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Which one of these words describes the need to sneeze or a pre sneeze build up?


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Tickling for me, maybe itching but I associate more this one to skin (?)

English is not my 1st language anyway, so I will not use them in real life

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I love all of these words.  I'd say in a long gradual buildup to a sneeze there is a progression from tingling to prickling to itching to tickling... and then of course finally to hitching, inhaling, and sneezing!

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When I really need to sneeze, I would use the word "Tickling" a lot more if it tickles the inside of my nose somewhere. But if I feel a multitude of tickles in several places, I would tend to use the word "Itching" instead. Usually, when my nose is itchy, I really have a bad cold. I can also sometimes speak of "Tingling" but to say that a slight tickling tickles my nose. So basically the tingle turns into a tickle, the tickle turns into an itch and finally my nose exploding. :razz:

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