Come on board!"
"We'll be right there," she heard Usops

Annoyed, Nami rolled her eyes, but then the two finally came running.
"About time" scolded the navigator "What did you actually do?
"Oh ... nothing ... nothing ..." Usopp stammered and looked uncertainly at Luffy, who was holding his stomach and grinning widely.
"Have you been feeding anyone else?" Nami suggested, giving her captain a stern look.
"No" he just answered and continued to grin to himself.
"You've done something," the young woman assumed and took a step towards him. The behavior of the two was more than strange.
"No" said the rubber boy again.
"Are you sure?" Nami asked "You didn't cause trouble? No one will come after us if 
Heh... Heh..."

The young woman faltered. While scolding her captain, she had taken another step toward him. A light tickle behind the bridge of her nose, which quickly grew stronger, interrupted the lecture. She grimaced and rubbed her nose, hoping it would go away. She didn't want to sneeze now, she wanted to find out why her friends were acting so strangely.
She fought it for a moment, but the feeling spread to her sinuses and became unbearably strong. she would sneeze.
Nami grimaced again, took a deep breath and turned with one
 bye away from their friends. They just looked at her a bit puzzled.
"Bless You" Usopp whispered softly.
"Thank you," Nami replied, somewhat embarrassed, and turned back to her captain. 
As soon as she approached, the tickling returned. Her nose started running and her eyes watered profusely.

"What's going on here?" Chopper, who had heard his friends, approached them. 
His eyes first fell on Luffy and Usopp, who were standing there a little strangely. Then at Nami, who was making strange faces.
"Nami?" her little friend asked a little concerned. "What's happening?"
"I... I have to... Heh... Heh... Tschoo"
now a little louder and wetter than before, the young woman turned away from her friends and sneezed.
"Bless You" Usopp whispered again.
"Thank you," Nami replied, sniffling.
"Looks like an allergy," Chopper said, eyeing his girlfriend. "When has this started?"
"Just now," the young woman replied, rubbing her eyes and nose. "When Luffy and Usopp came on board.
"You're allergic to us?" Luffy asked, cocking his head.
"Idiot..." Nami wanted to scold again, but the next tickling sensation was already forming in her nose.

"Tell me Luffy" asked Chopper now "You smell somehow different today. Kind of like an animal. Did you play with an animal?”
"Yes," the rubber boy answered promptly and opened his vest. "Here with him," he said, pulling a small ball of fur out from under his vest.
"Luffy" scolded Usopp "We wanted to smuggle him on board so we can keep him as a pet.
"That's a furry bear," Chopper recognized the little animal, which let Luffy pet it and yawned heartily.
"Purpussies?" asked the captain.
"Yes," confirmed the ship's doctor. 
"These bears don't get any bigger than a cat, prefer to live in forests with coniferous trees and have very thick, soft fur"
"He's so cute," enthused Usopp about the little animal. "We want to keep him as a pet"
"Heh... HehTschoo" Nami meanwhile had lost the fight against her nose and exploded with another wet sneeze. 
Her nose was already showing the first red gleam, as were her eyes, which were watering incessantly.

"Can't" replied Chopper "Nami is allergic to the little one"
"Oh" replied Luffy "Then it really doesn't work"
"Better bring him back," said Chopper. "Besides, this is his home."
"All right" said the captain "Come Usop"
"Too bad," said the person addressed and ran after his captain.
Chopper, on the other hand, turned to Nami.

he asked
"I think so," she replied, rubbing her nose and eyes again.
"Don't rub," the ship's doctor rebuked his comrade. "Come with me, I'll give you something for this allergy"
"I just can't believe it," Nami cursed, wiping her nose.
"It's not that bad." Chopper said. "We'll fix the allergy thing."
"I don't mean that," the young woman replied. "I can't believe they secretly wanted to keep a pet."
"Well" the ship's doctor sighed "That's the way the boys are"

"Haptschoo" one last sneeze exploded from Nami.
"Come with me" Chopper said "I'll take care of you"

So that's it again.
If you liked it, I'll write something again soon.
Greetings, your Mimi.
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