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I had a cold about two weeks ago, with two days where I was super sneezy, and still have this weird lingering congestion that stays mainly in the back of my throat. Yesterday, however, my nose was giving me a hard time. 

I had a nail appointment yesterday morning, and will preface that I’m not allergic to anything except for a few types of medicine that I can’t take. I’m not sure if all the dust from the nail drill was the culprit, but on two separate occasions while I was there, I felt my nose start to tickle. The first time was while early in the appointment, and it got so strong that I was sure I was going to sneeze, and I’m sure if anyone looked at me I had a classic pre-sneeze face going (I know for a fact my mouth was probably open), and even looking at lights or towards the sunlight didn’t help, and the tickle eventually went away. It came back probably 20 minutes later, just as strong, but still no sneezes. 

When I got in my car afterwards, I sat for a while on my phone without moving, and the tickle came back. I sneezed four times, all big and a little wet, into my elbow. After that, my nose must have been sensitive from something, whether it be the dust from the nail salon or something else, because I sneezed two more times on the drive home, and another fit of four when about an hour after I got home. My nose was tickling so much before I sneezed the fit of four at home, and I’m shocked I haven’t sneezed since with how finicky my nose has been, but at least it makes for good obs!

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