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Rainy Supermarket Sneezes (F, Self)


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Yesterday, I went to get breakfast with a few of my friends and because of the weather forecast and the fact that I had to run a bunch of errands afterwards, I wore a pair of shorts, a tank top, sneakers, and brought a zip up sweatshirt for over top. It was humid and the sun was out, so I was pretty warm already. The restaurant we ate at was pretty cold, and when we were getting up to leave, it was absolutely pouring, and we were parked pretty far. We all had to run to get to our cars, and even with my sweatshirt on, I was still pretty wet when I got to my car. 

The temperature had dropped pretty significantly, and turning the heat on in my car wasn’t doing all that much to dry me off. I wasn’t that far from where I had to go next, the supermarket, and my sweatshirt was still damp when I got out of the car. Needless to say, it was freezing where I entered, which was near the produce and other open refrigerated items. I don’t have any allergies and have never been one to sneeze because of air conditioning or the cold, even when wet from the rain or something else, but I was barely in the store for 5 minutes before I felt like I was going to sneeze. I’m not embarrassed to sneeze in public or anything, but it was pretty crowded, so I was walking around trying to face away from everyone as the tickle built up. They came on pretty quickly, and I sneezed two strong sneezes into my elbow as I tried to get down one aisle. A third into my elbow as I turned to face the shelves, and a fourth immediately after, the last two much stronger than the first two. 

I didn’t sneeze the rest of the time I was in the store, nor did I sneeze in the other two places I had to stop at. It hadn't rained much in my area, so it was a little warmer, but the sun was pretty hidden. The air conditioner was on, and my mom keeps it pretty low. I guess the sneezes from earlier triggered something in my nose with the cold, even though by that point I was dry. I had been grabbing my things to shower when I felt the slight urge to sneeze. It wasn’t a super strong tickle, and I was hovering near the light to the bathroom in case I needed to coerce it out, but after a few moments, the tickle grew stronger. I sneezed twice, strong and a little more uncovered than at the supermarket, but still into my elbow, HAHcheww! The tickle didn’t subside, and I didn’t get more than a few seconds to recover before another built up, another two strong sneezes into my elbow. 

I was fine for the rest of the day, but was really shocked at how the cold got to my nose. Nothing like that has ever happened before!

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