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Never ending sneezes (self, cold)


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I thought I was mostly over my cold but I was wrong! I have never had a cold as sneezy as this one and my nose is so itchy. It's bright pink from rubbing it with my handkerchief or tissues and sneezing so much and my nostrils get so twitchy when the tickle is bad. I do my best to cover all of my sneezes in a tissue or handkerchief but I'm so sneezy that I can't even expect some of them. I feel really bad because I'm definitely spreading some germs around but about half of my sneezes come on so fast that I can't cover correctly. The itch comes and in seconds it's like the sneeze is leaving my nose before I can stop it or realize that it's happening. It's either that or I hitch for 10 seconds before finally getting out the sneeze or sneezes. I feel guilty because the sneezes are wet but I can't really help it or control it. I started wearing a mask while I was at my desk but I had to keep changing it every few sneezes because it got so wet and eventually I just gave up (probably not my best choice but I already soaked 3 masks in the first few hours so it seemed wasteful). I had to wipe down my keyboard once because there was so much spray. Maybe I'll stay home from work tomorrow if I'm still too itchy but other than the crazy tickle I don't feel too bad. I'm not good at stifling when I'm sick and itchy so that isn't an option really haha.

I got on the bus to go home after work and it was kind of crowded. I felt bad being the sick person sniffling and sneezing but I wasn't the only one. A man wearing a mask probably in his late 20's or 30's sneezed really loud into his elbow and he had a chesty cough. I made sure to hold my handkerchief up near my face all the way to my stop so I could keep all of my sneezes contained even when they surprised me. A woman kept blessing me and even though I was embarrassed she was so nice about it. I didn't have to be on it for too long but I was on for long enough that I probably annoyed most of the healthy passengers. I tend to get a few colds a year so I'm used to getting the looks, probably more than most people do every year. I get usually 5 or 6 in our busiest cold season between September and March, and probably 2 or 3 between April and August because I can't avoid a summer cold every year. It's not once a month but sometimes I get close to that haha. I'm just used to sniffling and sneezing a little all year round between my colds and allergies.

When I realized how sneezy I was I was going to try to count how many sneezes I had today but I lost count really quick. Ever since I got home in the afternoon I've been sniffling and sneezing like crazy and I even induced a little to try and sneeze out the rest of the cold. That was probably a mistake since I ended up having a fit for 3 minutes and the itch was even worse for a while. My nose is still runny and sneezy so I definitely didn't sneeze the cold out, which means I'll probably have more obs to share tomorrow unless it goes away when I sleep. You can ask me any questions about my cold and I can answer them for you!

(I also have a few really great stories from the week I could share on the adult forum if I get access haha. Maybe someday...)

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