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Karly stepped on board the bus, a small daybag was over one shoulder, her long brown hair hung loosely over her shoulder and she wiped her sweat on her hand. It was hot. 

She was glad to only be wearing a simple black t-shirt, blue denim short shorts and a pair of white vans. She dropped herself quickly into a seat near the back of the bus next to another girl who looked to be around mid 20s as well. She pressed her fist against her nostrils and gave her nose a long, wet sniffle as a quick attempt to stop it from running...

The wedding three days ago had been a lot of fun. One of her good friends from college had been getting married. Early had  had a great time, with a lot of wines, a few too many cigarettes, and unfortunately a seat at dinner near at least two people who kept sneezing and sniffling. 

Then the inevitable cold had incubated itself in her hungover body the next day as she checked in and boarded a 22 hour flight from Australia to London. What, during take off, had been the occasional sneeze had quickly turned from a sniffle into a blocked nose, then by this morning had become a definite head cold with a very runny nose. Her bandana had been taken from her head a couple of hours ago to use as a makeshift hanky. And now as she boarded the bus tour she just prayed that her nose wouldn't run too bad while she found her seat. 

"HEEESHOO!!" she sneezed into her hands suddenly as she sat down. 

"Bless you", said the girl sitting next to her. She was an Indian girl in a pink sundress. "I'm Devika by the way". 

Snrrfff, Karly sniffled wetly. "I'mb Karly", she said. "Sorry i'mb a bit sndiffly". 

"Need a tissue?" Devika asked, holding out a little pocket pack. "Or maybe all of them haha?"

"Thagk you so mbuch", Karly replied, as she took the pack and proceeded to use one to blow her nose. 

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As the hours went by and the bus rolled on passed a lot of new scenery, Karly kept sniffling and sniffling at her running nose. 

She tried her best to be good conversation with her neighbour, Devika, a British-Indian lady around her age. But as time wore on she had to sneeze more and more and the whole packet of tissues she'd been given was quickly used, and she was having to rotate between wiping at her running nose with crumpled used tissues, sniffling wetly, and occasionally pulling up the collar of her t-shirt to wipe her nose. 

"Wow that cold sucks", said Devika. "You really should have brought some more tissues with you". 

"I kndow", Karly moaned, sniffling wetly at her nose. "I got sick while I was ond the plande ad thend I just didn't thingk about it- snrrfff- I'mb such and idiot". 

Her nose was running a lot again and it felt messy. 

The tour guide, Holly, went past. 

"Hey Holly, do you have andy spare tissues I could borrow?" Karly semi-pleaded. She pressed the back of one hand into her nose. 

"Aw babes, ya sick?" Holly said. She was a very friendly dark haired thirty-something. "Sorry hun, I don't, not on the bus anyway". 

Karly quickly fished through her daybag and pulled out the slightly crumpled bandana she'd been using as a hanky earlier. 

"Sorry this is godda be a bit gross", she said to Devika apologetically. "I just really have to wipe mby ndose". 

"Don't worry about it", Devika said. "That cold sounds really bad". 

Karly buried her nose in the yellow cloth and sniffled wetly as she gave her nose a vigorous wiping. 

She then slightly folded over the bandana before returning it to her face. 

"AAH- HEESHOO!!" she sneezed productively. 

She looked up to see Holly going around with itineraries, Karly still covering her face with the yellow cloth. 

"Don't worry love", said Holly reassuringly. "There's always one who brings a cold on these tours and gets the whole bus sick". 

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Oooh wow... I'm loving the story so far. Karly sounds like she needs more tissues for her nose.

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Love the thought of a poor sneezy lady trapped in close proximity to a stranger and struggling to control her nose... great story!

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