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An impending cold (Oneshot)


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Here is a oneshot about a girl who's catching a terrible cold
I love this character and I might use her again in the future.
Things are going to get messy at one point but don't worry, if you don't like mess there's a warning beforehand and you can skip that part.

Amy (a young blonde woman in her 30s) has always been very prone to getting every bug that's going around.
And right now she's coming down with what will turn out to be a horrible winter cold, but she doesn't know how bad it's going to be just yet...
Amy just knows her scratchy throat from the previous day is now a killer sore throat and now it feels like it's on fire.
Her nose, which the previous day felt fine (apart from the odd sniffle here and there), is now running uncontrollably, producing watery-sounding but already pretty congested continuous sniffles.
"Ssssnnnfff, snnnnff" all day...
It all started with a sneeze: the previous day all of a sudden she felt a deep itch take hold of her nostrils and she had sneezed a wet, snotty "Haaapp-tttssshiewww!!"
That was the infamous sneeze that had "opened the floodgates" and once she started to sniffle she couldn't stop.
And now her nose is dripping so badly that she constantly has to wipe away the clear, watery snot that relentlessly starts pouring out of her already slightly pink nostrils.
"Ugh, oh my God..." she exclaims congestedly, even though her voice is still not that drowned by the congestion just yet...
Amy starts to unwrap the crumpled tissue she was holding up to her nose, desperately trying to find a clean spot that she can use to blow her poor, streaming nose into.
Finally, a clean spot: "sssnnff", she sniffles once again...
That sniffle sounded weird, snottier and thicker...
"Oh no, the congestion is already getting worse, great!", she thinks as she buries her nose into the tissue: she blows and blows and it sounds so wet and gurgly as the snot hasn't thickened yet.
She winces at how productive it was but for a moment she feels like her nose finally stopped running.
The sneezing has already started too, but she's not sneezing like crazy just yet...
She's only had a few stray sneezes so far, but she knows something's up, she knows FOR SURE that she's now unavoidably coming down with a cold...
When her throat is so freaking sore and her nose is running that badly, there's no doubt: a terrible cold is about to start taking control over her body and she will be laid up in bed with the chills and a slight fever soon.
She isn't looking forward to it of course, but she has a feeling of impending doom because she knows how her colds "work" by now.

Back to her current state: as Amy's still holding up a tissue to her face and sniffling like crazy, suddenly a vicious tickle pervades her small, now flaring nostrils, making her body shoot forward with a massive, wet sneeze!

CW: Don't read the next part if you don't like MESS

As she does so, a huge string of snot flies out of her nose, hitting the ground...
She opens her eyes and sees the mess she made.
Even her glasses fly off the bridge of her nose with the force of that sneeze.
Sighing, she grabs a fresh tissue from a new tissue and wipes away the snot, which is unmistakably already getting more sticky (she notices).
She grabs another fresh tissue and starts blowing for 2 minutes straight, with little breaks in between to catch her breath...
"Wow, my nose is so runny now!", she thinks.
After the blow is finally over, she looks at the tissue and finds out the snot is now taking on a pale yellow colour with a few greenish spots...
"Great, this is definitely a cold!", she thinks.


After a light dinner (she's never hungry when getting sick), she puts on her warmest, fluffiest pyjamas as she feels incredibly cold and goes to bed: she's now got a terrible headache too and feels exhausted.
Still constantly dabbing at her poor, pink nostrils to stop them from running so badly, she finally falls asleep while still holding a crumpled, wet tissue...
But unfortunately her nose decides to act up and it makes her wake up all of a sudden in the dead of night...
As she wakes up, she's now lying in a puddle of sweat (great, a fever too) and she can't stop shivering.
Her poor nose is sooo congested now and she has to breathe through her mouth.
"How did my nose get so blocked overnight?", she thinks as she wraps a fresh tissue around it and starts to blow...
But the now thick congestion is just not budging.
"Where did I put that damn tub of Vicks?" She wonders as she tries to sniffle...
"Great, I can't sniffle anymore now..."
Unfortunately, when she drags her now aching body to the bathroom, she finds out the tub of Vicks is empty from her last cold, which she was just getting over when this new annoying illness started.
In fact, it hurts to blow her nose as the chapped skin on her nostrils and upper lip is still healing from her last cold.
It's too late to go to the pharmacy now to buy some more Vicks.
"I'll do that tomorrow...", she thinks as she blows her stuffy nose again.
She notices a dry cough has started too now but it's a weak, tired cough...
"How wonderful, I've got a cough now too...
Any other symptoms want to join the fun here?" She thinks, jokingly.
Amy's now back into bed under the covers but the shivering hasn't calmed down despite the 4 warm blankets over her.
She finally gives up and grabs the thermometer sitting on her bedside table.
The thermometer reads: "38.5 °C/101.3 °F"
"Oh do!" she exclaims, noticing the congestion in her voice.
She goes to the bathroom once again and starts rummaging in the medicine cabinet to find some cold and flu tablets... (it's been a long winter with lots of colds and flus for her, poor thing).
Luckily there's still one tablet left and she chugs it down with some water.
After a bit the meds finally start to kick in and they stop the shivering and maybe get her fever down.
The congestion is still bothering her and then "Haah... hhaappsshheeww!! Haah... haaappsshewww!!", a double catches her by surprise and she sneezes into her cupped hands.
"Oh no, it's getting sneezier!", she thinks.
She sighs and closes her weary eyes.
After succesfully fighting off another impending sneeze, she finally manages to fall asleep.
The next day she wakes up feeling horrible: she's burning up once again as the medicine wore off now and her sinuses feel incredibly heavy and sore because of the now undeniable, overwhelming congestion occupying her swollen and irritated nasal passages.
Her nose must be so tired after all those colds so she knows this one is probably going to turn into a painful sinus infection, judging by how bad it is...
And to add insult to the injury, her throat feels like she swallowed millions of pins.
Suddenly, her phone starts ringing...
It's her dear brother Jake.
"Hi, Jake..." she says in a weak, raspy voice.
She's forced to clear her throat to sound less hoarse and then catches her breath.
"What's wrong, Amy? You don't sound too good..."
He sounds genuinely concerned.
"I'b sick, I have a bad cold... sssnnrrkk!!"
"Oh no! Oh God, again? Didn't you have one like... 10 days ago?"
"Yep, but I got sick agaid... ugh, I'b so codgested I cad't breathe...
I feel like... haah... haaaappsshheww!! Ugh, I feel like death warbed over!"
"Awwww! God bless you!
Gosh, you get sick a lot, poor thing...
You've always been like this!"
"I kndow... *coughs*"
"Mmmhhh, I don't like that cough...
I'm coming to see you today so that I can take you to the doctor to get that cough checked!
I doubt you can drive while feeling so bad.
And don't you dare get out of bed, missy!"
Amy rolls her eyes: her brother is so overprotective!
But she knows he loves her so much and he only does it for her sake.
"Ok, you cad cobe but I dod't wadt you to catch this... Sssnnnrrrrkk!!
It's dot fud... *coughs*"
"You know I have a perfect health, Amy!
I haven't had a cold in like 4 years!"
"Fair edough, I'll let you take care of beee... haaah... Haaaapppsshewwww!!!"
"Bless you! Gosh, that was so strong!!
Are you okay, blondie?"
(Blondie was an affectionate nickname her brother used when he was worried about her)
"Sssnnrrkk... Ugh, dod't call be that, you kndow I dod't like that...
But do, dot really... I feel horrible to be hodest! *coughs into her fist*"
"Awww... you're going to the doctor, missy!"
Amy sighs and says: "Yeah, you're right...
I dod't wadt it to get worse... see you later thed!"
She hangs up.
Jake then comes to the rescue in the afternoon with more cold medicine and, most importantly, a new tub of Vicks for her sickly sister.
He has to help Amy get out of bed as she's just so tired and he takes her to the doctor, who looks worried as soon as her poor patient walks in.
The doctor can tell by her pink and chapped nostrils, tired-looking eyes and pale face that she's not feeling well at all.
But honestly, you didn't need to be a doctor to guess that...
"Hi, Amy! Did you catch another cold?"
"Yes... I... haaaah... haaapppsheeww!!"
"Oh dear, you definitely did! Gesundheit!"
"Thadks... sorry I sdeezed, sssnnnrrrkkk!! I could't hold that ode id..."
"Don't worry! Sneezing is natural!
And you shouldn't hold them in!
Sneezing is a way to get rid of mucus, viruses and whatever little irritant that's bothering your nasal passages!
So if you don't sneeze, you're keeping all that in!
Just... well, sneeze into your elbow or a tissue so that you don't spread your cold..."
She said as she noticed Amy had sneezed into her cupped hands as always (what a bad habit!)
"But enough of that, I need to examine your throat and your nose now and we need to rule out other infections, it could me more than a cold...
Is it okay if I swab your throat and nose later to check if you have the flu?"
"That's okay..."
After thoroughly examining Amy's throat and nasal cavities, the doctor announced: "Well, your throat is red and swollen and your nose is too...
Excessive mucus production and by the sound of it, a moderate productive cough too so your lungs could be full of mucus too...
I'll use my stethoscope later.
We need to keep an eye on that cough and I need to prescribe a few medicines for that.
All I can say is that you definitely have a severe viral rhinitis or a similar infection, in other words... a bad cold.
But it could be the flu too, that's why we'll hopefully rule that out later with the test.
Doctor's orders are: always take the medicines I prescribed for your cough and if you start feeling worse call me immediately.
And then well, make sure you stay in bed, rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Feel better soon, Amy!"
"Thadk you, doctor. Oh do, I deed to sdeeze agaid... haaaapppsshewww!!"
"Gesundheit! And you don't need to apologise"
This time, Amy had learned her lesson and had sneezed into a tissue.



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wow, i love this story of yours, so descriptive in any aspect of the cold: the developing, the details ....

 liked also the character of her brother, it'is a nice adding to the story!

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Awwww, poor Amy! She really has a bad cold. How lucky that she's got a loving and caring brother, and of course I LOVE the kind and caring doctor! 🥰 It was so sweet to read how she told Amy it's OK and natural to sneeze, and that she shouldn't hold it back. 🫠 I liked the forcefulness of Amy's sneezes too. ❤️

Keep up the great work, @Italiangirl!

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2 hours ago, kiku said:

Awwww, poor Amy! She really has a bad cold. How lucky that she's got a loving and caring brother, and of course I LOVE the kind and caring doctor! 🥰 It was so sweet to read how she told Amy it's OK and natural to sneeze, and that she shouldn't hold it back. 🫠 I liked the forcefulness of Amy's sneezes too. ❤️

Keep up the great work, @Italiangirl!

I'm so glad to see you enjoyed my story! 

Yes, poor Amy came down with quite the cold! 🥺🥺🤧🤧

Thank you for the lovely comment 🥰🥰

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This was amazing! I like the details you included and the spellings are so good. Thanks! Would definitely read more if you wanted to continue with Amy.

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