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Got sneezed on in the elevator


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New obs from this week! I don't know if this girl had a cold or allergies, but it could have been either one. I'm not sure if the woman I work with's cold has spread around more but it seems like a few other people around the office and the building are getting sneezy for one reason or another. I decided to get in the elevator on my way back from lunch instead of climbing 10 flights of stairs. Sometimes I do it because it's good exercise but I just didn't want to that day. It's good that I didn't because when the doors opened I saw a woman was already in there. She was probably in her mid 20s and had long blonde hair, maybe around 5'7''. Myself and another person got in the elevator with her and almost immediately after the doors closed I heard a sniffle from her.  I tried not to be too obvious when I looked over, and she was rubbing her nose with her finger. It seemed like she was fighting off a sneeze and I really hoped I was right...and I was. A few seconds later she sneezed onto the back of her hand like huh-aishhh-iew! I blessed her and she thanked me quietly with a sniff. Normally I would be irritated that the elevator stopped on every other floor before getting to mine, but I was okay with it that day. It opened up to the 7th floor and a bunch of people got in. I assumed she would have been done sneezing but she gasped suddenly and sneezed just as the doors were closing into the back of her hand/wrist. We got to my floor and it was pretty crowded at this point so I had to squeeze past her to get off the elevator. She must have been preparing to sneeze again because I felt a mist all over my arm after her rapid, sudden double. I must have bumped her arm or something while she brought it up to cover so she missed and got me instead. I looked back at her and she seemed so embarrassed but I didn't have time to say anything before the doors closed. Crazy experience, so glad I took the elevator that day haha

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