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I ended up staying home and working from home Tuesday and today so I could keep all of my sneezes and my cold to myself. I think that was a good idea since I still had quite a sneezy nose yesterday. Today was much less, but yesterday was definitely a sneeze filled day. I didn't have to worry about covering my sneezes since I live by myself. I was on the phone with a coworker so I could be caught up on a meeting I missed and I sneezed while he was talking. Since I didn't cover, I had to clean my laptop screen afterwards. He blessed me and told me to feel better. I'm happy I don't have a roommate because I definitely would have given them this cold with how much I sneezed all over my house.

Today I had to go out to buy some more tissues and groceries since I have mostly nothing left so I wore my surgical mask and went to Target. Something about the air in there was making me itchy and I held off the sneezes for so long. It was maybe 10 minutes of trying to hold it back when I couldn't help but letting it out. I sneezed a double into my mask and I tried to finish up my shopping quickly because the inside of my mask was pretty wet but I didn't want to take it off and risk sneezing on other shoppers haha. I had to keep it on while I was on the bus and I managed to not sneeze the whole ride home like before. I did lose control and sneeze a triple when a woman sat next to me and she smelled like shampoo or perfume or something like that. I was a little embarrassed because I noticed when I got home that there was a wet spot on the mask but nobody was staring at me so I don't know if it was noticed haha.

I'm going back to work tomorrow since my nose is more under control and I think I'm 90% over this cold. Now most of my sneezes feel like fall allergies instead because I'm not congested and my nostrils and nose aren't pink anymore. I wonder if the sneezy coworker will ask about me being gone but I doubt she will. I always wonder if she'll bring up giving her cold to people but it seems like she either doesn't know she's spreading the germs (which isn't likely based on how obviously sick she is) or she doesn't really want to ackowledge that she's the one infecting the office haha. Maybe she's embarrassed about passing out her cold but if she started covering up her sneezes just as well as she covers coughs I'm sure she could keep it to herself. I'm still confused about why she doesn't cover sneezes but covers coughs! It's definitely an interesting behavior haha I don't understand it at all.

Thanks for listening to my posts about this cold! I hope I don't catch another soon but I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

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This sounded like an incredibly sneezy cold so bless you! 🥰🥰

I'm glad to hear you're getting over it! 

And I agree, it's so weird that your coworker covers her coughs but not her sneezes! 😮😮

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On 9/13/2023 at 9:58 PM, snzer said:

my nostrils and nose aren't pink anymore.

Adorbs! Great report 🤓

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