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I’ve always felt like natural sneezes could induce others to sneeze and this experience made it real for me. So I was in class in the 4th row with a guy and two girls in front of me. Class is going and the girl in the front lets out a strong sneeze into her elbow. “Heh-tschiew!” The class blessed her and continued. About 2 minutes later, I could see the girl behind her raising her elbow to her face and she belted out a sneeze. “Ah-teshew!” I found it very enjoyable as someone with the fetish of course. But then the guy in front of me sneezed about 5 minutes later and I was starting to really debate if there was something in the air that kept getting pushed back. Then, I started to feel a really strong tickle in my nose. I don’t know if this was just a mind game because of my observations but unfortunately I never ended up sneezing. Do you guys think sneezing can cause others to sneeze?

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