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One nostril is completely blocked


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4 hours ago, sneezy_wheezy_bby said:

and the other is running like a faucet

Gotta tickle them sneezes out! Hope you get better soon.

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1 hour ago, sneezy_wheezy_bby said:

I actually did manage to sneeze and clear my sinuses.

Bless you, I bet that was a relief (if perhaps sadly temporary). It's always interesting when people happen to clear their head with a good sneeze, when they just can't manage a big enough nose-blow to do the job that way!

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1 hour ago, sneezy_wheezy_bby said:

@Rick, it was a great relief, and I quite enjoy being able to breathe through both nostrils.

Good - have a feeling you might be giving a few tissues quite a bit of punishment to keep it like that at the moment?

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