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Sinusitis + First Chinnkni experience


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Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since I wrote a little Self-obs, I rarely have a cold so not many opportunities to write one. Since yesterday, I have been through a lot of situations that some of you might like, so here are my few bad experiences over the past two days. ^_^

Yesterday :
In the morning I felt relatively well, a few sniffles, nothing alarming in itself. But little by little during the day, my nose quickly became a real fountain. I started sniffling more and more, a few sneezes strayed here and there, but manageable and controllable. It was only in the evening that everything started to degenerate and the cataclysm occurred.

It happened gradually but over a fairly short period of time my nose started to tickle but not to the point of sneezing. I only felt a constant tickle in the back of my right nostril, strong enough to bother me but too weak to make me sneeze. So I decided to induce to induce a few sneezes to relieve the tickling.

This is what I usually do when this happens to me, I intensify the tickling with a cotton swab, I sneeze and it calms down quickly. But this time it didn't go the way I wanted. I used a piece of tissue that I had rolled into a thin stick because I no longer had a cotton swab and I started to push it into my nostril.

No sooner had I put it in my nose than the tickling skyrocketed. I took a deep breath, tilting my head back. « HHAATSHOOO!! HHHAATSHOOOO!! ...HAATSHO! .. .. .. *sniffle*-HAAATCHOOOOOO-AAARRTSHOOOOOO!! *sniffle* *sniffle* » I really didn't expect to make them that hard, I thought I could control them but they went away a little fast and it wasn't over because very soon after my nose started to itch again.

I started scratching my nose furiously with my fingers and the tickling went away for a few minutes, but it soon came back as a proud conqueror. In fact, I think part of the tissue that I induced in my nose must have come off due to the humidity and got stuck in the back of my nasal cavity and every time I tried to breathe sniffing through my snotty nose, the tickle grew again.

To give an image, I will say that I felt as if an insect had made its nest deep in my nose and with each breath, it beat its little wings against the walls inside my nose. I couldn't take it anymore, I tried blowing my nose a little but the more I blew through my nose into the tissue the more I had the feeling that my nose was getting wet. 😅

Needless to say, at this stage, my physical state was deplorable. My snotty red nose, little eyes that are barely open and watery, frequent and regular sniffles. I was really in a sorry state, but it's nothing compared to today.

I tried to induce a little again, I told myself that it couldn't be worse than before, bad idea. My nose is running, I have a little more difficulty making myself sneeze but it happened quite quickly despite everything. « h..hh..HHARTCHO! HAARTSHOOOO!! .. … *SNIFFS* .. .. h. ah.. aah.. aaaah… AAAAATTTSHIIOOOOOOOO!!! » During the latter my whole body started propelling forward, I sneezed towards the ground and after opening my eyes, I could see all the snot spreading on the ground.

I felt completely exhausted, I quickly wiped the snot on the floor and on my nose then I flopped into bed, didn't even have time to cook myself, I huddled in my blankets and I fell asleep. Only in all this chaos, I completely forgot to close the window which is right next to the bed.

Today :
And so, in the early morning... I was lying asleep, I vaguely remember having a dream and just as I woke up, I swallowed a little saliva but with great difficulty. I felt like I was swallowing chalk because it scratched my throat so much. So a very difficult awakening, my feet were outside the blankets and they were cold. I quickly pulled them back under the blanket and that's when I saw that I had forgotten to close the window. I quickly got out of bed, somehow, closed it and went to bed again.

I tried to snuggle up in my bed as much as possible to find some warmth, especially around my neck because of these sore throats. My nose felt cold, like it had cooled down overnight, but still a little wet, ticklish and sniffly. I finally grabbed my plaid, wrapped myself in it and got out of bed (still half asleep), took some syrup to soothe my throat and sat down in front of my computer. No sooner did it turn on than the brightness burned my eyes.

The whole start of the day went a bit like that. Sore throat, sniffles, small eyes, fatigue, I sneezed a few times too, once here once there. Around noon or so, I felt a little pain in my sinuses and the tickle in my nose was only growing. That's when I remembered that I had finally managed to find Chhinkni powder a few weeks ago and hadn't had a chance to use it yet. In fact, I was mostly waiting for a moment like this to try it, to have a cold so I could use it.

I opened the tube and took just a tiny pinch between my fingers and brought it to my right nostril, which seemed to be the more sensitive of the two. It didn't take long for me to sneeze like crazy. It came on quite gently at first and quite controllable, first this minty sensation that goes in a little deeper. Then a little tingling sensation which becomes stronger and stronger right at the most ticklish point.

Basically, it gave me the impression that a swarm of minty nanorobots had slipped into my nose whose sole purpose was to make me sneeze. With the aim of locating the tickling area in order to land on it and activate the « Intense Vibration » mode ! 😅

So gradually, I started to feel this tingling, these vibrations in my nose. « a.. aah.. h.. hh.. aaah… haaatshooo.. haaatshoooo.. Atshooo ! Hatshoooo !! .. .. ah.. Atshoooo !! » The first five were pretty soft, controllable, I don't think I made too much noise while sneezing. It subsided for a few seconds, I sniffled a bit and thought maybe it was over already, that I was resisting the Chhinkni powder hard and it was going to end like this. … Well no ! 😆

These sneezes made my throat a little sore and I coughed a little. That's when the nanorobots must have had some kind of "system bug" and I felt my nose start to vibrate strongly, the tingling returned, I felt my sinuses burning. It was intense enough that I completely lost control. « hhh..hhH..HHH..HHHHARRTSHOOOOO!! .. .. *Sni*-HHHAAARRRTSHOOOOO!!! .. AAH AAAAAH AAARRTSHOOOOOWW!! »

All the snot from my nose spilled onto my desk, inside I wanted to regain control of the situation. Especially at that decibel level, my neighbors throughout the building could hear me, but I needed to sneeze so bad that I completely let it go. « HHHAAAAATSHOOOO.. HH.. HHAAARRRRTSHHHHhhh!! » On the latter, a stream of snot ejected out, completely blocking my nose. Right after that, I sneezed about 5 more times, but these came more gently. « .. h.. Atshoooo. Hatchoo !! hh.. .. *sniffle* hh.. hhha.. .. Hatshoo ! .. .. .. .. Atshoow !! »

So about 15 sneezes on this first experience at Chhinkni, I had the idea of recording audio my first time but I completely forgot to do it. I wanted to start again in the evening, I don't really know if I'm going to do it because I feel particularly weak and feverish. I will especially try to eat a little bit then sleep.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little self-obs. If my sinusitis continues tomorrow, I will be sure to tell you about it here. :razz:

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My goodness, bless you for all those sneezes! The sinusitis seems to be wreaking havoc on your nose and throat. I’m glad you were able to get some relief from the tickle by inducing with chhinkni. Get some rest and feel better.

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A big thank you to both of you for your messages of encouragement, it means a lot to me. I made an appointment with the doctor tomorrow afternoon. I think it's sinusitis but I'll be able to take some medicine to be able to treat myself more easily if it still doesn't get better.

And so as promised, here is the rest…

3rd day :
My nose ran throughout the day, still tickling. I was able to try the Chhinkni powder again several times during the day and realized that my nose cannot tolerate it. Every time I inhaled this powder, I sneezed at least a dozen times. At the beginning of the day I let them out, but towards the evening I tried to hold back, without success. Impossible to stop myself from sneezing, I tried to hold my breath, rub my nose in all directions, bury my face deep in my cushion, I lose control each time. Not 10 seconds go by before my nose explodes. 😅

The power of Chhinkni is crazy. Does this do the same thing to you ?

I really didn't think it was going to have that much of an effect, but I've already seen a lot of videos where people were using it and sneezing most naturally. But when I use it, I really feel like my sneezing is no longer typical. They are cataclysmic and at least two or three times louder than my usual sneezes.

Well, I think my sinusitis must also have an impact, my nose is more sensitive because of this disease and tickles me constantly. I will have to try the Chhinkni again when I am healed to see if there is a big difference or if at least I would be able to retain them more easily. I still have a cough too but it's not as persistent, it comes in periods while my nose tickles continuously throughout the day.

4th day :
I'm never sick for this long. Usually when I have a cold, it's just a day of tickling and sneezing. This time, it’s already my fourth day in a row. As I write this, my nose is wreaking havoc. I haven't taken any powder yet today, I started a little experiment this morning, resist sneezing during the day and early evening, take a little Chhinkni powder in each nostril and see if I can to retain them.

I'm not under any illusions, I know I'm really not going to make it, but I'll set the clock to see how many seconds I can last. It seems like a great challenge to me and I'm curious. I might not be able to last more than 3 seconds, but we'll see.

A little friendly bet, bet how many seconds I can hold them before sneezing ? :razz:

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