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Caught a heavy cold


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Lots of mess/snot ahead! You've been warned!

It's been pretty cold and rainy in my area lately, so like clockwork people are starting to come down with colds. This year, I'm lucky enough to be one of the first left sniffling and sneezing 🤧

I'm sooo congested right now that my head feels like it's full of cotton. Every time I blow my nose (way too often) it's full of thick, green snot.

Been sneezing quite a few times throughout the day too, and each time it's forceful and heavy, scraping against my throat. Yesterday I accidentally sneezed on my laptop, and while there wasn't much spray, I was left with ropes of snot dripping down my lip.

I'm not used to having such thick sneezes (usually I'm a pretty "misty person lol). This is way different, and it hurts 😣

I also can't stop thinking about how much I'd love to pass this cold around. Nobody in my circles would appreciate that though, so for now it's just mine to enjoy haha.

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Oh bless you and I'm so sorry you are sick. I can give you a virtual hug!! Feel better soon. 🥰 (The picture of you sneezing on your laptop is just amazing though, ngl)

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Awwww, that sounds like a nasty cold! ☹️☹️🥺🥺

I'm just getting over a bad, long-lasting cold myself so I know how you feel!

Bless you and I really hope you'll feel better soon! 🥰🥰

And thanks for sharing this lovely obs! 🥰🥰

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I sure hope you feel better with that cold soon. I have to admit though, if I was there, I wouldn't mind you sharing it with me ; )

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Im afraid by you feeling awful but those sneezes sounds like a worthy thing to witness :) . I wish I could be there.

Hope you get better. But in the meantime... enjoy blasting them away ;) !

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