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Colleague (f), + self + sneezy discussion follow-up (ugh)


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This morning I was at work along with my 2 female colleagues, let's call them K and E. Both are dark-haired, average height. K is in her mid-40s, E is mid 30's. 

We were all working in the same room, each busy with their own computers. Before I go on, I must add that I've seen K sneeze before and she does it so dramatically and exaggerated, it's kind of bleh. 

Naturally It wouldn't be any different today. K suddenly sneezed a loud and very much attention-seeking eeeeeh-TSCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. A few minutes later, another one just as loud and dramatic as the first one. E didn't bother blessing K, neither did I.

Some time later K left the room and I had to sneeze. I always do my best trying to be silent about it, with a single "eh-tsch!". E saw it and proceeded to add, "Bless you. See, to you I said it." referring to our colleague's over-the-top sneezes. I was like, "thanks" and hoped the subject would end there. Luckily it did.

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