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Sick wife over the weekend (long weekend, short cold)


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My wife and I went out of town to visit another city over the weekend. Unfortunately for her, poor girl, she spent the weekend sick. 

Friday night: 

We caught the train there on Friday afternoon, she felt fine when we borded but a few hours later when we got off she'd started complaining of a sore throat. Towards the end of the ride she'd sneezed suddenly:

"HKK'CHFF!" into both hands, and ended up quite sniffly for a bit. 

When we got to the hotel she said she wanted to just rest that night. She was sniffling a bit now and sneezed a couple more times throughout the night. 


We had quite a few plans to go and see/do some things around the city so, despite her cold, wife was keen to go out. 

She now had a blocked nose though as well as the sore throat and runny nose so we stopped to get her a decongestant. She also borrowed a couple of my handkerchiefs as she'd only brought along one of her own and it was pretty small. 

She sneezed quite a few times, typically "HH'SHOO!! SHOO!!", often covering with a hanky but sometimes her hand or elbow, and was sniffling a lot all day. 

By the mid afternoon she'd had to blow her nose a few times (which was now quite blocked) and was getting a bit tired so we went back to rest until dinner. 

After dinner, she decided to just rest up as she was getting pretty tired. She wasn't quite sneezing as much but her nose was getting very sniffly. 


Wife told me to go out if I wanted but that she was going to just rest at the hotel most of today. Not a lot of sneezing but she sounded sick (blocked up plus coughing) and her nose was running like crazy now. She worked her way through the box of hotel tissues and we had to get another. 

By the evening she was having to blow her (now red) nose a bit less but was coughing a lot. 


Our train home left bright and early and she hadn't slept too well so she was feeling a bit miserable all morning. She spent the train ride coughing, sniffling and occasionally blowing her nose. 

When we got home she went straight to bed and rested up for a few hours, napping where possible. She kept having to wake up coughing, or grab a hanky and give her congested nose a blow. 

But by the late evening she was looking and feeling a lot better. Today seems to just be a lingering cough and a twinge of congestion 

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Oh, I feel sorry for your wife that she missed out on exploring the city. Hope she gets better soon! The more luck to you however who got to enjoy that on your fun weekend. ☺️ Did you stay with her in the hotel room on Sunday and cared for her or did you go out and explore on your own? 

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Glad she's better now! something to remember for the next trip: you have to bring more of your hankies, just in case your wife need them!

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