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before work fit (self)


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You know the thing where you buy a bunch of hair ties and eventually they go missing?


So today I was running around getting ready for work and job requires me to keep long hair back so I went looking for a hair tie. Usually I keep a bunch of them around one of my bedposts. For some reason lately they’ve been disappearing, so I grabbed one from my desk, that I guess I haven’t touched in a while? It didn’t look dusty so I just shook it out, snapped it a couple of times and put it on my wrist. (Pls don’t judge me I was in a hurry lol.)


Anyway I ran downstairs, and I had to stop and sneeze like four times. “tschh! -TSCHh!! TSCHh!! -huh’TSCHH!!”


They were kind of rapid and tickly. My nose got a bit stuffy afterward, so I blew briefly into a tissue.


I realized I hadn’t taken allergy meds yet so I went to grab them from the kitchen, and sneezed again twice, a bit more desperately- “huH’TSCHHhiu!! … huh’TSCHH!!-ioo…”


I don’t know if the fit was related to dust around or just plain allergies, but. Yeah. I need to tidy up my space.

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