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Cold Season coming early this year


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I think cold season is starting early here! People are sneezing and coughing all over the office (and the building) and it feels like the healthy people are going to be outnumbered in the next few weeks. Lots of great obs from today and I’ll try to spell the sneezes for better imagery haha. And I’m guessing all of them are cold sneezes because of how they sound and the fact that a cold is going around but maybe some could be allergies? I don’t know.

#1. A woman walking into the office right in front of me had her breath hitch and she sneezed into her elbow like hah…h’ETSCHHoo when she went through the doorway. She didn’t even stop, she just kept walking.

#2. A man (not sure who because he was in his cubicle) was sneezing every so often and blowing his nose. His were quiet and muffled like hih-tschhh!

#3. Another woman was coughing quite a bit and blowing her nose a lot. She didn’t sneeze a lot but when she did they sounded very congested and messy like h’gntSHHoo. She blessed herself after her sneezes. 

 #4. One of the women who sits kind of across from me sneezed two huge fits into her hands and used hand sanitizer after. Her sneezes were rapid and really strong and I can’t really describe them but they’re very nice. She always announced that she had to sneeze or was going to sneeze. Hers are probably my some of my favorites. 

#5. If you remember my first obs, the woman who sneezed all over the place has caught another cold. In a meeting we were all sitting around the table and right when it started she sneezed and didn’t cover her nose, maybe because it surprised her. She just sneezed downward toward the table. I was one seat away from her and I saw a ton of droplets on the papers in front of her. It was like Hih'AESHHHHHUHH!! and it startled some people at the table including me. She didn’t excuse herself or anything she just sniffed and scratched her nose on the back of her hand. Her nose was bright red and it was so obvious she is sick so people didn’t look very pleased haha. She sneezed and coughed almost constantly for the rest of the meeting which was almost an hour. Most of the coughs were covered in her hand but she is still terrible about covering her sneezes even with such an obviously contagious cold. She doesn’t even seem embarrassed to be showing off her symptoms like crazy.

#6. There was a man and a woman who both sneezed during a conversation and joked about their colds.

#7. A woman came in for a meeting with someone and she sneezed right as she walked away from reception to sit on the couch we have at the front to wait on. It sounded like ah’SCHHHHHiuh. She bent at the waist from the force and halfheartedly covered it. I think I saw some spray in the light but it was hard to see from where I was. 

#1 (part 2). The same woman who walked in the door in front of me in the morning was at the copier but she sneezed twice into her hand as she was walking up to it. I didn’t see the sneezes but I saw her cupping her hand on her nose and mouth when I looked up. She didn’t wipe it off before she went to make the copies. I heard her sneezing a lot as the day went on and they had a buildup like hih…oh…ahh…hat'CHOO!! Hih…ehh…tchhoo!! Hihh…hih-chooo! She went back to her desk and sneezed again after the copier thing and then said something like “Where did I leave my damn handkerchief” which drove me absolutely crazy.  

#9. One woman had a mask on and she sneezed into it like hih’kshhhhew! I saw her dig around her desk drawers to get a new mask immediately after her sneeze. 

Overall a lot of sneezes around today. We have about 40 to 45 people who work in this office so there are lots of opportunities to hear them haha. A lot of our people travel and are on planes frequently or at conferences with lots of people and sometimes come back with bad colds.  I am not really looking forward to catching the cold but I’m accepting that it will probably happen. 

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Jeez! What a sneezy office, my goodness. I think my favorite is #1 part 2, but all of these observations are incredible. 

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Great observations. What a sneezy office you work in. Please keep us updated.

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Such lovely obs, @snzer!!

I really enjoyed reading that!

I especially liked the one about the woman who caught another cold, even though it makes me cringe that she doesn't cover her sneezes!

Hopefully you won't catch it too! 🤞🤞

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Omg an embarrassment of riches 😍

Thanks for the lovely and varied observations! Mask up my friend!

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Love these, the cold woman on #5 is also my favorite. Her behavior is so weird but so hot... She covers coughs but not her juicy sneezes? It would be an awesome scenario for me to witness tho, I'd change places with you during those moments for sure :razz:

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It DOES feel like cold season started early. I have a nasty cold myself, so I’m a sneezy wheezy runny-nosed mess

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@klick22 Thank you! I liked that part too haha

@Hankyrick @sneezy_wheezy_bby With so many people in one big room it's like I get to at least hear a bunch every day. And having an office with that many people means a lot of different colds usually go around!

@Italiangirl I hope I don't too! She really needs to learn better manners haha but in theory it's really hot.

@Tumblesworth I always wear a mask at work because it feels safer! Even if other people aren't sick it still seems like it is a good idea 😃


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@Steelswarm I think it's really strange too! I'm not sure how she justifies it especially since her sneezes are almost always messy? Maybe it's because they come up on her too fast and she doesn't expect them but I have definitely seen her hitching for a while before the sneeze came out and still she didn't cover. She never seems sorry about it but she has apologized for coughing before which is also weird. I don't know really but I'm 100% okay with watching her doing it (as long as I don't get sick from it haha)

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6 hours ago, sneezy_wheezy_bby said:

It DOES feel like cold season started early. I have a nasty cold myself, so I’m a sneezy wheezy runny-nosed mess

Tell us about the cold you have

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