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Sick in a hotel + other obs


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I've been away since Sunday for work. Mostly attending a variety of meetings, seminars and conferences. 

One of the other people at yesterday's conference was a lady with a cold. She was in my line of vision much of the day and was definitely suffering. She was about 23-24, long blonde hair, slim, bit of a pink tinge to her nose. I didn't see her sneeze at all but she had a regular sniffle, she coughed here and there and every twenty minutes or so she'd pull a tissue out of her bag (a clean one each time, and she'd never fold them before blowing) and blow her nose. 

Coincidentally yesterday evening was when I begun to feel a bit run down. Super tired, scratchy throat, headachey, and I sneezed a few times. 

I got up and soldiered on. Despite the sore throat. Throughout this morning's seminar I couldn't stop sneezing and boy, did my nose get runny. I'm not normally one to sniff but I had nothing with me to blow it. After the seminar was done I went straight to the bathroom and blew it on a paper towel. 

I took the rest of the afternoon to rest up at the hotel. Still sneezing frequently, nose still running, I'm slowly working my way through the box of hotel tissues in my room. 

One more day to go and then I fly home Friday (hopefully will feel a little better by then). 

On a side note: I think I caught this on my flight here as I sat next to someone with an obvious cold (see my other obs)


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Awww, bless you. Definitely sounds like you caught that person's cold. Glad you're able to rest a little bit but ugh are hotel tissues awful in my experience. I often switch to using hotel washcloth instead because the tissues are so scratchy. I look forward to hearing how your cold is on the flight home. 

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Update: Today was the last day of conference so I attended the full thing despite my uncooperative nose. 

I only have a couple of hankies with me on this trip so I only brought one along with me. As a result I was sniffing a lot more than I generally would today as I needed it to last several hours. 

Every opportunity I could get to the bathroom I would blow my nose with a  paper towel, but it was so runny that that was typically short lived - so unfortunately I ended up being that annoying guy with a wet sniffle (I tried to be as quiet as possible) and was frequently wiping my nose on my hanky when it ran. 

To top it off, I had to sneeze (HAHSHOO!!) every like fifteen minutes - which I caught practically all of in my handkerchief as they felt very wet and messy. 


Now I'm back in the hotel using a roll of toilet paper to blow my nose every five minutes as I finished the box of tissues in my room about an hour ago. Hold on a sec- 


I just stopped typing to sneeze and need to blow my nose again. 

Would be wonderful if this clears up before my flight tomorrow!


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46 minutes ago, ID2006 said:

Bless you. Any obs of people blessing you at the conference?

Yeah. I definitely got blessed several times. Nothing too spectacular. Either that or I didn't notice in my efforts to contain each sneeze as best I could. Sneezing when you already need to blow your nose is never too fun

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