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 For the past few days, my nose has been itching like crazy for some reason. Every time I inhale through my nose, I feel a tickle coming. I've been rubbing my nose intensely a lot. But today, I was out in public getting some food and felt the tickle again. I had a pretty big build-up with a nice pre-sneeze face😂 and even had a false start, but at the end, I had a loud, wet sneeze. But it felt good though.😂

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Yep. Same here. The last couple of weeks my nose has been itchier than usual. A little extra nose rubbing has been required at times. I'd say it's resulted in a handful of extra sneezes but nothing crazy

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15 hours ago, linaevelyn94 said:

Mine has been like this so much recently! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. 

Me either😂

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