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sorry I haven’t been around much lately; there’s like really a lot going on.   I wish I could finish my other story right now but this is what I could focus on at the moment.   I finish exams in January - I hope, and then I should be around a lot more



He opened his eyes, wincing as the bright sunlight hit his headache.   


HhehhShoo! HeyyYyehhSchoo!”  


The sun had hit something else, triggering his predictable reaction.   Optic nerve, maybe?  Some nerve, that much he was sure of…he’d looked it up once, but his head was too full of snot at the moment to fish that bit of trivia out.


He pulled a handful of tissues from the box, burying his nose, saturating fistful after fistful of tissues.    That’s what had woken him, the choking on his on secretions as the drained down the back of his throat and the inability to breathe through his blocked nose.  


Standing up…and holding on to the headboard until the dizziness passed…he gathered the small mounds of tissues from the nightstand, wrinkling his sore nose at the sogginess.  ‘Better he pick these up than Ethan…best he keep this cold to himself, if he could.’ He reminded himself.   


3 days of Ethan sleeping in the guest room.   3 days without hugs, or kisses, or cuddles…right when he wanted them the most. 


He tossed the tissues in the kitchen trash, reached for a bottle of water from the fridge only to drop it on the counter as he doubled over, bringing both arms up, nose stinging as the need to sneeze rose.   He froze for a long second.   AyyYahhShoo! HahghhSchoo!”  4 horrific sounding sneezes rapidly followed, and his nose still burned at the end.    ‘The worst part of this cold…constantly feeling like sneezing…feeling is worse than actually sneezing.’ He whined to the cats, who fortunately were used to his loud multitude of explosions.


Another five blows to clear his nose, then half a bottle of water in one drink to soothe his raw throat. A second bottle of water from the fridge, and back to the bedroom and under the covers.   


He shook with rough coughs for a minute before finding a comfortable spot, and falling asleep, cats draped over him.


Alarm went off at 5…Ethan would be home soon…and the sound jarred his throbbing skull.   He blearily pulled himself upright, shaking, as he realized without his nest of blankets and cats, he was shivering.   Groaning, he wrapped a quilt around his shoulders and dragged his body, heavy and aching, to the bathroom.  Thermometer was out on the counter…he hadn’t noticed that before.  


Pausing to bury another harsh flurry of thunderous sneezes into a wad of toilet paper, he blew his nose, gingerly wiped his nose, caught sight of his red, raw, swollen nose in the mirror.  A thick sniffle, not wanting to further irritate his nose with more toilet paper, then he scanned his forehead with the thermometer.   


“How high?” Came a voice from behind him.


Tim jumped, then looked at the thermometer .  “101.6.”  He tried to enunciate so Ethan could understand him.  “When did you come in?”


“When you were sneezing.”  Ethan grinned as Tim reached for the ibuprofen.


Tim swallowed the pills, wincing at the stabbing pain in his throat, turned to Ethan.   Was it his imagination or did his boyfriend look paler than normal?


“I’m going back to bed.” He grumbled.   


Ethan nodded, following, stopping at the closet.   He began choosing clothes to change into as Tim once again built his nest.


Snuggled in under his blankets, with his cats and his tissues, Tim settled in for his one of his favorite activities…watching Ethan change.   


Ethan had just picked up his scrub top when he pitched forward.   HatShoo!” He muffled the booming sneeze into his navy blue scrub top.


“Bless you.”  Tim frowned.   Was it his imagination or was that a little more intense than one of Ethan’s regular sneezes?


Ethan nodded, coughing.  “Thanks,” came his response, seconds later as the coughing subsided.


Through the fog that was his cold, Tim put the remaining piece together.  “You had the thermometer out.”  He sighed, looking down.  “I got you.”


Ethan finished putting his sweatpants on.  He cleared his throat.  “Is there room in that pile of blankets for me?”

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