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Hello beautiful people, hope everyone is well! This idea has been percolating around in my head for a while. For those of you that have been following my other story, don't worry it is not abandoned and will be continued, I had planned to put this off until the other story was complete but the idea has been insistent, continually knocking on my front door and wouldn't go away without attending to it, so I just had to get out. It's been a fun little divergence and I'm quite excited to share it with you all.

While I do have some ideas for a continuance I haven't quite decided if I want to commit to anything more, so for now this is just a one-shot with the potential to become more.

Hope you enjoy! 


Chapter 1: Ethan

I hate my boss, Phoenix Hathaway. No it’s not what you think, it isn’t because he’s unreasonably demanding, short tempered, micro-managing, unfair, pretentious, or any other manner of justifiable and understandable reasons that someone would hate their boss. He pays me handsomely and is actually a very kind, soft-hearted man. Intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, humorous, and engaging.  

No, I hate him because he is the most allergic person that I have ever met, and as the PA to the CEO, managing director, and founder of asset management firm The Firebird Group I am subjected to his endless sneezing fits more than most. On an average day I’d reckon that I see him sneeze at minimum 50 times. On outlying days, well we’re talking literally hundreds. 

Today has been an exceptionally nasally agonizing day. For him and me included, though for very different reasons. The pollen count is high. He entered the building this morning already in a blinding fit. Then, despite the instructions I always send out to our meeting attendees with a list of things to avoid, his 10AM was wearing an ungodly awful cologne that even I felt irritating my generally unbothered nose, that sent him into a dizzying fit that lasted what had to have been a solid 15 minutes and that’s not counting the intermittent fits he experienced for hours afterwards.  

Then there were the flowers that were delivered to one of the staff members in the early afternoon.

Oh, and I can’t forget the venture into the supply closet for toner that had him exposed to copious amounts of dust. Seriously did the cleaning staff ever clean out the supply closet? I was certain there was stuff in there that pre-dated Watergate.  

Now you might ask me why my bosses allergy fits would incite hate from me, he seems like a decent enough fellow. Surely, someone’s allergies are a poor reason to hate someone. And you’d be correct, but allow me to explain.

I have a sneeze fetish, yes, I get turned on by someone else sneezing. I love the desperation, the loss of control, the all-consuming, overpowering need that will have even the most virile of men succumbing to the urge, the fall of the face when the need takes over, the hitching breathes, and the powerful overwhelming releases.

Beyond that, Phoenix’s sneezes are custom made to hit every last one of my buttons. Long, breathy buildups, full, wet sounding though not messy releases that were on the right side of loud. Not obnoxious, or cartoonish in their delivery but forceful and intense. They rounded out with perfect little “Chews” accompanied by vocal sighs that often sounded more reminiscent of a moan.

To top it all off he is the sexiest man I have ever encountered. It's a marvel that this man works in corporate finance and isn't making his living on the covers of magazines. Tall and perfectly sculpted, broad shouldered, with well-defined lean muscle, that although I have never seen bare given his office attire of three piece suits or long sleeved button-ups with blazers, I can tell he possesses based on how he fills out his suits, and on the rare occasion though it is, how when he takes off his suit jackets I can make out the lines of muscle rippling under his fitted button-ups.

I know he works out as I am tasked with submitting his monthly specialty gym fee. In moments of weakness and true stalkery fashion I may have contemplated joining his gym just to see his muscles in all their bare glory rather than the little teasers I get. Fit though I am, I'm more of the aerobic wiry athletic variety, with lean running and cycling muscle. While I do participate in some level of strength training in my routine I would not belong in a specialty gym full of weightlifters and I'm not all too committed to pretending to be just to catch a glimpse of my boss’s admittedly drool-worthy muscles. Not seeing his body for all that it was I concluded was probably helpful in lending me any modicum of restraint.

There is enough to contend with without seeing his bare skin. Things like his thick medium length, brown wavy hair with natural caramel and coppery highlights that us mere mortals would have to pay big money to achieve, kept longer at the top so his hair swooshes to one side and is blended to fade on the sides and back so it isn't as thick and full but kept just long enough that it threatens to curl at the nape of his neck and around his ears. For the office, it's always carefully combed and styled, classy and elegant but I often find myself imagining what it looks like all tousled and bed mussed. And yes, I do wax poetic about his hair, you would to if you saw it trust me. People think women are the only ones that get a little obsessive about their hair. Little known secret, men are just as obsessed. And Phoenix Hathaway’s is celebrity perfect, enviable and unfairly good looking.

His eyes are yet another striking feature. They appear ostensibly brown but upon further inspection and in bright light it reveals a nuance of color that is akin to a dark Hennessey cognac with reddish hues and just as potent, his gaze is a liquid shot that as you swallow down makes you feel all warm and tingly.

His look is completed with dramatic eyebrows, an angular face with high cheek bones and a sharp jawline that's outlined with a hint of stubble that is peppered with gray lending to his overall sophisticated, distinguished look, a medium sized straight lined nose, luscious full lips, and hands that look like they belonged more on a physical laborer than a man who makes his living in an office.

Needless to say I have had one too many a lurid fantasy featuring him as the starring character.

The point people is my hunk of a boss is irresistible on any day, throw in his allergy ridden sneeziness and he's desirable to the point of distraction and hindering with my ability to perform my job well.

I have always prided myself in my dedication to my work and am one of the most prized and sought after PA’s in the business for my astute attention to detail, organizational, time management, observational, problem solving and interpersonal skills. I’m reliable, loyal, diplomatic, and have a wealth of industry knowledge. My name is a title in and of itself. I can’t be distracted by licentious thoughts while trying to perform my job and ensuring that my boss can do his.

Right now I’m in his office and we’re reviewing his upcoming schedule and making adjustments based on the proceedings of the day, items that would require follow up and subsequent meetings that I would be in charge of setting-up. Maybe the keyword here is attempting. We are attempting to review. He's affected by God knows what this time, but he can't get out a complete sentence without it being derailed by sneezes.

“Ssssoooo I ttth-thh—thhink we ssshhhouuld Hhhehhh mmm-Hhhuhhh move tttheee—“

He gives up trying to talk.


He always makes a decent attempt to stifle but a soft Ch or sometimes even full suffix usually escapes him followed by a moaning exhalation of breath. Eventually, the tickle inevitably becomes to strong and he's forced to give in, like now.


I patiently wait for this fit of sneezes to end though all I really wanted to do was push him against his desk and fuck him into next Tuesday. When the fit does finally end I dutifully pass him a tissue from the packet I keep on me at all times. “Bless you Mr. Hathaway."

His response is a chuckle, a low masculine rumble that I’ll freely admit does things to me.

“I’ve told you before we don’t need to stand on ceremony. If anything I should address you so formally, I wouldn’t be able to manage without you Ethan. Please, call me Phoenix.

It’s not really that I’m opposed to calling him by his first name, in fact I appreciate that he’s not the type of executive to demand all his underlings to bow down to his holy greatness and that he isn’t one to intimidate them into submission, or makre sure everyone knows he was in charge, by making them use his last name, or worse call him “Sir” in deference to his power and position.

He treats me and everyone he interacts with as equals. He listens to everyone’s ideas intently and enthusiastically. Managing directors and partners at previous companies I know would have scoffed at the idea that the lowly peon would dare to have spoken to them.

He’s often involved in the grittier and grimy day to day that, CEOs I’ve worked for in the past, would have turned their noses at, thinking they were above it all.

He once spent half his day assisting the analysts department. The employees that might otherwise be known as the grunts of the operation. He said it helped him maintain perspective, kept him involved at a personal level to ensure he was making the best business decisions.

I also know that he just enjoys researching market trends. Before the business had turned into a full-fledged firm he’d made his first investment deal from research and data he had meticulously conducted and compiled himself.

He’s well respected and well liked for his attitude and demeanor and I’m certain he’s part of why our firm has some of the highest retention rates in the city. Asset management is a volatile market and garners a reputation for being a bit ruthless.

Phoenix Hathaway has the right combination of tenaciousness and cutthroat business sense with a refined finesse and negotiating style while also being understanding and fair. Over 30% of companies within The Firebird Group portfolio increase their investment capital by at least 20% within the first 3 years of partnership. Since its inception The Firebird Group has become within the top 10 asset management firms in the nation. That combined with his superior good looks, and Phoenix Hathaway is a bit of a celebrity.

He’s a master at what he does. Despite his overwhelming success he remains humble and down to earth. Insisting people call him by his first name just one demonstration of his modesty.

So no, I’m not opposed to calling him Phoenix, I refuse to call him by his first name out of necessity. By using his surname it’s a reminder to myself that he is off limits, it keeps me conscious of the boundaries that have to be maintained between us. That it would be wholly and wildly unprofessional and inappropriate to jump him. Some days it’s the only thing that prevents me from doing so. If he’s Mr. Hathaway it leaves a shred of distance, if I even let myself think of him as just Phoenix, all bets would be off.

It’s on days like today where my whole body is thrumming with desire and aching from pent up sexual tension that I need that distance. It’s almost become a little joke between us. I call him Mr. Hathaway he insists on my calling him Phoenix, and I will resolutely answer with Mr. Hathaway and he will chuckle shaking his head.

But today, surveying the tableau before me of the helplessly sneezy specimen of a man I almost give in and respond with Phoenix. This has to be well into the hundreds of sneezes I have seen from him today alone and I'm at my wit’s end. It's a shock to myself that I can even stand on two legs when my insides are Jell-O. It's a wonder that my lascivious thoughts and desires aren't painted all over my face. It's amazing that I've found the strength to restrain myself from doing anything uncouth. But I'm sure to crack soon. One more of those delicious explosions and I'm going to lose it.


The sound that follows this release goes straight to my groin. It’s nearly pornographic. Luckily the next build-up drowns out my own moan that I am utterly helpless to stop. Hey, a person can only take so much.

It's been far too long since I've sought pleasure from another partner. Sure, my daily ritual involves taking caring of myself, often multiple times, but that's more prescriptive and necessary, if I have any hope of remaining any level of decorum around my sneezy Adonis of a boss but it's evident that I need something more, I have to put matters in someone else’s hands as it were, because clearly mine aren’t enough anymore.

We're at spring’s door step which means his allergies will enter into another stratosphere. I shiver remembering last year. I honestly don’t know how I survived.

“Please excuse me.” Phoenix mumbles when his latest fit subsides.

He's always apologizing for or excusing his sneezing fits and that combined with the slightly embarrassed pink that invades his cheeks I find it all so incredibly endearing especially because outside of that, the man is self-assured, he walks into a room and without saying a word commands attention, his very presence demands it. He has this certain swagger, cool casual and filled with so much confidence. Like he doesn't have flaunt his success and achievements, he doesn't have to talk about himself, or prove his worth, he knows what he has and how to use it without drawing any attention to it while also getting everyone’s undivided attention and that's both to be admired and respected.

“It’s quite alright Mr. Hathaway. So you would like to move the meeting with Granger and Associates to 11:30 while we slide in the meeting with Hunter at 9.”

He gives me a surprised look that I had been able to intuit his request and what he had been trying to say. “How did you—“

“It’s my job Mr. Hathaway.”

“I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised with your intuitive prowess at this point, still your ability to know what I need is impressive.”

I try not to preen at the compliment or read any euphemistic meaning to his statement. The latter is even more challenging. I a simply nod and continue, the sooner we can conclude this meeting the sooner I'll able to leave.

“In light of your interview tomorrow I have also rescheduled the weekly sourcing meeting to Thursday morning. And rescheduled your meeting with Chris on venture capital strategies for WebMed.”

“What would I do without you?” He gives me a grateful smile. One that I have to remind myself that doesn't mean anything beyond professional gratitude. 

“I’m fairly certain you would drown.” I say my lips upturning to the beginnings of a smile.

He throws his head back and laughs. He's one of those types when he laughs everyone else around him does too, it's infectious.

“If there is nothing else that you require….” I trail off.

“Of course, please you may go home, I don’t mean to keep you. Thank you for all your hard work today.”

“You will be going home soon too? You know they say work life balance is vital to your health and all.”

Another laugh. “Yes, I shouldn’t be too much longer.”

“Alright Mr. Hathaway I will see you tomorrow.”

I'm rewarded, or more accurately punished, with the sound of his sneezing as I exit.


I've just finished attending to myself after the torturous day, feeling more unsatisfied than usual when a notification ping comes from my phone. I always check my phone when it pings in case it's Mr. Hathaway, especially on the eve of one of the businesses in the Firebird portfolio conducting a buyout, as was the case tonight. Last minute things can come up that require immediate attention and I like to make myself available for the unexpected. Mr. Hathaway rarely utilizes me in those events respecting my personal time, one more reason why he's an exceptional boss, but it has happened on occasion that we’ve had to pull late hours together since my tenure began, and I'll admit I haven't even resented anytime it's happened.

Mr. Hathaway is not only diligent when such an event happens that calls for both our involvement, but he's just so good-natured with a dry wit and overall good sense of humor that he reveals even more when we're working after hours, and in ways that makes it feel like we're not even working. On eves like tonight when there is the potential for my assistance to be needed, I find myself almost wishing for something to arise that means I have to work late with him. 

When I look at my phone I see that it is not however Mr. Hathaway or work related at all. It's an advertisement for some kind of meet-up dating site. It was the name that caught my attention – KinkyKinds&FetFinds. Curious I click on the link. Apparently users can set-up advertisements requesting the company of other users to indulge in their fetishes.

The type of engagement and indulgence ranges from NSFW to simple curiosity satiation and/or fetish discussions and anything in between. Interesting. I peruse some of the existing posts. There are your more ubiquitous kinks, the more well-known though not widely accepted, but then there is a whole arena of kinks that I hadn’t even known existed.

I consider my own problem. Perhaps having someone satisfy my particular fetish rather than just finding some physical dalliance will be a more suitable solution to keeping my response to my boss within professional limits and will allow me to divert my attention to someone that can indulge my every fetish whim and fantasy.

If I wasn’t so desperate I would probably be more inclined to disregard this opportunity. As it is, desperate times calls for desperate measures after-all. What's the harm anyways? It's all consensual and upfront. Presumably if someone is responding they're okay with participating in the kink and it would eliminate the fear and self-consciousness involved in confessing to someone who might reject you. I have never told a single person about my fetish, not even my last partner whom I dated for several years. I didn’t think I ever would, but now that the idea had been presented I was obsessed with the idea of someone playing with that particular stimulus.

Ahh, what the hell. Sometimes you gotta take the bull by its horniness. I signed up and after much deliberation posted:

M 35 Sneeze "fetishist" ISO sneezy male for no sex but physical and intimate sneezy play sleepover. Someone with a sensitive nose prone to endless sneezing fits preferred. Encounter would be complete with kissing, cuddles, sweet affectionate touching, and caretaking. Don’t like snotty, messy, loud, or cough sounding sneezes please don’t respond if your sneezes fall into this category. PM for more details if interested.

I'm surprised when not 15 minutes later I receive a response. I had figured given the unique nature I might be sitting on the advertisement a while before it gained any attention.

From: Vinsky_1910

Hi SternuphiliaXO,

I came across your advertisement and believe I can accommodate. I am embarrassingly sneezy, you name it, it’ll probably make me sneeze. Lotions, perfumes, candles, flowers, grass, dust, dogs, cats, even looking at bright light can trigger a sneeze.  

My fits can get upwards of 30 sneezes in a row and can last for minutes to several hours after exposure depending upon the allergen. I don’t believe my sneezes are too terribly messy – though ummm they can be a little wet sounding and I’m afraid uncovered probably are in fact a little wet but they aren’t usually snotty. I also don’t believe they’re too loud-at least no one has ever commented or complained about their volume before and I assure you there is no shortage of opportunity. I don’t think I can share an audio file here otherwise I would so you could confirm, rather than taking my word for it. Though, I can with certainty say I absolutely don’t have a “dad” sneeze.  

I am not really familiar with a sneeze fetish so you’ll have to show me what to do and what you’d like so I can be sure to please you but I’m open and up for anything. At least someone can get something out of my blasted sneezes. Who knows it might even be fun for me. At least it might assuage the superior embarrassment I feel over my allergic fits knowing its doing something for someone.

Actually, full disclosure, it’s not just a sneeze fetish I’m unfamiliar with, I’m brand new to this site and have never done anything like this before. I’ve never even entered into the realm of virtual dating, so I’m not really sure the proper etiquette or if I’m leaving anything out. Feel free to ask me any questions to determine if I am an adequate match.

Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S I sneezed close to 20 times just while drafting this response. ;)  

I don't have questions I already know he's perfect. The way he writes demonstrates a level of intelligence, which shouldn’t have been a requirement for a quick self-indulgent kink session but it is a nice bonus that will make it more enjoyable to be sure. The description of the number of sneezes and level of sensitivity was perfect. I appreciate the length of his response it illustrates a level of thoughtfulness and care. I also think his stumbling over the self-assessment of his sneezes is cute like he was genuinely worried that his sneezes wouldn’t appeal to me. I'm touched by his honesty and the level of vulnerability he's willing to show in writing, it makes me curious how that will translate to his sneezing. If I hadn’t already been sold, the cheeky bastards post script would have sealed the deal. It gave the impression that once he was comfortable he would be a tease and I'm fully on board with that.  

As I’m drafting a response of my own another message came in.

From: Vinsky_1910

Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m 44 year’s old. That’s probably crucial information to share.

I smile. Older than me just what I like. This guy is becoming more perfect by the minute. I thought of my boss and nope, I'm not going to allow him entry to my thoughts here. Another message pops up.

From: Vinsky_1910

Sorry for not leading with that. I have been told I look young for my age, though I am developing some gray thankfully a lot of it is hidden, at least on my head, in a lot of lighting the gray just looks like a light blonde. I try to stay decently fit, I don’t smoke, and I eat healthy. But I’ll understand if my age is a deal breaker, it’s not exactly thrilling to date a middle aged man.

I immediately want to soothe his self-consciousness over his age. If society is to be believed, we're old when we hit 30. It irks me that we lead people to believe that they're on the latter half of their life after hitting 30. We teach people to believe that if they haven’t done anything meaningful with their life at that point all opportunity and hope is lost. It's ridiculous and absurd not to mention limiting. Turning 30 even 40 even 50 isn’t signing your death sentence. The way I see it, at 30 and into 40 some of the best years are ahead of you. We shouldn’t lay such grave importance on our age or stop believing that we can't do anything after a certain age. You're only as old as you believe yourself to be.  

Normally I would approach such a topic with a joke but in writing and with a stranger who isn’t familiar with my communication style or sense of humor, the meaning might be misinterpreted. Making jokes about sensitive topics, like age, could make people self-conscious, and are also tricky to deliver inoffensively, at least when navigating stranger interaction. So, I decide to go with reassurance first but while I'm attempting to draft up an adequate and appropriately uplifting and non-affronting response another message comes in. 

From: Vinsky_1910

Not that I’m implying that if we did this it would mean that you’re dating me. Of course that’s not what this is. It’s just a bit of kinky fun. 

From: Vinsky_1910

Which means my age is probably even more of an impediment there.

From: Vinsky_1910

And great now I sound like I have some sort of complex. That’s all you want from your fetish ONS.

From: Vinsky_1910

Would you believe that I’m actually normally an expert communicator and don’t usually introduce myself to a stranger by revealing my insecurities?

From: Vinsky_1910

Okay, I’m officially stopping myself before I insert my foot in my mouth more. There are far more preferable things that I want in my mouth.

From: Vinsky_1910

And now I made that creepy, your ad made it clear that this was a no sex type of situation and I just made it such.

From: Vinsky_1910

Well, at least this is a lesson in what not to do when responding to an ad. So I guess that’s one positive. I don’t suspect that you’ll want to respond after that. I’m not sure I could even entice you by saying I literally just sneezed four times.

From: Vinsky_1910

Well shit now that sounds I’m trying to “buy” you off. How would you know that I actually sneezed it’s not like I can prove it.

I guess that will just be my Fjds;klaffhd;k

From: Vinsky_1910

Excuse me, sorry, I didn’t actually mean to hit send that time. I tried to keep typing while sneezing and accidentally hit the enter key. So maybe I do kind of have proof?

Anyways I’ll just let that be my parting gift and an apology for this god awful and embarrassing response. Please feel free to share it at my expense that would be more than fair.

I’m grinning ear to ear and can’t help but giggle as the messages keep rolling in. This man is absolutely precious. It revealed a lot about his personality which is a rarity with the anonymity of the internet. I’m often wary about how much is true about someone and how much you could really know about someone when they’re hidden behind firewalls and secrecy of the internet. But something about the way’s communicating feels too real to be faked. When I see the bubble pop up to indicate that he’s going to send another response however I decided it was time for me to intervene.

From: SternuphiliaXO

While I am thoroughly enjoying your nervous babble I’m going to save you from yourself darling and stop you right there before that foot goes any deeper. While I’m sure foot deep-throating is a form of a foot fetish and possibly even something that might be elicited on this site, that isn’t the advertisement you responded to. ;)  

From: SternuphiliaXO

Now that I’ve interrupted your adorable stream of consciousness allow me to say

Bless you close to twenty times plus 5.  

Next: To be sure I’m really only stopping you because I can feel your mortification in droves from the interwaves and I’d really rather you not die of embarrassment before I can even take you up on your kind offer to fulfill my wishes. So you can stop that self-denigrating lecture you’re mentally giving yourself right now over how much of a disaster this is and that you shouldn’t have responded or even be on this app.

From: Vinsky_1910

I’m that transparent huh?

From: SternuphiliaXO 

Darlin’ your downward spiral could give Trent Reznor a run for his money.

From: Vinsky_1910

Hmmm well, it is true my whole existence is flawed….

But given the commercial success of that album I’m going to be optimistic and claim this isn’t a total crash and burn…..?

From: SternuphiliaXO

I haven’t quite decided if I’ll let you violate me or desecrate me or …..well you know the line, just yet, though I must admit you’re the most intriguing prospect I’ve had in quite some time, so I wouldn’t rule it out entirely but back to the advertisement at hand, I am more than enticed by your offer to extend your services. 

First things first your age is definitely not a deal breaker. The way I see it you’ll have plenty to teach me. 

From: Vinsky_1910

Ha! Right so you completely missed the part when I said I had no experience with this whatsoever? Or was my downward spiral not obvious enough?

I smile as I type my response.

From: SternuphiliaXO

Just because you’re not experienced in responding to a fetish advertisement doesn’t mean you’re lacking. Same with your age. Your age doesn’t define you, it shouldn’t limit you, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you’re lacking in what you can offer. Society wants everyone to believe that you’re old and have nothing to offer after you’re 25. If that were really truly that’s like 80% of the population we’re wiping out of existence. It’s asinine. No one can tell me that I’m old just because I’m over 30 and you shouldn’t listen to anyone that tries to tell you the same.

But to hopefully ease some of your concerns. You and I are actually in the same boat. This is my first time doing anything like this as well, so I’m afraid I cannot offer any guidance on the general process for how this is supposed to go but I can say that the way you responded is perfectly ideal for me personally and that’s what counts right? Who cares how this “is supposed to go” as long as it works between the two parties.

From: Vinsky_1910

You make some valid points.

Thank you. I can’t say a therapy session was what I expected to get out of responding to a fetish ad.

From: SternuphiliaXO

Happy to help. I can’t say running into an adorably conscientious, thoughtful man with a tendency to ramble when he gets nervous was something I expected as a response when I posted the ad. Truly, getting your messages made my night, they might have made my week.

From: Vinsky_1910

Haha don’t put me on a pedestal just yet. I don’t want to be a let-down.

From: SternuphiliaXO

It’s not a pedestal, it’s the truth. Believe me, when I say that you are more than I hoped for when I posted the ad.

From: Vinsky_1910

May I ask you what made you post the ad? You’re also new at this so I assume there was a reason? 

Apologies if that’s too intrusive. You definitely don’t have to answer.

From: SternuphiliaXO

It’s a fair question.

Truth be told putting up an ad like that is very atypical for me. Like you, I’m not on virtual dating apps. Color me whimsical, perhaps even foolish, but I’m hoping for a more organic meet-cute. Though in this day and age that’s less and less how things are done, that’s probably why I find myself in my mid-thirties still single. That and I haven’t really made dating a priority. Though that’s probably not something we need to discuss given the intention of our communication.

Not to mention, I’ve never told anyone about this “fetish before”. That’s entirely new to me and full transparency genuinely nerve-wracking to be talking about it.

So yeah if you were expecting someone experienced with this, that’s kind of the exact opposite of what you’re getting.

As to why I posted the ad, I’m frequently in the presence of someone who is very off limits who sneezes more often than my self-restraint can handle. I guess put simply I need an outlet before I do something that would have serious ramifications I’d prefer not to face.

That and I’m sure my wrist would appreciate the break. ;) 

From: Vinsky_1910

I will take your deflection for what it is, though I will say I’m with you. I find the process of virtual dating tedious and lacking. Perhaps I’m a romantic too but I have to believe that we can meet people the “old fashioned way”. 

Does it make me seem like an unmitigated ass if I say that I’m oddly comforted by the fact that both of us are inexperienced with this? Kind of helps with the heap of expectations I’m putting on myself. If you have nothing to go off of, even if this goes abysmally if we decide to meet up you won’t have a bench mark for how truly horrendous it is. Although I guess being the one to set the benchmark for truly awful encounters is not a position I want to be in either……

From: SternuphiliaXO

Not an asshole. I get it, it somehow makes it all less intimidating.

From: Vinsky_1910

Exactly! Anyways I am sorry about your predicament. That’s rough, I recognize that it’s not much, but you have my sympathy.

From: SternuphiliaXO

Thank you. How about you, any particular reason you responded to an ad?

From: Vinsky_1910

Ahh well….

It was really quite by accident. I received an ad for the app and was a bit curious but really didn’t have any intention of joining. But when I clicked into the app yours was the first ad that popped up within the mile radius I selected and when I read it I figured that I was in a unique position and that it would be criminal to walk away from my civic duty to lend my sneezy services. 

From: SternuphiliaXO

Civic duty eh? How fortuitous for me. I hadn’t anticipated receiving a response so promptly. Sneezing is an obscure enough fetish that I figured I’d be waiting a while before it got any traction.

From: Vinsky_1910

They say everything is a fetish nowadays although I have to admit I had never contemplated sneezing being one before. Like I said, I am intrigued by something like sneezing bringing someone else pleasure. I figure having a differing perspective is important right? Life is all about perspective and being open to differing perspectives. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all.

I definitely have no shortage of sneezes to go around and if I can satisfy someone else from an affliction that I am usually more mortified by than anything else maybe it will allow me to see it differently.

This man seemed too good to be true. His philosophy indicated that he was someone with a lot of empathy, an open mind, and willingness to grow. All qualities that I appreciated and admired. Vinsky_1910 really is turning out to be more than I ever could have hoped for from someone responding to a kink ad. Maybe if things went well he would want our little tryst to turn into something more. Well that's crazy talk I shouldn’t even be going there. I'm not interested in a relationship, I just want to burn off some steam so I can continue to perform my job at the highest level and distract myself from all the nonsensical feelings I have for my boss.

From: SternuphiliaXO

Well, don’t worry, I will be more than happy to offer an alternate perspective. 

Perhaps at 5:00PM on Saturday?

I propose that we rendez-vous at The Four Seasons hotel on Barclay Street. I am happy to front dinner and anything else. We can have the whole evening and night together and depart on Sunday morning. 

From: Vinsky_1910

You don’t need a picture or anything, to uhhh make sure I am physically appealing?

God, this man. Normally I would care a little more about physical attractiveness as a good looking man did compound the enjoyability of witnessing a sneeze attack. I'm even turned off by seeing someone I didn’t find physically attractive sneeze, but I'm so high strung, looks are the least of my concern, I'm singularly focused on allowing myself to fulfill long standing sneezing fantasies. This man ticks off all my fetish proclivities that will suffice. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Besides a man that's ostensibly perfect in every other way would have to be at least not completely unfortunate looking right?

From: SternuphiliaXO

Thank you for your conscientiousness, no if the image I have of you in mind based on how you write is anything to go by you will suit me just fine. 

From: Vinsky_1910

While I appreciate your confidence that I am at least some level of physically suitable I’m not sure that’s the reassuring statement you mean it to be. In my experience being someone that contends with one’s mental image of another is difficult to meet. Being someone that in real life actually lives up to one’s imaginary expectations tends to result in disappointment. 

From: SternuphiliaXO

Touché. I guess we will just have to find out on Saturday….? 

From: Vinsky_1910

I can manage that.

From: SternuphiliaXO

Great, I’ll send you my room details once I check-in. Thanks for chatting. I look forward to seeing you Saturday.

I check my clock, we’ve been talking for several hours. It's strange that I felt comfortable talking to and flirting with a man that I didn’t even know what he looked like. But there's something in the way he wrote and I'm utterly charmed. Maybe I should be more wary about what I have just agreed to. I know next to nothing about this man beyond the fact that he's well-spoken, afflicted with a manner of allergies, and willing to indulge in my rather unusual fetish.

With his “presence” removed I found myself returning to my usual wariness about internet “relationships.” For all I knew, he could be a Patrick Bateman type that prowled the internet for his next unsuspecting victim. Thinking about it, lingering on a fetish specific virtual meet-up site would probably make the perfect hunting ground, in an effort to satisfy themselves people might be less than careful and lose their sense of self-preservation. Isn’t that what I had just done?

I mean sure, he didn’t give off the “I’m going to murder you after having my way with you” vibe but an internet persona could be very misleading.

Alright, let’s not write ourselves into a gay version of a Bret Easton Ellis story just yet.

I re-read our interaction, nope, no way, this man is decidedly not a serial killer, he couldn’t possibly be, he's too sweet. His responses make me feel oddly content and comforted and I'm eager to meet this kind hearted man on Saturday night. I just have to get through the rest of the week. Which proves to be much easier said than done.


In Mr. Hathaway’s interview the following day the interviewer had doused herself in perfume. Mr. Hathaway had valiantly made it through ten minutes of the interview without narry a hitching breath but I had to endure his explosive fit that came after. It was so bad that he erupted just as he walked off stage. They were so strong he stumbled into me, although I wasn't fortunate enough for him to sneeze at that precise moment I had felt his labored breathing against me in the split second before he righted himself apologizing. And fuck, that was definitely going to become frequented spank bank material. 

Then there was the whole crowded elevator fiasco.

The stakeholders meeting on Thursday.

And the damn dog encounter Friday at the pretzel stand.

Yes, Saturday couldn’t get here fast enough.


Finally, finally it was here. I've checked into the very posh looking suite and spent the past two hours agonizing over the upcoming encounter.

I double check my phone for the time for what's probably the millionth time. My hands are shaking and I'm growing increasingly more anxious. It really isn’t like me to be so single-minded and impulsive. But my mystery fetish knight in shining armor man had continued to message sweet little things all week. Things like

Had an allergy sneezing fit at the most inopportune moment today, it was actually rather embarrassing but I found myself wondering what you would have done if you had seen it and felt strangely comforted.  


Had an unfortunate encounter with my pepper shaker whilst cooking dinner. I couldn’t stop sneezing for five minutes straight.

Or my personal favorite.

I’d never really thought about it before, but I made the observation today that the noises I make when building up to sneeze and after a sneeze are a bit orgasmic.

Oh yes, this man is indeed a cutie. I have been waiting for this encounter all week but now that it's here I'm feeling chicken shit. I'm preparing to call the whole thing off when I hear a knock on the door. Well drat too late now, I’m committed.

I opened the door and –

No! It can't possibly be.

“Mr. Hathaway?” I stutter because here stands my swoon worthy boss in the flesh, right in front of me in jeans and a tight fitting black polo, and holy hell those bare muscles that I've dreamt about are on full display and no fantasy could have compared to the real thing. I'm already salivating. His hair, which is usually styled with a conservative amount of product in the office, now appears to be completely product free, making it look even softer than usual. His bangs are still swiped to one side but lay much more disarrayed, strands flopping in his face. I thought I enjoyed seeing him in his business suits but the more casual look is damn appealing. 

He looks equally stunned though he recovers from the shock way faster. He gives me a slow, not quite, but bordering on seductive smile. “Given the circumstances, I think it best you call me Phoenix.” And oh God, of course, the clue had been there for me all week, Vinsky_1910 after Igor Stravinsky composer of the Firebird Suite, first performed live in 1910. I had been the one to procure tickets for Mr. Hathaway when the ballet had been touring last year.

Even with this newly acquired context, I'm still too shell-shocked to find my tongue. I'm just staring at him wide eyed, my mouth agape.

He chews on his lip, a gesture I've never seen from him before. In all his professional glory he's suave confident and assured. I find this display of nervousness and uncertainty oddly comforting and also extremely alluring.

“I imagine this is a bit of a shock, it’s unexpected for me as well, and with this turn of events I can understand if you would rather not proceed however I do think it might be best to perhaps not carry out this particular conversation in the hallway of a public hotel?”

“Shit, yeah of course, sorry.” I hold the door open allowing him to step inside. “Ummm—can I get you anything, water or perhaps something a little stronger?” I ask visibly flustered. It's steadily occurring to me the implications of the person I'm meeting being my boss. I'd inadvertently outed myself -not that it was much of a secret I just didn’t really talk about it and being currently without a partner didn’t have reason to - more importantly I've just revealed the most intimate and personal secret about myself to a person that I not only see on a daily basis but that does in fact have epic allergies and would now be aware of what they do to me. I'm mortified to say the least.

He chuckles sitting on the suite “living room” couch. “I don’t recall a time I’ve ever seen you so unglued.”

“Well that’s because I don’t often find myself in a scenario where the seemingly adorable and sweet man that answered my kink advertisement is actually my extremely sexy boss, the person who supplies my livelihood who I have revealed the biggest secret of my life to, and I’m sure with your intelligence you’ve pieced together by now is the entire reason why I was driven to put up the advertisement in the first. I’m not sure unglued even begins to cover it.”

As if saying it out-loud cemented it in my mind I suddenly feel it's becoming difficult to breathe, a crushing weight on my chest that if I didn't know better would make me wonder if this is a heart attack, my lungs feel like they were closing in on themselves my vision blurring, my ears ringing. I'm trying to breathe but all that's coming out are little shaky inhales. Oh marvelous I'm having a panic attack right here in front of my boss.

“Hey” he says gently his tone effused with gentle concern. For how worked up I'm becoming it's instantly soothing. “It’s okay, it’s alright, why don’t you take a seat and just breathe for me. Big breath in and out for 4,3,2,1. Good” he enthuses. “Again. Deep breathe in, and out 4,3,2,1. Alright. There you go.” We repeat this a few more times until I have calmed down reasonably enough that I don’t sound like a smoker who just ran a marathon on Everest. He gets up heading to the vanity sink filling up a glass with water.

“Thanks” I say meekly when he comes back to me he almost looks like he wants to embrace me but is keeping a sensitive distance which while a hug from him is awfully tempting, I am honestly grateful for. “How are you so calm?”

He gives a surprised burst of laughter. Then reaches for my hand “May I?”

I nod a little dazed.

He takes my hand bringing it to his wrist pulse point. I can tell his pulse is racing.


He nods.

“So what do we do now?”

Another quick guffaw. “Well, knowing who you are, participating in this now has the potential to fall under multiple workplace sexual harassment types. But I can’t—Oh—Oh no.” He says quickly.

I glance up from the carpet where I had focused my gaze and see his face falling with a classic pre-sneeze expression.

He presses his finger firmly to his nostrils and says quickly through hitching breathes “Iii’m rrreeaaally Hhhehh sssorrry I knn-know it’s ttterrible tttt Hhhuuhh timing but I rrreaally nn Hhhehh nn-need to sneeze.” He finishes his voice rising at the end growing a little wispy as the need takes over his body.

Hh'NgTXch…Hhh’Tkstch…HhXTCh—uhhh…Hh’KssXTCH—ew..EeStssChT...IiiHTsss-Chew…. H’EhhxxTschh—ew!

He abruptly gets up going to the bathroom and I realize it’s out of respect to me, so he isn’t inadvertently turning me on and I can’t help but be endeared to him.

He returns a few minutes later a guilty an embarrassed expression on his face, his cheeks flushed. “Sorry about that.”

“’S Alright” I still haven’t quite found my voice. I'm still a little dazed and reeling from the fact that Phoenix is the person who responded to my ad.

“Alright so here’s what I’m thinking—“

"I can find a new job and I promise I won’t tell anyone about you or this, I just umm hope that maybe you could also keep this aspect of myself to yourself as well, please?” I say hastily standing up gathering my things.

“Ethan, please sit.”

Warily, I make my way back to the couch. When he speaks, it's in his strictly business tone.

“First of all, I wouldn’t ever share this with anyone, it’s your right to privacy and it’s no one’s business. Next, I should make it clear that your job is secure, what does or doesn't happen here doesn't infringe on your position in anyway. You haven't done anything wrong or anything that would warrant disciplinary action. Besides we’ve already established I’d be a fish out of water without you.”

I surprise myself by giving a little chuckle.

He pauses a look flashing across his face “Unless, of course after this, you would rather leave. I would understand and would be happy to write you a stellar recommendation or arrange to have you serve as someone else’s PA in the company. Lawrence’s PA did just leave. I’ll do whatever is more comfortable and suitable for you but for my part I would love to have you remain serving as my PA.”

“Of course I’d like to stay but what about your comfort?”

“I’m afraid I don’t follow.” My boss says his brows furrowing in confusion.

Oh hell is he really going to make me say it? “Well, you are now aware that I have a certain affinity for a certain autonomic bodily function that you are particularly prone to on a daily basis” I began as diplomatically as possible fighting the blush that was extending to the tips of my ears and down my neck. “Given our work relationship proximity wouldn’t that bother you?”

It's his turn to redden, and there's that adorable lip biting again. His response is slow and careful. “Truthfully, I hadn’t thought about that.” He pauses before continuing. “I imagine this isn’t something new?”

I emit a sort of self-deprecating chuckle before saying “Definitely not, kind of been a fascination since childhood. As I got older I began to understand it for what it was.”

“Then I don’t see how it should be a problem.”

“I—uh—what?” I sputter thoroughly confused.

“Well, if this is something that has always affected you that means it’s been a part of you the entire 18 months we’ve worked together, but I’ve never seen anything but crisp and pure professionalism from you. To which I’m coming to understand should be rewarded richly, more than I ever thought. If anything I should be asking you if you’re bothered by working for me given my uhhh highly sensitive allergy affliction.” 

“I’ll admit there are days where it amazes me that I don’t throw you over your desk and have my way with you, and that’s without your allergy fits influencing me.” I confess before realizing that I shouldn’t but when I open my mouth to excuse myself he holds up his hand in a stop signal.

“Well then, that makes two of us.”

“I—uh—what?” because apparently that is all the intelligence I am capable of given his statements.

He gives a husky chuckle. “You’re gorgeous Ethan, after meeting you for your interview, I’ll admit, the way I wanted you to service me was not of the professional variety. I far preferred asking you to accompany me to dinner and then inviting you over to be my dessert, but you were far and away the most qualified and superior candidate to be my PA so I put aside my more selfish and wanton needs and offered you the position. But I definitely underestimated in my mind just how much of a temptation you would be.”  

“Me?” I squeak, my mind reeling.

“Yes, you.” He says with another husky chuckle.

I wasn’t unattractive, I did well enough in certain circles, I was just shy of being labelled a twink in my younger years, I had this whole geek chic thing working for me, and I kept in decent shape but I was well aware of my station and I wasn’t turning heads of people of the likes of my boss. I continue to stare at him a little dumbfounded.

“So, about this situation we’ve found ourselves in. I’ve always thought of us as equals. I realize on paper and to HR and a court of law that perspective isn’t likely to hold water but I’d like to think that I wouldn’t treat you in a manner that would make you think that we would need to utilize those measures and I think perhaps this isn’t mere coincidence. I’d still like to give you the night you requested with the assurance that this doesn’t impact your position, your qualifications, or my opinion of you as a PA. But I will only stay if want, if you’d rather I leave now and you seek out someone else I’ll be on my way no questions asked and with the promise that this secret is safe with me, your personal life and interests are not for me to share with anyone and certainly not anyone at work.”

Oh Fuck, I wanted. This was so much more than I could want, not just a night of my fetish fantasies fulfilled but with the man that starred in them. When he said my secret was safe I believed him, Phoenix had demonstrated to me in our tenure together that he was a man of integrity and honor, he didn’t engage in work place gossip, in fact if he was privy to it he would politely discourage it, he wasn’t not the type to turn someone’s personal life into office fodder. Him telling people wasn’t my concern.

“It won’t impact our work dynamic?”

A sultry smirk touches his lips, this is a side to Phoenix Hathaway that I have never witnessed and in that moment I realize it's a potent persuasion “Well…..I can’t promise that I won’t savor the knowledge of what my sneezing does for you” his expression turns serious “despite appearances I maintain at work my unending allergy fits are a bit of a sore spot that make me extremely self-conscious and embarrassed, as I mentioned in our initial messages. I find the idea that someone might find them a turn on rather comforting and perhaps even a little heady. But I can assure you I won’t wield that knowledge as a weapon and I’ll keep things strictly professional between us at work.” That sultry smile again “Unless you request otherwise.”

I clear my throat finally finding my voice “Mr. Hathaway, I had no idea you were such a provocative flirt.”

He leans towards me whispering in my ear “I think you’ll find there is much about me you don’t know Ethan.”

Oh sweet heaven my name spoken like that in that tone of voice how could I deny this. It was impossible to hide the enticed shiver that trickled down my spine. I wet my lips. “You present an intriguing case. I might have known your negotiating skills would extend to the bedroom.”

That sexy chuckle again. “It has served useful a time or two.” His alluring confidence falters for a moment “So is that…..a yes?”

Something in his hopeful uncertainty breaks me. I grab his face with both hands and hungrily press my lips to his. After what I presume is a stunned second he responds, giving as good as he gets swiping his tongue across my lips asking for entry, licking into my mouth as I accept the invitation.

“Nix” I moan into his mouth. The nickname easily rolling off my tongue.

“Fuck " he groans "I always knew hearing you say my name would be sexy but, that is hotter than a solar flare.” He finishes, his lips still dragging across mine.

Well that settles that, he’s going to be Nix in my head from now on.

After a couple of more minutes of exploration we pull back our breathing unsteady.

“While I would love to continue just this, I do have an advertisement request to fulfil, should we get started?”

I blink a few times, almost forgetting that my stupid kink ad is the entire reason he’s here, that we’re here. Honestly, I would have been fine with just continuing to kiss. Well okay, Phoenix Hathaway at my mercy helplessly sneezing all for me is not something I will pass up, but I could be okay with just kissing him, and not having my kink get involved at all, and that's an even scarier prospect than him being the one to respond to my ad.

“I—right, yeah.” Is my voice really that squeaky? I clear my throat. “I mean yes, we should.”

He gives me a knowing smirk “This will all be more fun once I’m sneezing no?”

If I had been standing I probably would have tripped over myself. I'm looking more and more like the amateur here. Where's the nervously babbling man that answered my advertisement? I think I could handle him. But confident, suave, and in charge, sexy Mr. Hathaway is not someone I can contend with. As his PA sure, in the bedroom, whew boy, completely different story.

“Is this easier or harder given that you know me?”

Damn that perceptive, albeit mouthwateringly sexy bastard. “To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe a little of both? You’re the entire reason I put up the advertisement Nix, being with you all day and seeing you constantly struggle with your allergies is distracting to the point that I’m worried about my job performance. Whoever this person was going to be was just going to be a stand-in for you but lo and behold it *is* you.”

“Mmm” he encourages me to continue.

“I should be thrilled that every wicked indecent thing I’ve ever wanted to do to you because of your allergies is at my fingertips, well maybe not everything, I'm getting derailed,  it's just we don’t just work together, you’re my boss. I don’t mix business and pleasure ever, those are two facets of my life that I’ve always kept separate. It's far too susceptible to become complicated and messy and there’s a power dynamic there that really treads a line. I also don’t really want what we do here to impact how you see me at work. I just think it would be too easy for the lines to get blurred. You understand?”

His eyes are soft and warm as he looks at me, it reminds me of a slow burning hearth “I do Ethan and I respect that you prioritize your professional integrity it’s just one reason why I love having you as my PA, and I wouldn’t ever want to compromise that. I understand this is a lot to take in. I’ll leave, there are no obligations here. I just want you to know that my offer of acceptance to your ad stands, consider it an open standing offer. Also uhhh, here.” He digs through his pocket producing a USB drive.

“I ummm…..well I managed to record a fair few of my sneezing fits throughout the week. I thought it would be a nice parting gift for the person I was meeting, assuming that my sneezes were up to snuff. Pun intended.” He says with a small chuckle his cheeks darkening now, and there's the uncertain considerate man I’d been talking with on the app. “I’ll just—I’ll leave it with you, to use how you see fit or not at all, but it’s yours. I’ll just go now.”

I'm still gaping after him when my mouth finally catches up to my brain. I stare at the usb in my hand. Such a thoughtful and sweet gesture, he was, for all he knew, going to be gifting to a stranger. Phoenix really is everything he appears to be based on my work experience with him and more.

The man who I have both been lusting after for the better part of a year is offering me a golden opportunity that I would be foolish to pass up. Yes, our work relationship complicates matters but surely we could work around it. Could I forgive myself if I let him walk out that door? He knew now anyway, it’s not like I could really put that back in a locked box. How much worse was it if I decided to entertain my fantasies with him? He's willing to indulge them after all. And the thing is I really do trust him not to let whatever happens here to interfere with our professional lives. We're both professionals, he cares about his company and his work—he wouldn’t be so successful if he didn’t. I actually know deep down that I trust Nix with a lot more than I probably should. While I never would I know that if I needed him, even outside of work he could be among one of the first people I call and he'd come to my aid zero questions asked. And that's what lies at the heart of this, I know the larger reason why I'm balking and that is its own complication but is it really bigger than passing up the chance to get at least a portion of what I want with Phoenix Hathaway?

I take a deep breath preparing for the plunge. “Please don’t go.” I whisper.

His hand is almost on the door when he turns back to face me. His mesmerizing eyes study me critically. “Are you sure?”

I go over to where he's standing and take his hand. “I want to. I’m still just processing all this.”

“I understand. Maybe we could ease ourselves into this. Why don’t you start with telling me what it is about sneezing that does it for you? Like what’s your ultimate sneeze fetish fantasy.”

I clear my throat. “I’m not sure you signed up for my ultimate fantasy.”

His eyes widen in surprise but he continues smoothly. “Okay, how about your ultimate fantasy within the confines of what you advertised for.”

I know I’m blushing something fierce.

Nix takes my hand giving it a gentle squeeze. “Let me do this for you. Tell me what you want from me Ethan.”

I glance at the floor, unsure of everything. All the bravado that I had been feeling when I posted the advertisement falling away. How had I ever thought I could share about my fetish? Maybe it would have been easier if we had discussed the intricacies beforehand. Face to face I wasn’t sure I could get anything out. I wasn’t ashamed of my fetish, on the contrary, but that didn’t mean that confessing the inner workings and specifics of it was something that I didn’t feel a bit self-conscious about.

A hand tilts my face upwards and before I realize what's happening Nix’s mouth is on mine, one arm wrapping around my torso pulling me in close. It's sweet, sensual, and dizzying. I swear I literally melt against him.

"Maybe it would help to loosen you up if I got out a small fit or two.” He says while nibbling at my ear.

An embarrassing whimpering noise falls from my lips. “I—I—“ It's so difficult to form a coherent thought while he's doing that. My brain is all fuzzy. Jesus he's intoxicating.

“Would you like that?” He eggs.

I nod.

“Say it Ethan.” His voice is soft but commanding and it makes certain parts of my body instantly respond.

Traitor. I think. “I’d, I’d like you to umm you know…do the thing that I ummm..well that you said you would do for me.” I can’t bring myself to say the word and I really really hope he isn’t going to make me. “Please.”

He pulls back with a smile. “Your wish is my command.” From his duffle he pulls out a fringed scarf dragging it across his nose before, much to my astonishment, inserting one of the frayed ends up his nostril gently wiggling it around.

Oh my god! An uncontrollable anticipatory shiver passes through me. Embarrassed though I still am, I'm transfixed. God himself wouldn’t be able to get me to look away. 

After several moments his breath becomes shallow, his eyes go a little droopy fluttering shut then open then shut again. After maybe 20 seconds or so he pulls the scarf out from his nose, taking several quick rapid inhales, his nostrils flaring, faint creases appearing on the bridge of his nose and between his eyebrows before bringing up his shirt collar to his face.


The sneezes are light flowing out of him like water. Not like some of his fits that tickle and tease and agonize tearing through his body with a harsh force.

“Bless you Mr. Hath—“ I begin out of habit “Uhh Nix.”

He smiles mischievously immediately inserting the scarf again. As the sneeze builds he emits a couple of vocalized “Ohhhs” and “Mmms” This time the set of sneezes are rapid fire with no build-up in between, partially stifled in the middle but after a pregnant pause unable to be contained at the end.


The last sneeze comes out completely unrestrained, his whole body shuddering into the sneeze. I am helpless to stop the tiny whimper escaping me. I try to disguise it by extending a quiet “Bless you.”

His body stays folded in half for several moments before he rights himself blinking several times dabbing at his nose. “Was that good?”

“Beyond good.” I reply a little breathlessly. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of your sneezes Nix. They’re tailor made to appeal to me.”

When I pause he encourages “How so?”

“Okay well for context this is a pretty individualized fetish. You’ll remember from my ad that I am not a fan of snotty or loud sneezes but there are some who really enjoy that. Other’s that love nose blowing. That also does nothing for me. I completely lose it over breathy, extended build-ups, wet sounding but not messy, strong but not overly loud releases, so basically your sneezes to a T.”

“Ahh I see.” He replies with a soft smile.

He was right, having him sneeze had loosened my tongue. “There’s all these different facets and components. For me I think I love the vulnerability, the loss of control that you have to, no matter how hard you fight, submit. It’s a losing battle. A sneeze will always take your control and overthrow you no matter how strong, or tough, or authoritative you are. That is incredibly appealing to me. I especially love seeing people still fight for control over the urge to sneeze, even when they do have to submit I adore seeing them continue to wage for that last semblance of control by stifling until the urge becomes to strong and they can no longer suppress and their restraint breaks forcing them to entirely give themselves over.”

Nix makes a contemplative sound. “So you must really love when I am triggered in meetings or that interview earlier this week, since I fight and hold back from completely giving into the sensation in those situations.”

“You have no idea. I think by the time the presser was done we both should have earned a medal for our prowess in managing delayed gratification.”

Nix’s eyes crinkle in the adorable way I love as he gives a low rumbling laugh. “I thought for sure I wasn’t going to last. I was pulling out every trick in the book.”

“Yes, I know.” I say, then add, “don’t worry I would have gotten you out of there if you hadn’t lasted.”

Nix’s eyes meet mine and I try to ignore the electric fire that transpires between us. “I know. Don’t think it escaped my notice that you cut the interview short. It was scheduled for half an hour.”

I shrug “I knew you weren’t going to hold out much longer and wanted to give you safe reprieve, more than can be said for myself.”

Another heart stopping laugh. “For what it’s worth I’m terribly sorry for subjecting you to that.”

“It’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s such a sight to behold and definitely keeps the work day interesting but it’s also torture trying to maintain any semblance of composure and decency.”

“I’ll agree that you absolutely deserve a medal for your restraint.” After a pause he adds. “I don’t fully understand it, but what you’re saying makes sense. It’s on the power dynamic spectrum in a way.”

“I think so yeah. Especially for me, I’ve always loved the idea of controlling when someone could sneeze, making them hold back until I give them permission. Or teasing them with the urge to sneeze.” I admit.

Nix leans into me dragging his nose along my neck. “I know just how we can play with that.”

Another helpless shiver rushes through my body. Is this really my life?

From his bag he grabs a tiny vile of what looks like essential oil. “If you were to put this on you, and adjusted your proximity to me you could control when I sneeze. It would probably only work a handful of times before the irritant really got to me and it wouldn’t matter your proximity but if we were very conservative with the amount so the smell doesn’t permeate as much I think we could produce successful results.”

My mouth feels dry and I lick my lips unconsciously considering his proposal. I notice him track the movement and see his eyes darken lustfully. “I thought you were supposed to be inexperienced with this.”  I hardly recognize the hard rasp in my voice.

He shoots me a shy smile “I’m kind of just winging it. In my line of work I’ve adapted to showing a certain confidence even if on the inside I’m, I believe the medical term is freaking the fuck out.” He uses air quotations. “Fake it till you make it right? I take it, it’s working?”

I chuckle. “It is. But we’re not at work right now, you aren’t trying to sell a potential client. You don’t need to fake with me Nix. I liked the self-deprecating man that was a little self-conscious and not as sure as himself, and babbled when he got nervous. That guy was charming and endearing and intrigued me. You’re a formidable force when you’re in full confidence mode and don’t get me wrong it’s sexy as fuck, I’m not immune to that appeal, but I also think the vulnerable and honest man who responded to my advertisement is incredibly appealing. I wouldn’t mind if he made an appearance tonight is all I’m saying.”

That was an understatement. Nix is a confident assured man and that itself is heady, it has the effect of wanting me to go to my knees and answer to his every command. I'm not at all opposed to submissive play but I desperately want to see the adorable not quite so sure man that had messaged me through the app.

Nix actually blushes and I can't help but stroke the coloring cheeks. “There he is.”

"I guess maybe I’m struggling a little with our dynamic myself. I portray a certain persona at work because I have to, given my position. That’s how you know me. While it’s not necessarily a pretense it isn’t my default persona. The version of myself that you mentioned is probably more accurate to how I am outside of professional settings but it’s not exactly how I want people I work with or see in a professional setting to know me.”

“I get that. We both have an archetype of who we are at work that doesn’t encapsulate everything we are as a person but what we portray because of our responsibilities and professionalism. Now we find ourselves in a position where other aspects of ourselves and personalities are intersecting with someone that we work with and that can be difficult to reconcile. You think I really wanted anyone I worked with, least of all my boss, having knowledge of my naughty kinky fantasies?” I finish with a lopsided smile.

Nix laughs. “I imagine not.”

“Yes, we work together, yes it’s probably complicated but why don’t we just treat tonight like it was meant to be? Forget about being Phoenix Hathaway successful businessman and founder and CEO of The Firebird group just be Vinsky_1910, the sweet conscientious man who responded to a kink advertisement. And I won’t be Ethan Ferguson your PA, I’ll be the man with a kink looking to play out his fantasies in real life. Monday we can return to our regularly scheduled roles. Tonight, we aren’t those people.”

Nix gives me a warm smile. “Okay, yeah I can do that.” He chews on his lip “So uhhh do you want to try this?” He holds up the vile of essential oil.

“Okay.” I say.  

Another enticing smile. “Tilt your head back” he commands.

I do as he says. I’m aware of his body shifting closer to me then feel a few small droplets hit the side of my neck rolling down to the collar of my shirt.

“That’s probably enough” he says letting the oil seep into my skin before nuzzling my neck again taking in a long sniff. “Oh yeah th-tthhat’s dddeeff Hhheh definitely ennnoouughh.”

Hhhehh.. hhuuh’hheh’hheh…Hhhh’EeS— 

Just before he’s about to sneeze I move away.

He blinks dazedly rubbing his nose before fixating his eyes on me, the sneezy countenance not having quite left his face. Oh shit, that’s so fucking hot! 

I sit back down pulling his head to my neck. Immediately the build-up begins.


As his breathes become fewer and farther apart I separate myself.

Color me evil if you will, but the look of helpless dissatisfaction over the sensation not being able to come to full fruition is undeniably sexy and I can’t help but feel a little drunk with this power. I lean in again.


This time I don't let it get too far before I back away.

His eyes remain closed, nose twitching, his mouth and jaw lax for several seconds.

“Fuck Nix, you look so irresistible when you’re about to sneeze. You’re torturous build-ups are so delicious. It’s almost better than the sneeze itself.”

He cocks his head inquisitively blushing sweetly “Yeah?”

“Oh my god yes, that’s part of it for me the expression, the loss of composure plastered all over someone’s face. And you wear it better than anyone I’ve ever seen. But—“ I bring his nose to my neck holding it in place as his breath begins to hitch wildly.


“Your actual sneeze is to die for as well. I love your forceful but not obnoxious releases. So perfect.”

He sniffs then gives a husky chuckle. “You look so cute when you get all excited about this. Tell me more Ethan, what else do you like?”

I bite my lip my cheeks blooming anew. He runs his thumb down my face affectionately before giving me a sweet chaste kiss. “Tell me baby. This is all for you, for your pleasure. Let me make this good for you.”

I exhale a breath I wasn’t even aware I’d been holding. “I—I love when you try to talk through the sneeze, especially when you announce that you have to sneeze and when you’re just on the edge of exploding but you continue to fight it, holding it at bay. The longer you hold back the more intense your fits become and it just destroys me.”

His eyes crinkle up as he smiles. “Well, I do have plenty of practice with that. And I have just the thing.” He reaches back into his duffle.

"Wait.” I say halting his searching, wrapping my hand around his wrist.

“Yeah babe?”

Oh good God he’s killing me with these pet names.

I suckle his neck which produces a groan and I feel him shiver against me. Despite appearances so far tonight I am not some blushing virgin. I am sexually assertive not to mention skilled. I take smug satisfaction in seeing some of his commanding and composed presence crack.

“Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.” I say into his ear and am rewarded with another full body shiver. It seems Nix’s sensitive nose isn’t the only thing that’s responsive. Yes, I was going to enjoy this immensely. Picking up his duffle, kissing him along the way I led him to the bedroom, backing him up to the edge of the bed where he tumbled onto it.

I push him back positioning him more in the center of the bed crawling on top of him sliding my hands underneath his shirt. Oh his muscles felt just as taught and firm as I had expected. “Can I take this off you?” I ask pulling at his shirt.

“Yes please” he pants.

Quickly getting the shirt overhead I groan at the sight. Golden skin with a light dusting of hair around his chest, and down from his belly button, defined ab and pectoral lines. “Fuck Nix, do you know how many times I’ve imagined you like this? My daydreams don’t do you justice.” I run my hand up the center of his torso around his built deltoids before devouring his mouth. “I have to see you sneeze like this, I can’t wait to see how your muscles tighten and flex as you let out those powerful explosions.”

Well I am here to grant all your sneezy kinky wishes” He responds with a crooked smile. He rummages through one of the side pouches of his duffle pulling out a make-up brush.

“I covered this in pollen from my windowsill, there’s probably some dust particles as well, and I’m allergic to the brush fibers, it should get a good fit going.” He extends it out to me. “Care to do the honors?”

“Oh my god, yes.” His eyes sparkle at my enthusiasm. I accept the brush propping up the beds multiple pillows so he can lean back comfortably while still being upright. I straddle his lap rubbing against him. He looks surprised by the move-no doubt not expecting it after I’ve been coming across as more of a waify wallflower- but gives me an encouraging smile and a low guttural moan. I take the brush and gently drag it below his nostrils back and forth.

He takes a sharp inhale. Not wanting for this to be too horrendous an outcome for him I pull back.

“It’s alright, you can keep going.” He urges “I’ll let you know when to stop.”

“Nix.” I moan but bring the brush back dragging it along the tip of his nose and around his nostrils.

“That’s it baby. Oh yeah that Hhhhuhhh ddd-dddefffinitely ttt—ttick Hhahhh tticckkkles—“ His long lashes fold over his cheeks his eyes squinting shut. “Kkkeeepp gg-ggo-ggoooing.” He encourages.


I run the brush along the line of his nose pushing down with force when I reach the tip. I see a tiny cloud poof from the bristle fibers. The effect is instantaneous.

Ohhh Hhhaahhh fff-fff- Hhhehhh Hhhiiiihhh fuck—“ He quickly pushes my hand away turning the side, bringing up his elbow to his face.

Hhheeehhh’GNgKT-Chiew..HHTXChu…’TkSTCHIiiSH…GnKtXCh—uhhh…Hh’KssXTCH…TssTChXT...HhhhiihSssT—chu…. H’EhhxxTschh—ew...HhNGTXTCH...'CcHiew

The sneezes have him doubling over with the force. When the fit dies down he gives me a sheepish smile. “Sorry those hit me a little too strong to hold back.”  

I crash my lips to his in a demanding and hot kiss. “Don’t care. That was, fuck Nix, that was so stupidly hot. We could stop right now and I wouldn’t feel short changed.”

 He chuckles. “Uh-uh baby, you advertised for a full night of indulgence and a full night you’re getting. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what I have planned.”

“Jesus. At this rate, I’m not sure I’ll survive your other plans.”

“This is really working for you isn’t it?” He says, but not disgustedly, his tone is surprised yet intrigued.

“You have no fucking idea.” I say kissing him wet and sloppy.

He smiles against my lips. “Go again.”

“You sure?”


“Okay” I bring up the brush to his nostrils again letting him inhale before gently running it along the underside of his nose my strokes getting increasingly vigorously.

His breath begins to hitch beautifully. Hhhhehh…Hhheehh…

Tttiiccklles sooo-sssoooo mmmmuch. I cc—ccaan fffff-fffeeelll Oh—“ Hhhaaaahhh “Ohh Oooohhh neeed to to—“ HhhEeeHh…Hhhuh..hhhuuhhh “ssnn—snnneeeze. Ohhh.”


I move the brush away knowing that the sneeze has settled into his nose and it won’t relent until the explosions burst forth.


Nn-nnno I cccaaannn hhhoooo—Aaahhh Hhh—hhhoold iiitt—“ He squeezes his eyes tight, pinching his nose shut applying pressure to his whole face with the palm of his hand.

Shameless desire pulses through me. He had to have taken a master class for sneeze fetishists. His dialogue is perfect. As the fit gets closer and closer to taking over his body, unthinking, I blurt out. “Don’t turn away from me or cover when you sneeze.”

His eyes peel open looking at me with a mixture of confusion and pre-sneeze desperation. “Yyooouu wwwaaannnt—“ Hhhaahhh..Hhhehhh...Heehh’Hhhehh'Hhh

His inhalations are coming quick and fast and I don't think he's going to make it but he mashes his finger against his nose holding his breath for 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds. When he removes his hand he keeps his breathing light so as not to encourage the sneeze.

You wwwant mmmmeee to ssnn—“ Hhheeh'NGNGTXt-Ch “sneeze on you?” He finishes adorably bewildered.

I blush knowing full well how it sounds but I’m too aroused to deny myself. “Please Nix.” I plea.

“Of cc-cc-course bbb-bbbaabbby” Hhhaaahh “I gg-got yoouu—“

Hhheehhh…Hhh’Hhheehhh “Cccaann’t hhhooolldd iiitt aannyy-“ Hhhhahhh “anymore.


His body bends into me his face going into the crease between my neck and shoulder. I can feel the slight dampness or maybe it's just force of the explosion of air, hit my shirt.

I moan loudly.


TttaaaAAAhhh—ttake yyy—yourr shhiiirtt off.” He says as if he read my mind, knowing I need to feel him on my bare skin.

I lose my shirt lightning fast.

Nix runs his hands appreciatively over my torso.

Yyyooouu aarrreee sssuch a—" 


“—tantalizing morsel.” He sits up all the way pushing me on the bed so our positions are reversed and he’s on top of me. I extend my legs tangling them with his.

His next set of sneezes he buries deep into my neck perfectly muffled and definitely a little wet. My body reactively bucks up into his.

“Fuck Nix.”

He pulls back looking like he might say something but before the words come out—


A litany of curses and exclamations fall from my mouth. My entire body is trembling under him. My body is on fire. I’ve never been so turned on in my life.

When he catches his breath he asks “You like that?”

My response is a loud high moan.

“Jesus Ethan you sshhh—“


“You should you see yourself right now. Ohhh—onnne ssseec—“


“Ohh oh God” 


The pollen must have deeply imbedded itself in Nix’s nostrils. He’s having a full blown allergy attack. I bite my lip feeling more than a little guilty. I ease him off me sitting him upright and hugging him from behind so he has some level of support while his body is subsumed by the endless sneezing.  

After a fit of what feels like a hundred sneezes he slumps against me. His nose, cherry red, his eyes watering, and looking more than a little spent.

“Bless you’” I gently wipe away his tears and dab at his nose with a tissue before kissing his cheek.

“How was that?” He asks all eager and earnest and a little self-conscious.

“You have to ask? I—Jesus Nix, that was single-handedly the most erotic and sexy thing I have ever experienced in my life. You and that marvelously sensitive nose of yours are a paragon among sneeze fetishists. If I hadn’t promised a no sex encounter I think I would have jumped you. As it was I nearly—“ I trail off embarrassed realizing maybe this isn’t something I should be admitting to someone I had promised a no sex encounter with. 

“What?” he asks gently. His expression patient and intrigued.

“If that had continued I would have you know—“ I gesture vaguely downwards.

“You mean, untouched?” He asks astonished.

Nix’s nose isn’t the only thing cherry red now I supposed.

“Fuck, that’s so unbelievably hot! That just sneezing can get you that excited. And to think I’ve been embarrassed and mortified over how often I sneeze in front of you in particular.” He reaches for the discarded brush on the nightstand bringing it to his nostrils shoving some of the bristles right into his nose with a strong sniff.

“Nix what are you—“ I abruptly take the brush from him but the damage was already done. His already triggered and hyper sensitive nose immediately launches into a vicious sneezing fit.


“Ohh god nnneed to-to-to—“


“Nix, you heavenly, sweet, precious lunatic!” I say after he concludes another 10 minute long sneezing fit, taking him into my arms kissing him senseless.

He sniffs giving me a bashful smile. “I just want to please you, give you everything you want. Seeing you like this, all hot and bothered, unleashed and unrestrained is such a turn-on.”

His sweet selfless eagerness pulled at my heartstrings. “You’ve done more than that darling. This has been incredible, not even my fantasies could compare to what you’ve given to me. But let’s put this away.” I say grabbing the brush, returning it to the zip-loc bag. “And give that beautiful nose of yours a break. No more sneezing right now.”

His brows furrow in confusion “But I thought that you wanted—“

“Nix, you ridiculous moron. I didn’t expect you to be sneezing 24/7 while we were together, goodness gracious. Let’s take a breather. Get some food, share a glass of wine. If you’re feeling up to it later we can continue.” I say planting a kiss on his lips.

“If you insist.”

“I do. Now should I call up for room service or—?”

“The hotel restaurant looked nice maybe we could go out?” The question is phrased casually but there's a cautious hopefulness in his eyes.

This wasn't really what I had planned for the evening. Dining at the hotel’s exclusive restaurant run by a celebrated chef feels more like a date than a kinky one-night stand but then again I also hadn’t planned on the person responding to be Phoenix. That certainly changes my approach for the evening. If he wants to go out with me I'm not about to turn down the offer.

“I’ll check online and make reservations.”

Thirty minutes later we were being escorted to our table I was able to reserve. I survey the guests in the restaurant, everyone is dressed in formal or business casual wear. And then there's Nix and myself in jeans, him in his polo and me in a short-sleeved purple heathered Henley with brown trim. The shirts are probably acceptable in this establishment but the jeans might be a bit too casual.

“I feel under-dressed.” I lean to whisper into Nix’s ear.

“You look fine” He whispers back “It’s the weekend we don’t need to look like we just got out of the office. But I know how we can rectify the situation of our attire if it seems to be an issue.”

Shortly after a crisp looking waiter comes up to the table eying us critically. Flustered I pat down my shirt. “Good evening Sirs, welcome to Cut. My name is Claude I will be taking care of you. May I start you off with a glass of our Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc?

Nix raises his eyebrow at me in question.

“I’ll take the Syrah.” I say.

“Make that two.” Nix says smoothly.

When we're asked for ID’s Nix leaves his wallet open seemingly so the waiter will be sure to see his Amazon Centurion card.

After the waiter walks away I smirk. “Ahhh I see, that’s your big plan. Never took you for the type to flaunt your wealth Mr. Hathaway.”

A pretty blush tinges his cheeks. “Not usually, but you know in a place like this they don’t necessarily care what you’re wearing as long as they know you can afford it.”

I hum in response perusing the menu until a familiar sharp inhale catches my attention. I glance up to see Nix discreetly rubbing his nose, then glance at the vase of what I think is a sprig of thyme with full blooms on the table. Of course I was too preoccupied to take inventory earlier or I would have asked the maître d’ to remove it. I discreetly scent the air, the flower isn’t particularly odorous, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter to a nose as sensitive as Nix’s. If it blooms and pollinates it will attract the attention of his over-reactive immune system. I carefully slide the vase to my end of the table but I’m certain it’s not going to do much in ceasing the impending sneeze, I’m just hoping it lessens the severity of his reaction. Though for my part my stomach lurches with excitement at the prospect of him sneezing. Yes, I'm a glutton, I will never have enough of seeing him in the throes of a sneezy allergic fit. You'd understand if you felt as I do about sneezing.

He’s taking small shallow breaths probably not to draw attention to himself. “Ssssooorry” He whispers before releasing a desperately strangled sneeze into his cloth napkin. He bumps the table with the force of his body shuddering from the sneeze spilling some of the water out of out of his full glass. He pushes his chair out sneezing again bending completely in half from the restrained power. He’s on his third sneeze when the waiter returns with our wine.

“Excuse me Claude, sorry for the trouble but my companion is allergic to whatever is in this vase, would it be possible to please have it removed from the table.”

The poor waiter’s eyes widen and he looks properly contrite. “Of course my apologies. I’ll take care of it right away.” His eyes flick over to Nix. “Is there anything I can get you?” He asks a little unsure. Nix waves him off politely rounding up for another sneeze.

I flash the waiter a patient smile. “We’ll need a few minutes.”

“Yeah, of course. I’m really sorry.” He says hastily taking the vase off the table and walking away.

Hh'XXT’SHhuuh EHXT’Shew HXXt’CHshh—ew

Nix recovers shortly after with a sniffle. The way his hair is falling into his face makes me want to run my hands through it. His cheeks are flushed with embarrassment “’Scuse me. Sorry.” He says “Or uhh, I guess not if you liked that.”

“Bless you.” I respond. I can't help but be completely endeared when he drops some of his suave demeanor, and falters. I'm feeling more and more privileged to see this side of him. I choose not to remark on his comment, to say I liked it would be an understatement, instead I just slide my hand under the table giving his knee a gentle squeeze.

“Thanks.” He whispers giving me a shy private smile.

As dinner progresses we make easy conversation. Being Phoenix’s PA I know his professional details and general personal information but out of self-preservation I've kept a careful distance not requesting deeply personal information about himself and haven't offered too much beyond the surface of my personal life either. All that said, given that we do spend a majority of the day together, he knows more about me than a good number of people, and in many ways I'm closer to him than most people in my life. That is, of course aided by the fact that he's both a great listener and extremely keen and astute, figuring things out about people without it ever being shared. 

As we sit here sharing stories, jokes, and stealing furtive looks, and swapping secrets I'm reminded why I had attempted to maintain distance from him in the first place. If I'm not careful my little infatuation isn't going to be so little or merely an infatuation, I'm going to fall hard and fast for my devastating boss.

After the check comes, Nix insists that he pick it up. “Tonight is for you. I’ll take care of this. I was the one who said we should go out anyways.”

I know it's useless to argue so I allow it, my heart tight the entire time.

As soon as we're back up in the suite I press Nix up against the wall and kiss him with everything I have. Passion, and longing, and burning desire all wrapped into one as a gift on my tongue that I plunge into his mouth. I run my fingers through his hair letting my hands roam down his body taking everything that I can, everything that he'll give me for this one night.

"Ethan” he moans against my mouth and the sound of my name falling from his lips with that desperation is like a drug.

“Bedroom.” I hiss dragging him with me and pushing him onto the bed laying him out before me stripping off his shirt letting my eyes feast on him.

Sweet lord, Michelangelo himself couldn’t have sculpted a finer specimen. He was a masterpiece. Cut like marble, firm and smooth. I can't believe my luck, that he's here with me, that he's the one who had answered my ad. That I'm getting see him like this.

“Let me see you baby.” He whispers into my mouth.

I throw off my shirt rolling us onto our sides on the bed. 

“Your body is exquisite Ethan” He says running his hands over my chest and down my stomach, curling his hands around my belt loops sliding his thumb along the under seam of my jeans.

I draw an unsteady breath. “Mine?” I protest “Yours. You’ve been fueling my sexual fantasies for months.”

“I thought that was just my sneezing?”

“No it’s you, your sneezing is just a pleasant, if mostly torturous bonus. Come on Nix you have to know how good looking you are?”

Nix full on blushes, like he truly genuinely doesn’t know, despite his confidence and the way he carries himself in the office. He clears his throat. “I’m alright.”

I want to push the topic further but I realize we’re not here to get into each other’s mental hang-ups. This isn’t the prelude to a relationship it’s just one night of indulgence. One I intend to take full advantage of before my carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

“So what else do you have your in your Mary Poppins bag Mr. Hathaway.”

God his laugh is everything.

“You remember that horrendous cologne one of my clients was wearing in a meeting earlier this week.”

I nod, that wasn’t a fit I would soon forget. His sneezes had been so vicious and wet, not snotty but there had definitely been visible spray from the one or two sneezes that escaped him before he could cover. Under different circumstances, coming from a stranger I may have been repulsed, but from him I had been entranced.

Well—“ He draws it out as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a fancy and expensive looking bottle. His lips uptick, the hints of a smile gracing his features.

“Nix, are you sure?” Most of what we used so far had been a bit more controllable the fits manageable, ending once he had sneezed out the allergen, but with cologne, it would be a constant barrage of allergens entering his nose and once he started he wouldn’t be able to stop, which granted was the point of this evening but I didn’t want to do anything at the expense of his well-being and he would be dealing with a more prolonged and constant exposure this way “You won’t be able to—“

“Stop. I know. I promised you a night of sneezy indulgence didn’t I?”

“Well yeah but—“

He silences me with a kiss.

"This is your fantasy night. I responded to your ad remember. I’m here to take care of you. Did you like when I sneezed from this last time.”

My cheeks are burning from how hard I’m blushing but I can’t deny it, as sick, twisted, and perhaps a bit sadistic as it is I had relished in the fit. I give a careful single nod of my head.

“Alright then.” Nix says uncapping the bottle spritzing a little into the air, onto me, himself, and all over one of the pillows.

Holy Shit! I watch dumbfounded completely frozen as his face immediately falls into that classic pre-sneeze expression. His breathe hitching wildly.

“Ttteelll me—“ He attempts to get out but the building sneezes are far too powerful for him to breathe through much less talk through.

Eeeehhhh’SSCHeeew Hhhhh…….hhhhHHHuuuuuh…..Hah-EEEssss’SSSChew…..Heeeehhh…..Huuuhh……..Essstisshhhoooo…..Heeeeh Mmmmmmm Haaaa….HeeeeH…Heee’EStchuuuushew… Heeh’ehhhsssscheeew...EeeeesssssTtttttIsssshhhhheeew….Heh…..Ehhhh…..Eeehhhuhhhh…..EssssSsss'TtTTTChhhishoooo

“Cc—cca Hhhhii can’t ss-SssSS—“ SsChiew.

He's sneezing into the crook of his arm where he had doused some of the cologne which certainly isn’t helping matters. I reach across the bed to the nightstand grabbing multiple tissues holding them out to him but he's a little too pre-occupied to be paying attention to what I'm doing. So I do what any sane and logical person would do and bring the tissues up to his nose.


“Bless you. Now, Blow handsome” I command gently when there’s finally a break in his sneezing.

He does as I say. Afterwards I appraise him, his nose is chapped red, his lashes damp from tears, his chest is rising and falling quickly, not quite in the way that indicates he’s building up for another sneeze but in a way that shows he’s still recovering from the epic fit I just witnessed though he does appear still vaguely sneezy and God damn, if he doesn’t look like the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“Uhh sorry I didn’t really do much, those kind of took over.” He says, and is it just me or are his cheeks getting redder.

I try to muffle the hysterical laugh rising to the surface but it just comes out as a snort. “That was exquisite Nix. You are an over-achiever, completely crazy mind you, but trust me that was glorious, you did more than enough.”

Nix nods and I can tell for whatever hair-brained reason why he still feels guilty so I say.

“If you want to make it up to me however, you should kiss me right now.”

Nix’s eyes sparkle in this incredible way as if light is refracting through a stout glass making a kaleidoscope of browns as he leans his face closer to mine. Then his soft and inviting lips are against mine and I am swimming in a pool of desire and heat but as we continue to kiss his movements become a little more haphazard his lips more loose and when I feel him take a sharp inhale into my mouth I know that the little reprieve is over. The scent that’s both rolling off me and him and in the air affecting him.

He pulls back slightly but seeming to remember that I adore both the visual of his sneezing and also the feel, he doesn’t turn away.

HehhIhhshhiiew…ESssshhu…Heh… Hehdxxtshh….HhhIhhSSsChhiew…. Ehh…isshh’hiew…Hhhhehh…Hhhheeh…Hhhahh’HaaaSSTChew.

Tiny droplets of moisture are landing on my chest and I am not longer in control of the sounds I am making.

He stops briefly but he’s wearing a vacant expression, indicating that the need to sneeze is still taking over his body.

Heh’Eschew…Heeehhh’Heschew…Hhhuuhh…Hahhh’Hahschew….HehASCHew...Eh...heh...heh...HehESCHeww…Heh…Heehh…Haa’Eschiew....hah... hah... hah... Haschew….HehASCHew….’STCHew… HEH...HaH...HA’SCHEW


HeeehH... HHuuh... HASCHEWWW…HeesTCHEW… Hhhehhh GnggTXTch….GNGhT—chiew…Heschew’Schew…Heh...hehEsTchew….Heschew.

I have so many thoughts rushing in my head, so many things that I want to do witnessing this glorious display of allergic sneeziness play out before me, that it renders me immobile. All I can manage is to openly stare. That alone is enough to get me revved up. Jesus! Phoenix Hathaway, my boss, successful businessmen, and sexy sneezing extraordinaire is a sight. 

He groans dramatically falling turning his head into the pillow that's coated in the sickly scent.

“Nix, darling, don’t—“ I try to warn but not quickly enough. He’s immediately launched into another never ending sneezing fit, with barely room to breathe between, he’d sneeze and immediately the hitching breathes began building up for another. I take the pillow and shove it in the opening on the nightstand furthest away from him.

After pushing close to 10 minutes of incessant sneezing with no end in sight I pull him up stripping off the rest of both our clothes and leading us to bathroom turning on the shower.

“I think that’s quite enough of that, we’re washing this off us.”

“Aaa—nd hhheee-here I—I—“

Heh’EhDTSHhiew…. HhgSCHhiew! Guhh

“You'll just have me thinking you want to get me naked.”

I roll my eyes exasperatedly but I can’t help the smile that automatically touches my lips. “Yes, well you should be so lucky to be naked with me. You might want to savor this moment Nix.” I tease. “Now come on, in you go.”

When I don't get in after him he tosses me a rather adorable pouty frown. “Are you not joining me?”

I lean forward to kiss him on the cheek. “Just want to grab something from my overnight, I’ll be right back.”

I return with a couple of bottles in my hand stepping into the shower.

Nix gives me and the bottles an inquisitive look. “It’s just unscented hypoallergenic soap and shampoo. I brought these in case the person I was with needed to use the shower. I figured based on the conversations we were having, before I knew it was you, that you might be triggered by any toiletries the hotel would provide.”  I explain.

The expression on Nix’s face is one of bewilderment and also perhaps a little fond. “Looks like I’m not the only one who is an over-achiever.” He remarks.

I shrug “I promised care-taking didn’t I?” I begin lathering my hands with the soap. “May I?” I ask stepping towards Nix.

He nods. I step a little closer so now we’re standing nearly chest to chest. He’s only got a few inches on me so our gazes are almost level. I begin massaging the soap onto his shoulders then his biceps and down his arms. He sort of slumps into me with a little sigh.

“Feels good.” He murmurs.

I turn my head and kiss him on the temple. “Good, now turn around honey.”

He obeys and I began massaging into his back focusing on the knots I feel in his lat and trap muscles. I sort of get lost in my ministrations until a sharp inhale pulls me from my thoughts.


Oh sweet heaven those were perfect, perhaps it was the way it echoed off the shower walls or how in the shower water it sounded even wetter than usual, or the way underneath my hands I felt his muscles expand in preparation for the sneeze and then tense as he sneezed. Or maybe it was the audible exhale after the release. Or maybe it was simply because it was Nix. Either way I can’t help the moan that presses out of my mouth.

He chuckles and the sound slides down my spine “Liked that did you?”

His voice a smooth silky whiskey and I can’t help but respond it. I turn him around so he’s facing me again. “Nix, if it’s not abundantly clear I like everything about you.” Well shit, that was a little too revealing.

“Mmm I’m sure you’re saying that because I just sneezed like a million times.”

He’s giving me an out, and I should take it but something about his tone gives me pause. It’s supposed to be teasing but there is an edge I detect that indicates he’s serious. And the idea that what I think about him is driven purely but my kink unsettles me.

“I’m saying that because you’re a man that is charming and admirable in every way and it’s impossible not to like you. That has nothing to do with your sneezing.”

His eyes widen in surprise.

“Why is that hard for you to believe? You’re a charismatic guy and you have to know how well liked you are in the office alone and after seeing how you’ve been tonight I can’t imagine that doesn’t translate outside of work either.”

“I just, well you’ve always been friendly towards me and we’re personable, but well I never would have guessed that you saw me as anything other than someone you work with, and your boss at that.”

Ahhhh. “That, Mr. Hathaway was to ensure I kept things strictly professional between us, because, and I probably shouldn’t be admitting this to you but extenuating circumstances as they are, I will share, I like you far more than I should as your employee. And I was doing so well maintaining appropriate boundaries until you turned up here tonight.”

He shoots me a shy smile. “Do you regret that?”

“No Nix I don’t. If I had my choice it would have been you even if it’s just for tonight.” Despite the complications that would prove, not just for our work situation but my unfortunate feelings for this completely off-limits man, that have steadily grown as the night has gone on, I find I genuinely mean that.

Nix’s pupils dilate and go fiery. He grabs me and presses me into the shower tiles before crashing his lips to mine. I gasp threading my fingers through his hair. It’s just turning smoldering when he abruptly pulls away with several hitched breathes.

“Sssorrry HHhaaahhh have to ssnn—Hhheeehh sneeze—“

Having front row seats to Nix’s nasal show is something I would pay my salary for. His nostrils twitch the openings widening with each every intake of breath. His eyes fluttering shut, lips quivering as he draws in the lung filling breathes.


On the last shakey breath just when it seems like he would get some relief the sneeze escapes him.

He blinks as if in disbelief that had just happened. He gives his nose a small rub tilting his head back as if willing the sensation to come back. After a few seconds his breath begins to hitch again.


It’s another false start.

He makes an adorably frustrated sound when the sneeze eludes him yet again a moment later.

Despite this being heavenly for me I am not insensitive to his plight. I’ll admit I’m also getting a little impatient.

“Poor dear, it’s playing with you isn’t it?

He nods. “Ttthiiis—is—“


“Ugh this is torture.”

“Want some help?”

“Please” he pleads.

“Okay, I got you, we'll get that nose of yours to cooperate.”

I reach for one of the hotel provided shampoo bottles thinking this is probably a good starting point. If it has any fragrance at all it is almost assuredly going to trigger a fit out of Nix. I pop open the bottle gently squeezing it right under Nix’s nostrils to try and force some of the air filled with the scent in the bottle up his nose.

His brow scrunches as the scent fills his nose.


He sneezes without warning.

“Bless you handsome.” I say even though I can tell he’s not done, which is perfect for my plans. When I know the sneeze is too far gone I close my lips over his mouth.


He immediately tries to pull back but I secure him to me speaking a hairs breadth away from his lips "You're staying right here. I'm more than amenable to you sneezing while kissing." I say. 

The vibration of his chuckle against my lips is odd but somehow manages to be hot, because of course it is, everything Phoenix Hathaway does is hot. "Noted" he replies before securing his lips to mine. 

I dip my tongue into his mouth and I’m rewarded with a guttural moan.

“Shall we take this back to the bedroom?” He asks against my lips several minutes later.

Oh I am very much on board with that. I hastily reach for the facet stepping out reaching for two towels I wrap one around my waist and take the liberty of drying Nix off with the other.

Once back in the bedroom Nix throws on a pair of designer sweatpants that hang low on and Jesus the man could make a plastic bag look fashionable. Glancing at my own Adidas track pants I feel not for the first time a little inadequate next to him.

Almost as if he can read my mind he runs his hand up the sides of my torso. “This is a sexy look for you. I’m tempted to make this a mandatory dress code in the office. Though I don’t think I would get anything done. I don’t think I can keep my hands off you like this.”

I don’t understand the things Nix is saying to me. A part of me thinks he’s just playing his part but Nix is nothing if not genuine. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter, he’s giving me what I asked for and then some. It shouldn’t matter if he’s just saying these things to lend to my experience or if he means them. Though I can’t help myself, I want them to be true. And this whole night that started off as a way to cease my inappropriate thoughts about my boss is turning very quickly into something that’s just going to make it infinitely worse. I know I should have turned him away, I should have let him walk out that door but I’m committed to my bad decision now, might as well see it through.

“Then don’t.”

Nix’s hand tightens around my waist, the tips of his fingers just grazing the line of my lower abs hidden beneath the waist band of my pants. The touch is both tender and possessive, a powerful combination that sends a visible shiver down my spine.

“I love seeing you like this.” He whispers into my ear. “Like watching you fall apart for me.”

I gasp when I feel the wet of his tongue brush along the inner shell of my ear.

“Lie down” he says. Immediately I lay back on the bed. It’s not particularly commanding, but that is part of Phoenix’s magic he entices you to listen and comply without so much as a threat. There are those that command through posturing, and force as a result of their tiny dick syndrome, making people cow in their presence by threat. Nix doesn’t need to do any of that.

“Turn around.” Again I readily comply rolling onto my stomach.

I feel his pressure leave the bed and then I hear him unzip his bag full of allergenic sneezy goodies rummaging around, moving around the room. Next he’s whispering into my ear. “Figure I’ll return the favor of the massage you gave me in the shower. Need to put my hands all over you.”

I stifle my groan into the pillow.

He straddles me sitting on the back of my thighs then his hands are kneading into my back. A smell of peppermint cloaks me and almost immediately I hear Nix’s breath hitch.

“Nix!? Seriously, we’re going to have to take another shower.”

“Ittt’s nn-nnot Hhhehh—“

Hahh…HihhhTSSCHhiew… EhhhTSHHhuue…Hghhh’ESSTCHhiew

“It’s not the lotion, don’t worry that’s unscented. I just plugged in a diffuser with mint oil is all.”

I turn my head around to look at him his nostrils are flared, his eyes shut already preparing to sneeze again. “Oh that’s all?”

“It’s ffff—fiii-fine. Once Hhhhehhh… un-un-unnn—“

Hhheehhh’ESsTChiew… EH'TSCHIEW… Hi'schiew-schiew…’SCHIEW

“Unplugged it’ll die down.”

“Until then?”

“Unntttiiil Hhhehh…then. Yy-you jjj-jjust enjoy your—Ohhh Ggg-god iitt ttt—tickles”


“Bless you.”

The overwhelming urge to sneeze has completely taken Nix over, the massage all but forgotten and I’m tired of being oriented in a way that disallows me from getting a good view. So I shift slowly until I am facing upright caught between Nix’s thighs and oh I’m so glad that I turned when I did.

Nix’s mouth is hanging open slack jawed as he’s preparing for another sneezing fit.

Hi'schiew-schiew….SCHIEW Hih - ih'STCHEW……SCHiiiiiiieeeew...HehASCHew! Haah... HaahH... HASCHEWWW… Heschew…Schew..HeschEW Heh...hehEsTChew

With every release I can feel his thigs tighten against my legs the jolt of his body rubbing up against me. On the next release his body gives out and he collapses into me. Unprepared for his weight I make an oof sound.

“Sss—soorryy” He manages to get out propping himself slightly on his forearms before—

HEeeehhhh’ESSTCHeeew Hhhhh…….hhhhHHHuuuuuh…..Hah-EEEssss’SSSChew…..Heeeehhh…..Huuuhh……..Essstisshhhoooo…..Heeeeh…Hhhheehhh…HhhaaHhh’AAssTChiew

He’s misting my bare chest and holy shit this has to be heaven or some alternate reality in the multiverse because no way would I have a hunky totally dreamy Phoenix Hathaway sneezing on me while on top of me. I can’t hold back the sounds of pleasure I am making every time I feel the expulsion of air hit my bare skin and his body grind into mine.



“That’s rrriggght ba-babyyy Ehhhhh—“

He clenches his jaw pressing his lips together fighting the tickle. His nose is twitching and wiggling violently, his nose crinkles as he gives a small sniff trying to hold the sneezes at bay but that appears to have the opposite effect. His lips part slightly on a tiny hitched breath but that’s all it takes. His body tenses, freezes, every muscle tightening, the rippling muscles in his chest expanding. His nose gives one final twitch


That last one he muffles into my neck.

“Fuck Nix.” I groan.

“That’s it baby let me hear you.” He whispers a brief moment of clarity before he’s launched into another all-consuming fit.

After this carries on for a solid 10 minutes. I slip out from under him going to the diffuser and unplugging it.

“Let’s take another break honey.”

“Iii—I’m fffii—fine.”


“Bless you sweet cheeks. And yes I don’t doubt that you’re fine it’s just I need a little bit of a breather to gather my composure. We’re trying not for this to get X rated remember.” I say changing tactics realizing that Nix’s self-preservation is not going to win out in this scenario.

A light dusting of pink graces his cheeks. “Right, ahhh sorry. I just want to make sure you get what you came for tonight.”

I give a disbelieving chuckle lying back against the pillows, does he think he hasn't given me what I requested? Does he really think I am want for anything at this point? “The thing is you’ve more than delivered and completely exceeded my expectations. You’ve been so open and accepting of all this as well as eager and willing to indulge me and I appreciate it.”

His blush is growing to an adorably enticing shade of red. “I’m just fulfilling your request.”

“I don’t really have a frame of reference but my impression is you have gone above and beyond in your efforts to fulfill my request. I don’t know if everyone would be so willing or non-judgmental towards this fetish. And perhaps that’s the benefit of going through the fetish app you ensure you get someone willing to participate in your kink but it’s still reassuring how you’ve adopted and even how readily you’ve acquiesced to all my requests and haven’t made me feel anything but good over what’s happened tonight. You realize, this isn’t something I’ve ever told to anyone before now. I’m not ashamed of it but I recognize that it isn’t likely to be something people would be aware of and consider a fetish and so I do fear rejection or that people, more specifically partners thinking I’m some kind of pervert. So I’ve never brought it up, never allowed myself to even contemplate being able to indulge in it with another person.”

He lies next to me, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me flush against him. I should be more embarrassed over how quickly I melt into the embrace but it feels too good to be in Nix’s arms to concern myself with that.

“I understand your hesitance in telling people I do think though most people would be receptive. It might take them a minute to adjust to the thought since as you said I don’t think it’s inherently something people consider sexual or would think of as a kink but honestly it makes sense at least peripherally. Like the vulnerability component the slight power interplay that’s built into it, as kinks go, that’s an extremely common turn-on. It’s also pretty harmless I imagine more people than you’d expect would be willing to indulge. My point is if it’s something that you’d like in a relationship don’t deny it for yourself. If someone isn’t receptive or passes judgment on you for it they probably don’t deserve to be in a relationship with you anyways.”

Now it’s my turn to blush. I glance away from his soft gaze to prevent myself from saying something I shouldn’t but he catches my chin with his hand tilting my face to meet his before slowly and gently bringing his lips to mine. Okay I thought I was melting before, but this, this…..I am liquid. This kiss is liable to make me forget my name, forget where I am, forget everything but the weight of Nix’s lips moving tantalizingly slowly against mine. His tongue gently sweeps along the seam of my lips but it sends a frisson of desire through me and on a gasp I open my mouth for him.

I’ve never been kissed like this in my life. It’s heady without being overly salacious. Tender while still being passionate. It’s like he’s slowly and systematically undoing me. My brain is all fuzzy, my body static. I feel weightless. My body is warm from the inside out like my gut was a furnace with low burning embers. 

I’m slow to open my eyes once Nix pulls away who knows how many minutes later. When I do I see Nix’s handsome features come into frame. He’s wearing a gentle smile, the corners of his eyes creased adorably.

“I’d like to try something if you’re up to it?”

“Nope, unacceptable. You said it yourself this night is all about me.” I quip.

He laughs and I’ll never tire of that sound.

Turning serious I add “Of course handsome. I’m happy to oblige any request you have.” After everything he's given me tonight, he's more than earned a favor or a million in return.

“Well I actually I was thinking about it and I realized that I’ve never witnessed you sneeze.”

Yeah, that's because I don't sneeze in front of people but I stay silent waiting for him to continue, this isn't really the direction I had been accounting for when he asked to try something.

“I think I’d like to.”

What?! Okay even with that preamble that is not what I had been expecting at all.

Hastily he continues. “I just, I mean I don’t—I want to try and see it through your perspective, not that I think that I would be uhh turned on by it or anything but I wonder if, I want to try and understand from with the lens of knowing it’s a kink. Sorry that’s probably weird forget I asked.”

It was probably a byproduct of the fetish but I despised sneezing around other people and made it a point to avoid at all costs. The idea of sneezing in front of Nix especially now that he knows my dirty little secret makes my stomach clench. Nix’s reasoning is kind of sweet but almost makes the idea of sneezing in front of him much more agonizing than it already is, which is pretty exponential and only amplifies my self-consciousness over it because I certainly don't expect him to just magically develop a sneeze fetish and be entranced with my sneezes or anything but I’d still feel this pressure to perform in a way.

I really want to make some kind of snarky response to cover up how nervous I feel, but I’d asked Nix to be real with me it's the least I can do in return. “I don’t usually sneeze in front of other people, some weird quirk of having the fetish but I can try and induce if you’d really like.”

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. If you’re not okay with it please don’t, it was just…..a curiosity.”

I press my lips into his for a chaste kiss. “It’s sweet that you want to try and understand. Your open-mindedness and ability to empathize with other people is part of your magnetism. You’re always trying to see things from the place of other people I guess it really shouldn’t surprise me that you would be the same with this. I’ll give it a shot. It’s only fair given what I’m asking of you anyways.”

I take a tissue rolling it to a tip shoving it up my nose. Not that my sneezes did anything for me but I had definitely induced sneezing a time or two before. It wasn’t always the most fruitful since, thank goodness I didn’t have a sensitive nose in the slightest, but I could usually eek one or two sometimes three sneezes out at once but right now it was taking longer than usual. Likely from the nerves of having to sneeze in front of someone else which I hadn’t done in literally years. I try to monitor my breathing taking in long slow breaths to encourage the tickle.

I huff in frustration after what feels like hours without anything.

“Can I?” Nix asks wrapping his hand gently around my wrist that still holds the tissue shoved up my nose.

I blink at him stunned. He really wanted to try and help make me sneeze? That’s what’s happening right now? It makes me wonder what he would get up to if he ever travelled to Rome. “Uhhh yeah sure.” I drop my hand.

He takes over sliding himself next to me. And God this may have been a mistake I wasn’t sure how there was possibly anyway I could sneeze now with him right in front of me. The anticipation is putting gymnastic performing butterflies in my stomach. Why had I agreed to this? I can feel the beginnings of a tickle but every instinct I have is telling me to fight it, to yank his arm away, to press against my nose until the tickle goes away and I'm sure it won't turn into a sneeze.

I squirm in my seat. I move my tongue to the roof of my mouth ceasing my breath but the tickle is growing becoming more insistent, it's only a manner of time before it evolves into a sneeze. Nix deftly swirls the tissue around and yep that's it. I'm helpless to stop the building sneeze now no matter what measures I take. It's going to happen I'm going to sneeze right here in front of Nix. I ball my hands into fists resisting the supreme urge I have to quickly rush to the bathroom to sneeze privately. This might be the biggest indicator of how deep I am with Nix and what might happen if I'm not careful, because let me be clear, I avoid sneezing in front of people at all costs, either willing it away before it even happens or escaping if it's past the point of no return, but here I am somewhat willingly agree to perform said act in front of Nix, Mr. Hathaway, my boss of all people.

I take a single hitching breathe reaching up to Nix’s wrist which he takes to mean to withdraw. 

At the last second I turn away slightly, bringing my hands to my face which are now posed in a steeple position over my mouth and nose.

Hh'nGk! Hh’nght! 

It goes against everything in me to not stifle to them to silence but I figure since he asked to see me sneeze I put forth a solid attempt to at least make them somewhat audible, especially since I've practically hidden myself from his view, though I can't allow myself to sneeze freely. 

I take a few seconds to catch my breath before lowering my hands, feeling the fire flooding my cheeks. I chance a look at Nix before feeling too shy and averting my gaze to the bedspread taking focused interest in the pattern of the duvet.

“Bless you.”

“Thanks” I mumble in response.

He pulls me in for a comforting embrace. “You looked really cute just then.”

“I…what?” I’m thoroughly confused. Nix continues to surprise.

Ugh, those sexy chuckles will be the death of me if his good looks, personality, or sneezes don’t kill me first. Let’s face it Phoenix Hathaway was going to be the death of me one way or another, but oh what a way to go.

“You have a cute sneeze and the expression on your face just before you sneezed was cute too. I’m not saying that I feel it like you do but I think, to a certain extent I get the appeal.”

I can feel the blush stretching down my neck and the tips of my ears. God dammit! “Right, so yeah now that we’ve established that maybe we can return to your sneezes.”

Nix’s smile is both teasing and understanding. “Whatever you want baby.”

My heart stutters at the use of the pet name. And No! Bad heart! I did my best Obi Wan Kenobi “This is not the relationship you are looking for.” But it didn’t matter, Nix was very quickly worming his way into me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave here totally satisfied or completely devastated that he couldn’t be mine forever. Truth be told it was probably a little bit of both. That could be a Sunday Ethan problem though, I wasn’t going to let anything disallow me from enjoying the hours I had left with Nix.

He grabs his duffel placing it on the bed.

"Let’s see. Oh! I know what we can use next!” And his eyes are as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. And I try not to feel endeared to the fact that he is excited about my fetish, and pleasing me but I just can’t. I’m not even sure I really want to fight it. This is everything I could want.

He withdraws a bag from a high end herb company of dried lavender. He opens the bag and the delicate sweet florally scent permeates the air. I can already see Nix’s nose twitch but he brings the bag up to his nose taking a whiff.

“Ohhh Hhhheeehhh sshheeehh—shit”

Heee’EStchuuuushew… Heeh’ehhhsssscheeew… EeeeesssssTtttttIsssshhhhheeew....Ehh-ehhh'chieeew… EH'TSCHIEW.

Once again I’m mesmerized with the display happening before me. Everything about Nix’s sneeze is total perfection.

“What’s your pleasure?” He asks when the fit settles.

“I…I want to feel you against me. Please Nix.”

A man should not know how to smile like that, it’s a lethal weapon, surely he needs a permit to carry such a thing. He spins me around, bracing himself on either side of my head pressing me into the mattress.

He reaches for the abandoned package of lavender taking a delicate sniff.


“Bless you” I get out breathlessly after he aims the sneezes into my neck. “God Nix, I will never tire of you sneezing against me. It gets me so hot.”

He hums kissing into my mouth. “I don’t think I’ll ever tire of how much you enjoy this. The look of pure bliss on your face is a thing of beauty. Also quite the ego boost if I do say so.” He looks like possibly he's going to say more but leaves it there, the unspoken sitting heavy between us.

How do we go back from this? How do we leave here and pretend this didn’t happen? How do we stay strictly professional with each other after sharing this?

And with that I’m wondering Does this feel as real to you as it does me? Do you want more than this? Would you say yes if I asked you to be with me?

Lost in my thoughts I totally miss him taking another long inhale into the bag of lavender until a choked off coughing sound brings me back.

Alarmed, wrapping my arms around him I ask “Are you alright?”

“Just inh—Hehhh—inhaled to-too—to—“

EEssTchiew… EhhhtSHHhue…HghhhSCHhiew…HeehESSTchew…HttEeSSTchew… hehhdtCHHiew.

“Inhaled too hard. Tttt-ttthh—think I ggg—"


“ggoot a piece or tt-tt-ttwo up my nnn-nnnose”


“Shit honey.” I grab several tissues. “Here blow.”

He shakes his head. “Nnnoo iii-iiitt’s pp—pproducing a rrree-rrree—“

’HhTK’ch—uhh...Eh'tXTCH….Hh'KXT—Chu….Eh... ehtchu..Tschoo….Ehh-ehhh'chieeew...Hhhehh..EsMpTCh—ew…HHhhuh’EssTXtTTCh-ew....Heee’EStchuuuushew… Heeh’EhhhsSSSTCheeew

“a rreally gg-gggood ffff-fffi-EeEhhhh—fit.”

His desire to please me to the fullest while endearing and sweet, his seeming lack of regard for himself and his well-being is worrisome. He’s sneezed both our money’s worth tonight. If the rest of our time together passed by without so much as a hitched breath I would feel more than satisfied with the night’s events. As before, I was going to have to appeal to his selflessness.

Softly rolling my eyes I say “Yes handsome and you’re glorious, but I'm not sure I can keep myself together if you keep sneezing like this. I'm only human Nix and remember I have a lot of pent up frustration."


HhhESsXT HHh’ssCtch—ew… HehhEHdt’CHhu…EssssTTTIssChew

However many stretches of minutes later when the fit finally begins to die down he accepts the tissues giving a strong blow.

He continued to sneeze intermittently for several minutes after that but finally the urge seemed to have dislodged itself.

“Sorry.” He gives me a sheepish look. "We could ummm....you know if you wanted."

Normally I can glean what Nix is after without complete information but this is just vague enough that I don't really know what he's getting at. "Sorry honey, you're going to have to give me a little more than that." 

His cheeks turn perhaps the brightest red I have seen from him and he shifts nervously. 

"What I'm trying to say is we could ummm alter the terms of your advertisement." His eyes are wide and pleading like he's hoping I understand what he's saying without saying more. 

Despite a blush of my own I can feel entering into my cheeks I can't help but tease him. He's just too irresistible when he gets all shy. "Why Mr. Hathaway are you suggesting we invite the Big O to this party?" 

He clears his throat "I just don't want to pain you. This is supposed to help you find some catharsis and pleasure, not make it worse. I'm just saying I wouldn't mind if we uhhh needed to take things further."

He's worrying on his bottom lip again, and dammit he's all too compelling when he does that. It's an exceptionally tempting offer and it's costing me a great deal of effort to not begin fondling him teasingly but that's a line we absolutely shouldn't cross. I choose how I respond carefully. 

"It's not that I don't want to, and under different circumstances I wouldn't hesitate, but as it is I don't think we should take it there." 

For a moment I think I see disappointment flash across his eyes but it's gone so instantly I think I imagined it. "You're right of course. Sorry I shouldn't have brought it up." 

I cup his face in my hands "I like that you did. Even if we can't act on it, I like knowing that it was an option. That none of this has freaked you out. It makes me hopeful that if I want that with someone it is possible, that I don't have to be so afraid of rejection or being condemned, that there are people out there who won't just be accepting but will even be selflessly indulgent. Thank you for showing me that. Thank you for giving me tonight. You'll always be my first and that's always going to mean something profound to me. You're always going to mean something profound to me Nix. This night has been legitimately life altering and I promise you I don't need anything further to have that be true."  I stroke his cheek before kissing him. I feel him relax into me, a soft sigh escaping his lips.


He sneezes into my lips and it's an arrow to my heart. 

I pull back. "Bless you handsome." 

"Sorry" His cheeks flushing. 

"Nix, I think you know darn well by now there is nothing to be apologizing for. That was amazing. I won't have it being spoiled by you being sorry for it." 

The flush darkens but I see a tiny pleased smile pull at his lips.

"Now what I do think we should do is engage in some of the cuddles I promised you. Does that sound good to you?" 

He nods. 

We settle under the covers and I curl into his side lying my head on his chest. “Is this okay?”

“More than.” He says his fingers seemingly on impulse coming to card through my hair.

“I really am glad it was you.” I whisper into his chest. “You hadn’t been who I’d expected obviously, but I can’t imagine anyone better.”

He kisses the top of my head. “I’m glad it was you too. I really enjoyed tonight.”

I can’t help but scoff. “Sneezing your head off is a good time for you then?”

I feel the puff of his laughter on my head. “I’m more or less used to it at this point, though this setting was far more preferable to say a work conference, but seeing how much enjoyment you get out of it, being able to do something so simple that gets you so worked up. *That* is a good time.”

We stay wrapped in each other’s arms the rest of the night, and Nix the adorable, sweet, selfless heartthrob couldn’t resist sneezing for me a few more times, because he’s basically the most perfect human (and also quite possibly a bit insane) but who am I to complain?


Thankfully, I wake up in the morning before Nix. He looks so serene and gorgeous all tucked into the bed that I almost don’t want to leave. But I know that’s not what this was. Last night will probably always remain in the upper echelons of experiences in my life but it will forever be nothing more. It was a fantasy, one that blew all my other fantasies out of the water, but thing with fantasies is at some point you have to return to the reality and Monday morning we will resume, as we always have been. Me, Ethan Ferguson personal assistant and him, Phoenix Hathaway, CEO and boss.

I silently pack up scrawling a quick note on the hotel provided pad placing it on Nix’s overnight to be sure he will see it and sneak out of the room. 

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This story had me so sucked in...I actually felt like crying a little at the end of it...they are so absolutely perfect, but the situation is just so bittersweet!  I absolutely refuse to believe this is the end!  Literally everything about this was pure perfection, I sincerely hope you continue.  I has been a long time since I have felt this drawn to any characters/story, and I don't say that lightly!

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I don't think you understand- I'm OBSESSED 😫 This was one of the most incredible things I've read in a LONG time and I didn't want it to end! I can't lie I did wish that they take it up a step and maybe alter the contract but I'm sure that'll come in due time... I LOVED the variation of sneezes from stifled to fully let out and I'd love to see Ethan sneeze a few more times completely stifled just for my own selfish enjoyment, and maybe Nix's too- 

Thank you for such a mesmerising story, I cannot WAIT to read more, this really was like reading a dream 😭 

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@Not Telling … 👏👏👏 you’ve done it again! You have me hooked from🤞the first LONG chapter! What happens Monday morning? Is Nix going to be upset he left without saying goodbye? I’m invested!!! I just know there’s more to the story!!! And the sneezes made me combust! 

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You're writing genius !! This was so original and endearing jeez. Everything about it was perfect. That was insanely hot and sweet at the same time, the potential of this story made me speechless 🥰💜
Even if you don't pursuing (though I pray for it like everyone else who read your amazing story) I think I will fantasized about them for days and even more 😭💖


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Omg I love this!!! Please continue I would love to see these two together with a cute sneezily ever after ❤

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If, for some reason, after this mr Hathaway just showed up with a cold to work and ethan try to take care of him, i will literally die.

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Absolutely amazing work! I hope there may be a second part of this, or a part added to the Adult Board in the future!

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Oh my god... this was the first thing I read on my return to this site after a month of crappy personal situations and illness. I haven't felt hot in any sense of the word in weeks and now I am just... :boom:I absolutely LOVE these characters. What a well-written story. Thank you!!

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Oh my gosh. This was absolutely amazing! Gorgeous story, great sneezes. Would love for the story to continue! Such a pleasure reading it. Great characters and amazing chemistry! 

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Fuck, this is everything and more!!! You are an amazing writer, and so descriptive. I loved every second of this and even read it twice in one go. Thank you for this masterpiece 

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.......... why. is. this. everything. like. where? how? why? more? please? Nix is adorable. Ethan is adorable. Everything is hot af. what is this?

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On 10/27/2023 at 10:03 PM, uwus and love said:

.......... why. is. this. everything. like. where? how? why? more? please? Nix is adorable. Ethan is adorable. Everything is hot af. what is this?

I can only agree. I read this story like thrice a day. It's glorious! It's so so good. I really do need more of them. They make an adorable, cute and sexy couple. 

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