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Inducing with a feather


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This is really cute, love the pose and expression. Feather inducing is always so nice. Thanks for sharing!

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This is great!  I love the head tilted back pose, the redness of her face, and the subtle twitching.  Plus you drew a great looking nose.  Thanks for sharing.

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Ooh that angle though 😍 gorgeously done, seeing her arms down like that makes me feel like she's either bound or she's keeping herself controlled in order to let a friend or significant other indulge for them 

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That expression and pose with her head back and arms down in front is so cute, like she's letting you indulge yourself 😳 I look forward to more pieces from you!

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Love the twitching of her nose and clear irritation in the furrow of her brow and flare of her nostrils. Fantastic work!

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Thanks for posting a follow up. You have really captured what seems like a crazy huge sneeze :D Love it!

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On 2/17/2024 at 2:55 AM, Mauro said:

Hey! Sorry I disappeared.
I finally gathered myself to draw the awaited conclusion to this drawing.
You can find it here:


Wow, I love the sneeze provided! You definitely delivered with the sneeze, as the previous photo hinted that this sneeze would be a big one. Overall I really enjoyed this, and I hope to see more great works in the future. ;)

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