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Your ‘golden sneeze’ ? A once a year event?


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Whilst I enjoy sneezes of all varieties, do you have a particular ‘perfect’ and golden sneeze, which you occasionally see, and how often do you see it live in the real world?!

Seeing someone who ticks all the boxes:

1) They’re absolutely gorgeous.

2) EVERYTHING about their sneeze is EVERYTHING you want in a sneeze.

Is it a once a year event? Once a month? 

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A few months ago, I shared a new topic on the forum where I am talking about one of my biggest crushes on someone's sneezing. The subject in question did not have much success and no one replied to it. I mentioned his sneezing, that his crises were the most beautiful that I have seen in my life, but also the most painful because of the family side. In the end, his fits of inaccessible sneezing that I saw from time to time gave me more pain than pleasure. :unsure:

Otherwise another person that comes to mind was a classmate about 6 years ago. She had a few bouts of sneezing during her allergy seasons where she sniffled and sneezed constantly. They were also the most beautiful sneezes that I could see almost daily during certain months. :razz:

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Good Question.

My all time No1 would be my wife, but I'll discount her for this answer. I have (or rather had) a neighbour with a great sneeze and she was also very attractive. Alas she and her partner have apparently moved. I got to hear her sneeze many times (Usually between 4 and 7 sneezes at a time) and they really did it for me.

Outside of those two it's pretty rare that I've seen or heard something that I'd say was truly outstanding. Maybe once every 5 years? Perhaps even more infrequently than that. 

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