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Getting Access to Private Boards.

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Hi All,

This seems to crop up every so often in various places, and I think some of the previous instructions are not quite up to date/current, so I thought I'd sort that with this post :)

Please note, this information is available in the Private Boards section of the Forum Constitution.

Adult Board & Trading Post

  • These boards are availble to members who are 18+ years old.
  • You MUST be at Poster status/rank - see Membership section of the constitution for details.
  • You MUST have your Age AND Date of Birth listed on your profile (and obviously this must show that you are over 18!).
  • If you meet these requirements but do not have access, you can either PM an Administrator or fill out the Contact Us form to request access (please include your forum username as this information does not automatically get included in the generated message).

The Lounge

  • This board is only accessible to members who are at Full Members, VIP Members, or Honoured Members status.
  • Full Member status is granted by staff - again, refer to the membership section of the constitution for details.
  • VIP and Honoured Member status is by special invitation only.
  • Please do not ask staff for access to this board - you will be given access automatically when/if appropriate.


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