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Hanging out with best friend while sick


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I usually try to avoid people when I'm sick, but after a few days of being down with this cold, my best friend and I decided it should be fine for me to come over again.

We love teasing each other, so even though he invited me over knowing I was still sick, he pointedly told me not to be all nasty with my germs and that if I got him sick I'd be sorry.

So I replied with "oh damn, I was planning on sneezing in your mouth so we can suffer together."

And the expression on his face was of pure BETRAYAL 😂 Then he muttered something about how lucky I am that he puts up with me.

So I tried REALLY hard while I was at his place to not cough or sneeze or make any noises that sounded at all "sick," because even though he was just teasing earlier, I actually was pretty self-conscious about being sick. It was hard. My nose was super drippy and burned with the need to sneeze, while my throat had a constant tickle. At one point my nose was so stuffy that I was about to give up and just pull out a tissue and blow it in front of him, but then HE fell into a huge sneezing fit.

They were really harsh and had him bent over with his face pointed in the general direction of his arm (though it was too far to actually cover anything).

"HA-shuh, hhhHA-shuh, h-h-HAAshh"

I watched the whole thing, so when he looked up (with a loud, wet sniffle) he was glaring daggers at me.

"What the hell man, did you already infect me??"

I started laughing, which unfortunately turned into a coughing fit. We were a mess. Kind of hoping he gets this cold soon so we can share it but we'll seeee.

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9 hours ago, MessyOnMain said:

So I replied with "oh damn, I was planning on sneezing in your mouth so we can suffer together."

Hahaha I love this!! Seems like you have a pretty fun relationship. Hope you're feeling better soon though :) 

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