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Do you prefer watching videos of people sneezing on purpose, or unintentionally?


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this I asked before. Pretty much the title, when you pull up videos are you more attracted to people who are purposely indulging within the community, or watching someone that’s doing something off topic and they just happen to sneeze, not being aware of the kink?

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I think for me definitely something that is targeted to indulge the community is preferable. It’s hard to pinpoint the why exactly, it just hits differently. Plus I feel slightly voyeuristic if there’s a video where someone isn’t aware of the kink. 

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I'm not very much into induced sneezes. Natural sneezes are what I prefer. That goes for videos meant for the community as well, meaning even when it comes to people intentionally making a video for the community I prefer natural sneezes.

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I prefer natural, involuntary sneezes, but the person sneezing needs to be aware of the fetish and knowingly sneeze for the community. Sharing videos of people sneezing without them being aware that it causes erotic attraction, I find that rather unhealthy. Because basically, it's like displaying it to a whole community without respecting its privacy and without worrying about the repercussions that it could cause.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a person to sneeze involuntarily while wanting to offer their video to the community. I remember seeing people revealing certain body parts for certain fetish communities. Like for example a female gamer who made gaming videos and displayed her feet for the foot fetish community. In our case, we are fetishists of an action that we do not control, therefore difficult to display involuntarily to share it. :unsure:

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I prefer when the person is doing it specifically for the community, whether it’s inducing or allergies or what ever it is. It’s a little weird in my opinion to watch people who are unaware that there is a fetish surrounding it. Plus usually if the person is doing it for the community there will be more sneezing and less other filler type stuff, also it will likely be the same person for a couple minutes which I prefer instead of a compilation of singles from various people. 

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Definitely on purpose, usually by other members in the community. People with the fetish know how to make content for other people with the fetish, and they do it well.

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