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one sneeze in a lecture hall (M)


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Hey folks. It’s been hot and gross where I am. Though they’ve been saying it’ll get cooler starting today, so that’s something to look forward to.


Today I had a lecture in this lecture hall that apparently has a capacity for about five hundred students. It was quite large, but I had met a couple of people before class so at least I wasn’t exactly going in alone.


Anyway, so we found seats in middle-ish row of the lecture hall. It was a little high up, so it was pretty hot. And as the course instructor started talking, this group of guys arrived from the back entrance, and sat right behind us. I was getting a little annoyed because they kept talking while the prof was doing her best to explain things, then all of a sudden I heard one of them sneeze:




It sounded like it was covered, but still kind of loud, harsh but not exactly wet. And I had a feeling that it must have been itchy because following that were many audible, liquid sniffles.


No one really seemed to react. I didn’t want to look back for multiple reasons; one, not wanting to stare; and another, that one sneeze had my ears partly focused on what was behind me for most of the remaining lecture.


“*snnff, snrff!* … *sddrff!* ….. *hsnrf*”


I would've been tempted to offer him a tissue if I had any - y'know, also, if that version of me had guts, too. The way he kept sniffling, constantly and thickly, I thought he might sneeze again. He didn’t though - he kept talking with his friends in a hushed voice, coughing a few times here and there. I’m not sure if they noticed much, but I think they left during the break.


Still not too fond of that groups’ manners but I hope the guy felt better after that.

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Bless him! But I totally can relate to the annoyance of people talking when all you’re trying to do is listening to your professor. The sniffling and the sneezing I can get behind though 😌

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I've heard a lot of sneezes around at the start of this year, though that's pretty typical. I'm feeling the onset of a cold right now I think. I haven't been able to get a super good view of a sneeze yet though.

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