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School Sickness and Some Self Sneezes (M/F, Self)


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I've been working in a school this year and we're in about our third week. I noticed that a lot of students were absent on Friday (there was a field trip, but I couldn't tell you what grade), so it may have been because of that, but I think it's just starting to enter the period where everyone is starting to get sick. 

First period I was in a classroom with a female teacher who I think is maybe in her 40's. About halfway through the period, she kept walking to the back of the classroom, where I was with some of the students, to grab tissues so she could blow her nose. She did it probably 5 times in 15 minutes as she was walking around the room, and her blows were pretty audible from where I stood. Funny enough, she had a bunch of boxes across the room.

The next period I was in a classroom with a male teacher, who probably also is in his 40's or something. He started to get sniffly about halfway through the period, and was talking a lot more than the teacher in first period, so the sniffles were audible and loud. Unclear on what they were due to, but he never blew his nose.

I didn't hear any sneezes during the day at the school (aside from the students), but I ended up sneezing after I left work. I had stopped by a family member's house who lived nearby to pick something up for my mom before heading home and had to grab it from the garage. They're an elderly family member, and the things I needed to get were in area that was hard to get to, so I helped with clearing some stuff away. After I got what I needed I popped in the house to use the bathroom. The garage was pretty dusty, and I guess it stirred something up in my nose because as I was turning on the water to wash my hands, my nose got super tickly, and I sneezed 2 pretty big sneezes into my elbow. Luckily I was done and was able to go home, considering that doesn't normally happen much.

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