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Boyfriend *almost* called me out


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So I started dating this guy not too long ago. I would say he’s a moderate to pretty sneezy person. He’s allergic to dust and cat/dog hair as well as seasonal allergies. The other day we were both hanging out, hugging each other, when he said my hair tickled his nose. I tried brushing that off, tried acting normal (He doesn’t know I like sneezing but that’s part of what I like about it). Then a few seconds later he says “I feel a sneeze” and I started freaking out inside. He stood there for a couple more seconds and it was evident it was kinda stuck. Me and my personal interests didn’t want it to fade away, so when it looked like it started to do so I said “Look at the light”. His response was “What? Are you trying to make me sneeze?” with a little smile on his face. My brain stopped functioning properly. I was stumbling over my words trying to come up with the most normal response possible. I needed something that didn’t sound weird or let on that I did want him to. “Well… some people need to if it’s stuck”🤦🏼‍♀️. Screaming inside. Crying and kicking the air in a bad way in my mind. And then “I’ll probably just stifle it if it does come up.” UGGHHHHHH- SIR NO YOU SHOULD’NT. I, of course, just said okay and that was the end of that conversation😒

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2 hours ago, Dukesdaisy said:

I was stumbling over my words trying to come up with the most normal response possible.

Adorbs 😁

Also interesting that part of what’s fun is that he doesn’t know!

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Wow! This is really cute *melting*.

I'm impressed that you were able to form a coherent sentence after he said that!!

Your obs brings back a lot of memories from my childhood when I used to try and make my friends sneeze. 🙄

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