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Long, descriptive and kinda romantic?


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*WARNING* If spray grosses you out then maybe don't read this 😬. Also English isn't my first language, so if you find some weird sounding sentence ask me for clarification! 


As soon as Erica walked through the door after coming back from work she sensed something was wrong. Allen was placing a box of tissues and a steaming cup of tea on the coffee table in front of the couch, a wool hoodie and some sweatpants he must have changed into just a couple of minutes before her arrival. Since he had just finished working as well, the first thing he did as he got home was to change into his comfortable clothes, which was unusual for him: being sloppy bugged him. He sniffled as he turned towards her to say hello and she noticed that his nose was considerably redder than when she had last seen him that morning, and his eyes were pinkish too, and glassy. She knew he was getting sick, after all he had been complaining of a sore throat and some general tiredness since the night before, but she didn’t think it could have been this kind of illness.

-Hey baby- She said softly, hanging her coat and going for a hug. -Are you feeling worse?

He took a step back from her and sniffled again. -I think it’s best if I keep my distance for now. 

She got lost for a moment looking at him, his green eyes and the few auburn touches in his brown hair and beard. -Why?

He cleared his throat. -I just don’t want you to catch this with the baby and all.

They were trying to get pregnant for a while now, unsuccessfully. -But there’s no baby yet!

He winced as he swallowed some tea. -What if there is but we can’t know yet, I don’t-

Erica melted a little. Allen was always protective, worrying about minor things like passing on a small illness, getting all upset and anxious. She got close despite what he had said and got her hug. The sound of his heartbeat was comforting, as well as the feverish warmth emanating from his whole body. She felt him breathe from his mouth because of the congestion and she melted a bit more. 

-It’d be just a cold anyway- She said with her head up looking up at his cute furrowed brow. He hated being sick, especially in a situation where she was more vulnerable than usual, their minds busy with bigger problems like infertility and her father being in the hospital. But it was not his fault and Erica couldn’t say she didn't enjoy witnessing a moment of weakness from his husband. She held him tightly again and he sniffled playing with her hair, resting his chin on her head until she felt his chest rise and his breath hitch leading her to freeze in excitement. He quickly dislocated himself from the hug and sneezed wetly with his back turned so that she couldn't even see his face nor the spray. At least, she heard the spray, it came out loudly after a slightly desperate buildup and very consistently, judging from the saliva spatters on his hoodie that she could see once he turned to her again. 

-Ugh, forgive me if I’m so disgusting.

She was exposed to his sneezes daily, especially during his mold allergy attacks, but there was something about those sick ones, the way she imagined they would squeeze his body because of his ill weakness, that made her want to see more.

He blew his nose quietly facing the wall and she loved him and resented him at the same time for being so polite. It was time to calm down, she could not let his cold slow her day down, she could not spend her time waiting for him to do that again. So she took her laptop from a shelf and sat at the kitchen counter behind the living room where Allen was watching the news and she started working on her blog, writing the instructions for some vegan recipes as she prepared some of them herself. She went on cooking for a half an hour while daydreaming a bit about their future child, when she casually glanced at her husband. He was about to sit on the couch again with his pre-sneeze expression, his eyes squinted and his lips parted: he totally got her attention. This time she saw it. The way his mouth opened as the vocal “ah” start of the sneeze escaped from it (he always said he wanted to suppress it but somehow couldn't), the way the spray flew out of it and he tried to cover it, or catch it, whit his palm up under his face at chest height. And the cute “ew” sound at the end. She approached him and climbed onto the couch next to him while he coughed wetly in his crooked elbow. 

-Bless you- She said.

His lips curled and he said quietly -You had to come all the way down from the kitchen to say it? 

-I’m just showing my support and affection.

His brow furrowed again, suspicious and amused at the same time. He then took a tissue from the box and got up from the couch.

-Don't walk away from me- She said.


-You don't have to get up and go to the other room to sneeze every time you feel like you’re about to.

He sniffled and looked up. - I don’t want to contaminate the air around you.

She grabbed him by the arm and made him sit. -Just do it here.

He didn't really understand why she would say that but he didn’t have time. He tried to turn away from her but she saw it anyway. The desperate expression on his face, the tightening of his muscles, the squeezing of his abs and the release, his body trembling from the force of the sneeze. 

-You know I like it-  She whispered as he wiped the mess away from his clothes.

Last time he was sick a little over a year ago she mentioned it to him already. 

-Yeah but- He shook his head as if he were fighting an internal battle between his moral code and the desires of his woman. 

Still confused and sniffly, he asked. -You mean the cd thing?

At the time she had asked him if he could try to sneeze directly on a cd to actually see how much spray there would be and he said yes because he loved her quirkiness and making her happy, and she loved to have proof of how wet and messy his sneezes really were. 

She shrugged like saying “yeah if you want to we can try again” but in her head she was screaming “yes, please do it yes, yes”. 

He nodded and got up abruptly, taking a cd from the television cabinet. She felt a rush of excitement and anxiety and gave him a questioning look. Was it already time?

-I feel another one coming- He said breathily and almost smiling.

He put the cd on the coffee table and leaned over it, hitching uncontrollably until he sneezed, a powerful, desperate one, with a suffering “ew” at the end. The spatters covered the cd, the mug, the table, wet like morning dew. She stared at it, feeling a heat rising in between her legs. 

-Mhm, if I didn’t make you sick now I don't know what will- He said.

She sensed he was trying to hide a worried tone. -You didn't get me- She said, still staring at the mess, eyes unfocused. She kind of wanted him to get her. 

As he blew his nose and coughed a bit, she told herself it was time to go. She had a dance class to attend and she really wanted to go so it was time to get moving for real.

“But what if he sneezes some more?'' a voice in her head said. What if he did a double, what if she lost the chance of seeing the rapidity of it all. Maybe she could postpone it and exercise in the other room. She would still be close by to hear anything else from him while doing something productive anyway. 

As she was walking towards the home office, he coughed again with his head buried in his lap.

-You should take something for that cough, bae. Want me to go buy some drops?

He was trying to fight the urge to cough again loudly. -Mhm- He coughed anyway. -Maybe i'll take something tomorrow if it doesn’t go away but don't worry, really. It's nothing. 

He massaged his nose with a tissue and she was aware that it was nothing serious but it still bothered him enough. 

Half an hour later, while she was stretching on a yoga mat, Allen came in through the door holding the cd, and she barely had time to register what was happening that his chest rose dramatically, his eyes shut, and he sneezed directly on the cd, the hand that was holding it shaking because of the jolt. His aim was good: tiny droplets of mess were now soaking the whole cd. The fact that it all came from one sneeze was quite unbelievable. 

He licked a streak of saliva away from his lips and looked at her with his bloodshot eyes, like asking her if that had been good. -I’m sorry that it was so sudden but I was holding it in all the way from the bathroom and I couldn’t resist any longer.

It was too much for her to handle. She rested her forehead on his shoulder listening to him sniffling wetly and whispered -Mind if we take this to the bedroom?

He stayed silent, stiff, but she could feel the tension due to the fact that he wanted it too. He was just holding himself back trying to protect her at all costs. 

-I probably already caught it kissing you when you showed no symptoms yet- she murmured in his ear. -And there's nothing we can do about it, bae. It’s okay. It’s something I want. There's nothing wrong. You would not be doing anything wrong. 

-It’s just weird. If you get sick I’ll feel responsible because I’m purposely passing  it on to you.

-But you would make me a lot happier now. It'll be worth it. 

Slowly, gently, he pinned her against the wall, his hands at the back of her head, kissing her with his moist mouth she could imagine was full of germs; she had no idea why but she liked that idea. They stumbled to the other room and they both took off their outer layer of clothes. He was wearing a tight long sleeve t-shirt which looked really flattering on his body; she had a low cut tank top. They got to the bed, him on top of her, and she didn’t know what their next move was going to be until his breath got a bit heavier and he said -I think I have to sneeze.

She knew what their next move was going to be. -Do it on my chest.

He didn’t question her anymore. This sneeze was cuter than the others, more soft and less violent but it still sprayed a lot, reaching the skin right below her neck. She heard it, saw it and felt it. It was so wet. He wiped the droplets away from her chest with a finger and now his finger was wet and she needed to kiss him again. It went on for a while, and right when she was holding him close, one hand on his torso and the other on his back, she felt his chest going up and down, quickly and unevenly. He lifted his head from the crook of her neck and sneezed, and she felt his abs contracting under her palm. She couldn’t even begin to bless him that he sneezed again, a second later, right on her tank top. 

He groaned. -Well now I need a tissue.

-I’ll be your tissue- she said, grabbing his face and kissing away the saliva hanging from his lips. 

-It feels so good when there’s more than one- He said. -They just take control of my body so quickly, it’s so relieving and satisfying. 

She loved that he said that, explaining his sensations and his experience of it. They kept kissing and touching each other waiting for more. She stared at him, her eyes in his eyes, until she saw them squint, his eyebrows raising, lips parting. He sneezed, and this time she felt it on her neck. 

-Bless you.

Another sneeze was the response.

He groaned. -Oh my God.

She kissed him. Mess, mouth, tongue, nose and all. She couldn’t believe how hot it was. 

They kept going until they were both satisfied enough, and then they just sat next to each other, panting. 

She saw him scrunch his nose and sniffle, his nostrils red, and then he looked up. -God-  he complained quietly, and then sneezed tiredly towards his palm under his face. She kissed his wet lips before he could say anything. 

-If I sneeze again I might break a rib-  he said wiping his nose. -It kinda hurts now.

Her heart sank. -I’m sorry, we don’t have to do anything anymore. I’m so sorry baby.

He smiled. -No, no, it was good. It was really good. I kinda feel guilty about how good it felt.

He placed a kiss on the top of her head. -I just think my temperature is rising.

She stroked his warm forehead. -Oh shoot. Okay, let me make you some tea first.

She was still shaken from before but she felt too sorry not to take care of him now. Sexy time could come back later.  

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9 hours ago, ID2006 said:

Mmmmm, lovely... and excellent writing.

Thank you so much!!! It means a lot ❣️

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7 hours ago, Lily said:

love protective Allen and sweet & quirky Erica 

I know right??? Thank you for liking them as well 💓

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1 hour ago, sneezey2023 said:

Love this. They are both so sweet ❤️❤️.


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17 hours ago, solitaire-au said:

You did a great job!

And if you plan to continue this, that would be wonderful!


Omg thanks! I'll just have to wait till my next ovulation phase to be in my best "turned on and creative" shape 😂 But I would love to keep writing! ❤️

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