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Kate's brilliant blue eyes focused in on another patterned coat. She adored gaudy, unique clothes that never made sense to you, but somehow she always looked great. You shook your head at the pink tartan blazer, yet it ended up slung over your arm with the rest anyway.

This wasn't just second hand clothes shopping, it was the place. Every few months sellers piled in to large warehouse and sold piles of old, sometimes moth eaten clothes. Most shoppers came for the destination. They picked through oddities and laughed with their friends about out of date or ugly clothes, maybe buying a few pieces. Kate was always on a mission. You always wondered how much time the owners spent cleaning this old building up. What do they do here the rest of the year?

You both jostled into one of the changing booths at the end of the row. It would have been easy to steal these clothes, but they were so cheap it didn't seem worth it. Kate's selection was characteristically odd: one hot pink skirt, 2 blazers, 3 knitted jumpers and a silky t-shirt that was covered in dust. Everything at this market was covered in dust, but this shirt stood out. The curtain of the changing booth hardly closed over your back while Kate wriggled out of her jeans to try on the skirt. There was no room to avoid your eye getting irritated by the fibrous wool of the jumper being pulled down next to your face.

"Obviously these don't go together but they both fit really well, don't you think?"

"I think they look wonderful together!" You blinked.

There was a dirty, dusty smell in the air with the jumpers flying on and off. You felt sorry for anyone with athsma, because by the end of the market the air was usually. You always felt like you had dry throat while you coughed your way home. Suddenly, it was Kate's turn to blink. Even behind her glasses they were reacting to something.

"Oh no, my nose..."

Kate's nose was narrow and pointed, and evidently sensitive. Without fail, every market something bothered it. Her full cheeks would flush while she sniffled and wrinkled her nostrils. Then the slightly round tip of her nose would turn pink. Her blue eyes would cloud over. It looked like torture.

Undeterred for now, she pressed on with her changing, observing herself in slightly baggy t-shirt, which you agreed was not the right vibe. While she was halfway through removing it, she suddenly gasped:

hhHHuhh!  he'TSHHhhh-eww!

She sneezed a concealed, powerful sneeze.

"Bless me!" She was far too cheery about this.

"No," you said "because it's never just one".

It started with one. A lone, forceful sneeze that people thought was cute and sometimes joked about. You had seen this before.

She sniffled her way down the next isle, but refused a tissue.




She was regularly wrinkling her nose and dabbing at tears forming in the corner of her eye. You saw her nostrils flaring while she rummaged through hanging scarves.


The second sneeze was louder, directed vaguely into her elbow without losing her focus.

"Hmmm" She frowned, looking annoyed now.


Next came the stifles, a futile attempt for her to keep her sneezes at bay.

huhh'mpp! .... huhh'mpp! ... huhh'NNTt!

She set off from the scarves sneezing discreetly into her fist.

hmm'pSHH .......    heh-mp'tt!

You handed her a tissue from your bag. You had brought this pack specifically for her.

"I'm sorry, I'm trying to be quiet. I hate that this always happens." Kate sounded done already, and her reddening eyes made her look exhausted.

You smiled sportively, but you could see that her control over the situation was rapidly eroding.

"hhe- I really don't know- het'tchh! - don't know w- whhuhh- whyyyy-iehhhhttTSHHHEW!  -why it's so bad today. We might need to leave."


A ballet of tiny particles danced under the dim warehouse lighting as you made your way to the exit.


Kate's sneezing was unrestrained now.


At this rate you knew she would be sneezing all day.

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