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Hey everyone, Webmeistro here. As most of you know, our benevolent founder High on Lullabies still pays the hosting costs for the forum, even though he no longer handles the day-to-day affairs. Quite a few of you have helped cover the expenses in the past, for which we are forever grateful; nevertheless, HoL has been paying the vast majority of the costs himself, especially the past few years.

I would gladly pay the entire cost myself, but unfortunately I work at McDonald’s and need to sell my blood plasma to make rent. Also I tend to exaggerate. Anyway, to provide an extra incentive to those willing to reduce the financial burden, I will be rewarding anyone who donates a chunk of money with an awesome customized story commission.

Here’s a sample of my work:

That particular story is rather tame, but I’ll happily write naughty or even hardcore stuff, although that would have to go on the adult Board. Or if you don’t want it posted, I’ll send it to you privately, up to you.

Fandoms I really know:

Marvel (comics and MCU), Fallout
Star Trek (not completely caught up on the newer stuff)
Magic the Gathering

If you want a fandom I don’t know, I’m willing to watch one or two episodes, assuming I don’t have to sign up for a streaming service. And, for those of you on the adult board who are fans of the Daughter of Heaven series, I’ll gladly let you choose what happens in the next chapter, just so long as it doesn’t lead the plot too far in a way I don’t like.

I have only a few hard rules:

* No sneezes or naughtiness from people under 18. At all. I shouldn’t even have to say this.
* No sneezes or naughtiness from real people who are currently alive.
* No hardcore M/M.
* No pain, whump, blood, or any major unhappiness.

Other than that I’m up for pretty much anything, just ask!

Drabble: $30  (1000 words)

Full Story: $50 (at least 2000 words)

See how I’m using pricing to nudge you toward the full story? Go for it!

Oh yeah, for a full story, I’ll include some awesome artwork made just for your story. Like this:



Seriously, how many other sneeze fanfic authors offer illustrated work like this? None.

PM me and let me know what you’d like!

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