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Female sneezing fit in the supermarket

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This weekend I was doing my food shopping in a large supermarket, for once I didn’t have my headphones in. Over the music and general conversation I heard a loud sneeze, I couldn’t see the perpetrator, but it was one of those where the first half was stifled, and the sounded half was vocalised, it was high pitched and rather loud, kind of like HMP-SCHOOO!

Not thinking too much about it, but with half an eye looking out for likely candidates, I just continued with my shop. However as I entered the next aisle I heard the same sneeze, only now definitely slightly closer, another HMP-SCHOOO!

Looking down the aisle I immediately saw a middle-aged woman on her own, pushing trolley, with  a balled-up tissue held to her nose. She was short with brunette hair, wearing a thick jumper and black leggings. Her nose was unmistakably red and her face looked a bit flushed. She continued to push the trolley, all the while with one hand holding the tissue to her nose, so it was clear that this might not be the last sneeze in this fit.

Soon enough, she paused and sneezes again, the same HMP-SCHHOOO, only this time a little wetter. The sneeze snapped her head forwards and, while it did stop her in her tracks, she seemed able to contain it with the one hand. I didn’t want to look, but heard her blow her nose wetly and mutter something to herself before she continued on down the aisle.

I’m always super-conscious in these situations, I obviously enjoy seeing this kind of stuff, but I don’t want to be a creep or invade people’s privacy, so I didn’t follow her, but I did keep an ear out and not more than a minute later heard two more identical sneezes - a double - sounding like “HMP-CHOO! HMP-CHOO!”

I didn't hear anything more, or see her again, but thankful nonetheless that I didn't have my music on - I wonder how many similar experiences I've missed in the past for this reason! 😅

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