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Sneezy Woman at Restaurant


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I recently was at a restaurant with my friend when I had one a really great observation, so hope others enjoy!


I was sitting at a table with my friend when I heard a very powerful sneeze, which sounded like “HEH-shoo”. My friend and I were at said restaurant pretty late, so it was only us 2 and one other very large group that seemed to be a family; just to put into perspective how powerful the sneeze was, there was a lot of chatter amongst them and they were sitting relatively far, so the fact that I was able to still hear it was surprising! Given that I was with my friend who doesn’t know my fetish, I tried not to give the sneeze too much attention 


But then about 30 seconds later, another “HEH-shoo”. At this point I turned to see who it was coming from, and I could tell immediately; there was a woman, maybe early 40s, who was slim, black hair, relatively petite frame and quite attractive, who was just holding a tissue to her nose. She seemed to be mostly holding it there and like.. not necessarily blowing, but as if she was trying to stop herself from sneezing, but to no avail


About a minute later this time, another “HEH-shoo”


With how it looked like she was trying to stop herself from sneezing but still sneezed again, I had a feeling I was about to experience a full blown sneeze attack

15 seconds passed and another “HEH-shoo”

Then another 15 seconds, another  “HEH-shoo”


Interestingly, her family didn’t seem phased at all, as they still continued to chatter amongst themselves while she was at the corner of the table, seeming to have a sneeze attack she couldn’t stop even while holding a tissue to her face.


About 3 or 4 minutes passed without a sneeze, so I thought maybe that was it, but to my surprise, another sneeze came .. “HEH-shoo”


She still had the tissue to her face, completely focused on the sneezing and not really interacting with anyone else 


15 seconds later.. “HEH-shoo”


Then again after 15 seconds, she had a much quieter sneeze that sounded almost like a cough; I couldn’t hear that one so much, so I wondered how many of those there might’ve been that I missed


After about 30 seconds though , another loud “HEH-shoo”


And finally that was the end of it. During the whole fit, I saw her either just holding the tissue to her face to try to stop the sneezing or wiping her nose, but the tissue never left her hand! I felt definitely lucky ..



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1 hour ago, Lily said:

oooh thanks for this obs ! Do you think it was an allergic reaction ? or maybe from the dish who whas a bit spicy ? 🤭

Of course!! And hmm, honestly I’m not too sure? It seemed almost like it wasn’t food related at all, because their food hadn’t actually come to the table yet!! So I wonder if it was something in the restaurant? Either way I was happy 😅

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1 hour ago, kiku said:

@anonsnz445 Wow, thanks for sharing this lovely obs! Bless her! 🥰

Happy to share 😊

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Wow - these are just the sort of obs that I like. Prolonged fits of loud sneezes in some kind of public venue, trying to watch but without seeming obvious, the time between the sneezes adding to the anticipation of the eventual release :D Love it!

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