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cat laying on me (self)


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So every once in a blue moon, my cat likes laying on top of me. Not fully loafing on me, but kinda laying across my stomach or my lap if I’m on the couch.

He’s doing it now. He’s such a jumpy guy sometimes but a real cuddly fluffy thing once he warms up to you. I’m slouching - my knees are bent with my feet rested on the coffee table, and my tummy is relatively flat. So a while ago, he kinda came along and started trotting his paws on my abdomen - then laid down across it like a big ol’ seatbelt.

A bit later, I had to sneeze. Not sure if it was him, I also forgot to take Claritin this morning, so. I had these memories resurfacing of cat memes where a human sneezes and the cat looks at you like you insulted their ancestors or something - the thing was, he was lying down flat across me so there was no telling what any sudden movement might do.

I turned a little and half-muffled a sneeze against my hand- “h’chMPff!” It made my abdomen jump a little, but the cat didn’t seem to mind. Lately I sneeze in threes, so I held my breath and kept my hand there. The next one was merely a suppressed “‘mmff-!”, followed by another choked back “mmpf!”

That seemed to be it for the most part. My seatbelt still appears fastened and unbothered. I love him to death, but sometimes I wonder if he triggers or worsens my allergies at times. He’s been with us for years, and usually I’m fine around him, and him lounging on or next to me.

…Well, now I have to pee. My cat? Still sleeping across my stomach. Wish me luck.

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