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What time do you blow your nose the most?


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I’ve noticed that I typically blow my nose much more during the first hour or two that I’m awake than I do throughout the rest of the day, and same with my partner. Yesterday I blew my nose about 4-5 times after I woke up, and it would just start running again after a few minutes. But after it finally cleared up, I only had to blow 2-3 more times a few hours later. I’ve been awake for about an hour at the time of writing this post and I’ve had to blow 6-7 times, and I’m still sniffling a lot. My partner is usually awake before me but I hear him get up and get ready, and he always has a few wet blows and sniffles right after waking up. 

What time of day is your nose most active? Morning, afternoon, 3am? Maybe you blow your nose at fairly regular intervals throughout the day? 

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I feel like mostly in the morning right after I wake up though only if there's a reason like illness or a drastic change in temperature when I'm sleeping.

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I don't, exept If I'm sick or if I sneeze more than once for a reason (inducing, cooking  etc.)

I'm not a huge sneezer, I don't know if not blowing my nose help or not 😂

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After a good night's sleep, I often wake up with a stuffy or gunky nose. That would be the time I'd blow it. Maybe before bed, if it's been a long day.

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I normally blow my nose when I wake up as I usually have a cough attack and it loosens my nose up. Also, when I’m showering or brushing my teeth, I blow my nose to get everything out 

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