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sneezy nose due to c*vid


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I caught the bad C this week (my first time actually) and my nose is so stuffed up and ticklish. I need to sneeze like every half hour. Sometimes it's just a tickle and no sneeze. 

I try not to stifle but letting them out hurts a bit, due to the congestion and sore throat. I go thru at least 30 tissues a day. It's getting better but I'm annoyed and I was pretty scared when my test was positive on monday. 

I know this is not the typical observation but I wanted to share it nonetheless. 

Stay healthy! 🌻

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13 hours ago, Trynasneeze said:

Wasn't the big C for me. But the cold I'm getting over was so like that, super tickly nose, very stuffed up. Hope you feel better soon 

Thank you. Really appreciate it. 

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8 hours ago, Bondi said:

Hope it's not too bad for you and that you feel better soon. :)

Thank you. Today is Day Five and it's rough but I'll get through it. 😊

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