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Thunderstorms And Headaches (female, allergies, F/F)


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Hello. Still doing those prompt asks things on tumblr and this is the latest. ^^ It's a bit shorter than the other ones but man things have been rough lately so I'm honestly just glad I can write at all. :rolleyes: :lol:  It was fun to have Savannah trying to be both professional and caring and miserable at the same time. :lol: 

Mentions of nausea, but only in passing.

Prompts: ⛈️ thunderstorms + 🤕 headache


“So…. how’s the pain on a scale from one to ten?” Savannah asked. Linda groaned.


“Not within the scale, pick another number.”

“Ten, then. It hurts like hell.”

“Yeah, I can imagine… and this is why we wear helmets when we go roller-skating, right?” Savannah said as she shined a small flashlight into Linda’s eyes to check her pupils. “Concussions are no joke, and you were lucky you didn’t crack your goddamn skull on the pavement.”

“Yes, Doctor Mom.” Linda rolled her eyes.

Savannah chuckled and put the flashlight back into her doctor’s bag.

“I’ll get you some Paracetamol.”

“Are you joking right now? You know I always take Aspirin for headaches.”

“Well, I can’t give you Aspirin because it increases the risk of bleeding. And believe me, you don’t want a bleeding in the brain.”

Linda sighed loudly.


“I love you, Lin, but as a patient, you’re worse than the children I treat at the hospital.”

Linda grinned in spite of the pounding headache.

“I’m cuter though, aren’t I?”

Savannah smiled and shook her head.

“Just keep pressing that ice bag against the swelling, and I’ll get you something for the pain.”

A loud crash of thunder cut through the quiet afternoon and Linda winced.

“Oh man, that was loud.”

“Yeah…” Savannah said. “You’re probably going to be quite sound-sensitive for a while.”

“Just my luck.”

“Well, nobody forced you to show off in front of the neighbour’s kids.”

“Annie, please. My head…”

Another loud thunderclap made her wince again before she could finish.

“… feels like it’s about to split.”

Savannah bit back a grin.

“Sorry. I’ll get your Paracetamol now.”

“Yes please,” Linda muttered and groaned when the thunder crashed again.


Savannah returned with the painkillers and a glass of water, along with a cup of coffee for herself. Linda eyed the coffee but said nothing; she felt a bit queasy, and water felt like the only thing she wanted to down right now.

“You okay?” Savannah asked as she sat down and took out a crossword puzzle.

“Bit nauseous.”

“A common symptom of concussion. Tell me if it gets worse… or if the headache gets worse despite the painkillers.”

“I’ll be fine,” Linda said, but she was grimacing.

“Mhm,” Savannah replied, with a hint of scepticism in her voice. “Just don’t be too cocky, I need to know those things from a medical standpoint.”

She sipped her coffee, not even flinching when thunder crashed again, this time so loudly it made the windowpanes rattle. It was followed by heavy rain, rapping at the same windowpanes.

“If the goddamn thunder could shut up, everything is so loud,” Linda moaned and cradled her head in her hands.

“Well… I can lower my voice, but I can’t shut off the weather, I’m afraid,” Savannah said softly and rubbed her nose before she started filling out the crossword.

She sniffled and rubbed her nose again, making an annoyed face. Sometimes her hayfever went haywire when thunderstorms rolled in, it had something to do with winds and the dispersing of pollen, but what had felt like mild allergies earlier today, mild enough that she didn’t bother taking any antihistamines, now felt like a raging fire in her sinuses.

She felt a sneeze start to build in the back of her nose, quickly glanced over at Linda who was moaning in pain, and pinched her nose, stifling two sneezes nearly soundlessly.

“Oh… sorry,” she whispered. “My nose… nkkTT! Nkkttsh! HiihhhGTSSHH!”

Linda moaned again, but it didn’t seem theatrical; Savannah believed any sound genuinely hurt her wife’s head. Such as her accelerating allergy attack.

She got up from the couch, pressing her knuckles against her nose, and left the room, fighting the itchy sneezes that were still trying to escape.  

Oh my God, she thought, I can’t stop!

Stifles always made the tickle worse, and often made her need to sneeze even more, if she didn’t let at least a couple of them out. The way her nose was burning with the need to sneeze, a prickly sensation that had spread throughout her sinuses and into the back of her throat, she was fairly certain she would need to sneeze… with a lot of force, for this to end.

Why right now?

Her allergic nose didn’t care that she was trying to be quiet for her headachy wife’s sake.

Irritated tears welled over, and as the thunder loudly announced its powers once again, Savannah gave in to the itch. She pulled her shirt up over the lower part of her face to muffle the outbursts the best she could.

AeeeSSCCHHuh! AaaERSSSHHoo! Ahh… hahhyISSSSHHEW! Jesus f-fuhh.. fucking Christ… aaaERRSSHHH!!”

With that last, throat-scraping scream of a sneeze, the need was finally subsiding.

Let’s hope I didn’t break my wife’s brain too, Savannah thought and rubbed her temples. The stifling had given her a headache too.

She went to blow her nose and take some allergy meds, and then went back to the living room. Linda was leaning back, pressing the ice bag against her bruised forehead.

“Bless you,” she muttered.

“I’m so sorry, I tried to be quiet.”

“Thunder was still louder,” Linda assured her.

“Headache still a ten?”

“No. Maybe an eight. Eight and a half. I think the meds begin to kick in.”


“But I’d still appreciate it if you don’t scream-sneeze when you’re sitting next to me.”

Savannah chuckled softly and gave her thigh a caress as she sat down again.

“I’ll try not to.”


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Hi, just want to say that I've read some of your stories and really liked them. Full scenario and little details are incredible. This one is really good too especially loved the ending. 

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Thank you for sharing! I really do enjoy how each of your characters are so well thought through and developed! 


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A person who can't stop sneezing and a person with a headache - what a wonderful premise! I don't think I've ever considered it before, but I think it's my new favourite thing. The push and pull between wanting/needing to help, and knowing that the loud sneezes are going to make it worse, I love it!

Another gem from you as always!

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