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Thought it was a cold, then not. Now it is...


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I've been outside a lot this week. Did a little bit of yard work with the cold air blowing around. Earlier in the week my throat felt a little swollen/sore but I chalked it up to maybe a fall allergy (was picking up leaves and grass and such). It seemed to be going away but in the last 24 hrs not so much.

Waking up on Sunday it was a hard to breathe and I was desperate for a glass of water. I noticed my voice also seemed a little off. I went out to get some food and a drink and as soon as the cute bartender walks up to me I can feel my nose start to run a little (sniffling a lot at this point).

Today it was even worse... I just sneezed a few min ago, after getting out of the shower, and again walking by a fan that was blowing on me. The sneezes were deep sounding and made my head feel like it was filled with cement. I typically get "man colds" so i'm a bit worried about this one. Just in time for the holiday too (yay!)

I'll be on the couch with my blanket and tissues sniffling away 🤒

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9 hours ago, Sneeze-aholic said:

Hope you're better in time for the holidays 

thank you (sniffle) feeling about the same today. 7 sneezes so far. Have barely left my bed :(

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thank you! today was another sneezy day. found a little dayquil to get some temporary relief but as it wears off....here come the sneezes again! even had a few doubles today. I'm a mess *sniffle*

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm finally on the mend. Interesting update I may have passed on the cold to someone else I know (female person)

I got a message a few days ago saying she "sneezed about 100 times this morning..." I will be def interested to see what happens there!

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