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Sharing is not Caring (F/F, cold) *oneshot*


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Hey! Just this just something someone requested on tumblr for Riley and Cassie so enjoy ;D

(Riley is NB, Cassie is female!)

。°。°。°。°。° °。°。°。°。°。。°。°。°。


“How will this one do?” Cassie murmured softly, holding up a book as she came to slip beside her girlfriend who had been cuddled beneath a soft grey blanket as they sniffled on the sofa.


They’d gotten sick a few days ago - just something they’d picked up from one of their colleagues at the school they worked at.  Whatever it was, it was safe to say it was making them utterly miserable.


Riley, wrapped in the cocoon of their blanket, looked up with tired, watery eyes, and managed a weak smile. "That one sounds great," they whispered, their voice hoarse from all the sneezing and coughing. The fever had been relentless, leaving them feeling both hot and cold at the same time. 


Still, they were able to settle down a little as Cassie began to softly read her book, putting on voices for each character as they spoke.


But suddenly, a sneeze erupted from Riley's stuffed-up nose. It was a loud, forceful "Hih…H’iihtshoo!" that took them completely by surprise. Riley's eyes widened, and they instinctively turned their head to avoid sneezing on the book. However, in their effort to be considerate, they accidentally sneezed right onto Cassie's arm.


But they  weren't finished yet. The tickle in their nose persisted, and they found themselves suddenly succumbing to another sneeze. "Huh...H'iihh...H'iiihtshoo!" This one was even messier than the last, sending a spray of tiny droplets across the room.


Cassie laughed softly, despite herself, as she wiped the new mess off her arm. "Oh bless you darling, you really can't control those sneezes, can you?" She teased lovingly, “I do have to say though, I don’t think sharing is caring in this situation my love.”


Riley blushed, their cheeks rosy from both embarrassment and fever. "I'm sorry, Cassie," they mumbled, their voice still raspy. "I didn't mean to sneeze on you, you’re probably going to catch this crap now.”


Cassie gently set the book aside and reached for a tissue. "No, no baby, theres no need to apologise, sweetheart. It's not your fault you're  so under the weather." She carefully wiped Riley's nose, being mindful of the tinged red edges.


“Do you want me to continue or do you want to get some sleep instead?” The purple haired woman asked gently, taking note of the tired yawn her girlfriend had failed to hide. Fevers always made them sleepy.


Riley yawned again, this time not even bothering to hide it, “Can we do both?” They asked, letting their head fall against her chest as Cassie’s arms came to wrap around them.


“Of course, now. Where were we?”


The two shared that moment, and before long, the pull of sleep won them over and Riley was softly snoring, their mouth a little open as they slept. Cassie could’ve moved, could’ve left them there and gone about her day. But she didn’t. She was content to hold them close, never letting them go. And well, the cold that followed was definitely worth it.

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I definitely want to read more stories with these characters I’m definitely interested in reading more of these stories or any f/f messy contagion stories if you’re cool with writing those 

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