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work festival sneeze


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So, yesterday we had this festival at my work and while we prepared a lot I was standing in the amphitheatre and suddenly a sneeze build up in my nose. The sun was shining pretty strong and I sneezed just once but if was loud and I tried to stifle it. Usually when the sun is pretty bright and in a specific angle my nose gets ticklish and I start sneezing but it's not always like this but most times. 


Do you have a photic sneeze response?! Let me know. 

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If my nose is already feeling kinda tickly, I tend to get some sneezes out. 
Sometimes bright light itself is enough. Like after waking up. 🙈

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54 minutes ago, kiku said:

@AntheaHolmes Gesundheit! - No, I'm no photic sneezer myself, but I think it's interesting that sunshine can make many people sneeze... ☀️

Thanks. It's really fascinating. 

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