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Sneezy Colds And Hot Chocolate (female, cold, F/F)


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So, I'm still doing some prompt asks on tumblr and since I've been a bit MIA lately (struggling with both depression and some health stuff), I thought I'd post what I've managed to produce here too. :lol:  

The prompts for this one was: 💞cuddles +❤️ pet names +💜 nose kisses

Slight mess warning. Hints of contagion. 



The entire drive home from work that day, Savannah couldn’t think of anything but her spot in the couch. A warm blanket. Something hot to drink.

“Ehh-ITSSSHEW! Hehhh… iihSSSSHHHuh!”

And fresh tissues, she thought as she dabbed her nose with the wad of crumpled-up tissues that hadn’t left her hand since she started the drive home.

Her cold had been reasonably under control most of the day, until she sat down by her desk trying to draw some conclusions from the test results that had come in over the day.

She had no idea what it was, if something caused it or if it was just the cold moving into a different stage, but suddenly the tickle in her nose wouldn’t let up for a moment; she sneezed every five minutes at the very least, and in between each sneeze (or double or triple, which was more like it at this point) her nose was burning as if she had gotten water up it.

After depleting what was left in the tissue box on her desk, and still feeling like she needed to sneeze, she decided to call it a day. Hopefully she’d be a little less sneezy tomorrow so she could actually do her job, and if not, she’d just have to take a sick day. Because this was not sustainable.   

She had passed by her colleague’s office and borrowed – not that she thought he wanted her to return them – a handful of tissues that she hoped would get her through the drive home.

That was the soggy wad she clutched in one hand right now, the soggy wad of tissues she estimated would survive, at best, another three sneezes and maybe one noseblow before it completely disintegrated between her fingers.

But thankfully she pulled in on her street now, so she might not reach that low point.

Just as she thought that, a sneeze forced itself out of her inflamed nasal passages, coming so suddenly that she only had time to cover half of it. Some of the plentiful spray hit the steering wheel, some even got as far as the windshield.

“Ughh…” she groaned and pinched her runny nose with the damp Kleenexes, did the pinch-wipe-move, and then dropped the tissues on the passenger’s seat next to her purse and sniffled thickly before turning into her driveway and parking the car.

She leaned her forehead against the steering wheel for a moment, not caring about the drops sprinkled across it, breathing through her mouth and feeling sorry for herself. Not that she was going to admit it to anyone, including Linda, but yeah, at the moment she felt very, very sorry for poor little sickly Savannah Thompson.

Then she picked herself up, grabbed her purse, took the used tissues with her – she wasn’t one for littering, even inside her own car – and dragged her achy body inside.


Linda just came down the stairs when Savannah hung her purse and took off her coat, and she could tell from the way Savannah’s shoulders slumped that she wasn’t feeling well at all. This morning she’d only had a sore throat and was congested, she had been blowing her nose several times, but when Linda asked if she was okay, she had just waved it off. Just a head cold, I’ll be fine. She always insisted she was fine until she was completely knocked out, but Linda had believed her this time, because while her nose had been pink and nostrils a bit chapped, her eyes still had a spark in them, and she didn’t even have a temperature (if Linda’s measuring technique of palm-to-forehead was correct, and it usually was). She had thought, like her wife, that this was just a mild head cold.

Clearly a bit worse than that. But honestly, what did you expect when you worked yourself to the ground?

Savannah hadn’t noticed Linda, and she wasn’t usually easily distracted. She went into the kitchen, then got the clump of wet tissues up to her face and sneezed heavily into them several times.

Linda snuck up behind her and put her arms around her waist.

“Hi, Sneezy.”

Savannah was just about to sneeze again but Linda’s sudden arrival scared the sneeze away.

Hahh-! … ughh… Oh my God, you scared it away!”

“Sorry,” Linda chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Yuck, you need some non-snotty tissues.”

“I noticed,” Savannah grunted and blew her nose into what was left of the ones she had.

“I’ll get you some,” Linda said softly and let go of her wife. “How did you survive work if you were that sneezy all day?”

“I wasn’t, thank you very much,” Savannah replied, trying for a sarcastic tone but it was drowned by the congestion.

Linda grinned and handed her the tissues. Savannah threw away the used ones and accepted the clean ones with immense gratitude.

“You probably don’t want to listen to this,” she said as she folded the tissues and brought them up to her nose.

“Eh, why not? It’s like music, the sound of you snorting snot out of your nose. Isn’t it?”

“Oh God,” Savannah chuckled, “of course not, but I’m going to be loud.”

“You’re pretty loud some other times too,” Linda said calmly and took a grape from the fruit bowl on the counter, popping it into her mouth in a way that was playful but pretended to be innocent. “You being loud never bothered me.”

Savannah shook her head, not playing along.

“You’re about to regret that,” she muttered and blew her nose as forcefully as she was capable of, several times, desperate to clear out her airways. This in turn rekindled the need to sneeze, and even the sneeze came out fast, hard, and deafening.


Linda blinked.

“Wow, that was loud. Bless you, Sneezy.”

“Don’t call me Sneezy unless you want me to call you Dopey,” Savannah said and blew her nose again, softer this time, then discarded the contaminated tissue and washed her hands thoroughly.

“Whoa, that’s a nice comeback!” Linda said. “Congratulations!”

Savannah stifled yet another sneeze, this time only making a quiet sound in the back of her sinuses. It sounded more like a swallowed hiccup than anything else, and then she shook her head and blinked away a couple of tears.

“Oh my God,” she exhaled.

The playful look in Linda’s eyes softened.

“What do you need, Red?”

Savannah couldn’t help smiling at the pet name. No one but Linda was allowed to call her that. She had been teased in school for her red hair and freckles, but when Linda drew attention to those features it was only with love. A love that she could trust was genuine.

“Do I sound very sappy if I say you?”

Linda nodded seriously.

“Yes. Definitely sappy.” She pulled Savannah into her arms. “But I love sappy.” She placed a feathery kiss on the tip of Savannah’s itchy, red nose.

“N-not a good idea,” Savannah stuttered as the soft touch set off the urge to sneeze again.

“Hm,” Linda hummed and kissed her nose again, firmer this time. “Better?”

“Oh you tease, you’ll be the death of me,” Savannah sighed, and sniffed. “Yes. It went away.”

Linda cupped her face in both hands and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips instead.

“Good. Do you want to make hot chocolate and watch a movie?”


“That’s what I thought. Go put on something less formal, and I’ll make us some hot chocolate.”

Savannah nodded and then leaned her head against Linda’s shoulder.

“I am so tired.”

“It’s not against the law to fall asleep while watching a movie, you know,” Linda replied pointedly and ran her fingers through Savannah’s hair. “I’ll even volunteer to be your pillow.”

“I love you, Sugar Cookie.”

Linda laughed.

“Haven’t heard that one in a while. I love you too. Go put on those hideous Flannel PJs now so I don’t have to listen to you complaining about how cold you are.”

Savannah smiled.

When she had left the kitchen, Linda turned away from the counter and sneezed downwards, towards the floor.


“I heard that,” came Savannah’s raspy voice from the hallway. “You’re getting what I have, I guarantee it.”

“Colour me surprised,” Linda called back and Savannah laughed, coughed, and laughed some more, then she went upstairs to change clothes.


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Oh how sweet and wholesome! I love it! 🥰 Felling like them cuddling up on the sofa, sneezing away together is such a great tease. If you would feel up to continuing, you have one person who would be delighted to read it, just saying!

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Well, would you look at that! Savannah isn't the only one with the cold this time. It would be a shame if Linda were to be Sneezy for a change. 😉 Great story!

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16 hours ago, Chanel_no5 said:

Oh God,” Savannah chuckled, “of course not, but I’m going to be loud.”

I love this - I'm always loud when I blow properly, and have occasionally felt the need to warn someone! But the idea of her having to warn a partner that an upcoming sneeze or blow is going to be huge is yummy...

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