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The following is a re-post of the latest version of the Forum Constitution for members' convenience.

Latest Updates

  • August 2018 - Amendment to Rule 2 to clarify policy on consent 
  • April 2018 - Amended guidelines document and terms of service to account for major change in registration policy (over-18 registration only)
  • October 2017 - Amended trade and distribution in the Trading Post to original material only
  • June 2017 - Amended Animated Videos/Art rule to clarify content with characters under 13yrs old cannot be depicted in a fetishized way
  • January 2017 - Amended rule regarding selling clips, which now must relate to original material only
  • January 2017 - Clarified Overage Content rule to confirm that directing to or linking material is the same as posting it
  • December 2016 - Amended Overage Content rule to clarify that any persons/characters in 18+ material must be 18+ years of age.
  • August 2016 - New rule regarding consent of parties involved in observations, video and audio clips
  • November 2015 - New guideline added regarding medical advice
  • January 2015 - Amended rule regarding under 13 characters in stories and new guideline regarding roleplays
  • November 2014 - Added rules regarding spamming and commercial posts
  • August 2013 - Amended Owner and Administrator rank duties, removed Head Moderator rank duties
  • July 2013 - Amended Underage Content rules to state that clearly directing to underage content is also in breach of said rules

Article I

This website exists to provide a comprehensive, reliable, permanent and enjoyable communication resource for the online sneeze fetish community. The constitution that follows is here for the information of our users and is considered to be a live document subject to change at any time.

Article II

This is a happy forum! Nothing will take you further in your online relationships than your own good nature and integrity, so practice them lots here and have fun in the process! The rules and associated sanctions are simply designed to keep this spirit of fun alive. We hope that you will be enthused by the community and want to help out yourself to make this a positive place, whether that is by donating media files to a website, money to the forum or simply ideas to help things run all the better.

Article III
General Information

The forum software operated is Invision Power Board. We aim to have the latest release available at all times. Unofficial modifications are not usually made as this in effect invalidates the warranty of the board we use. Further information about the forum software may be found at http://www.invisionboard.com, and instructions for the use of most of the forum features inside the forum, from the help link at the top of any forum page. In addition we use the following additional features, subject to review based on cost and finances available:

  • The Gallery, used for sharing images, sounds and videos of sneezing.
  • The Blogs, available for maintaining a diary or journal within the forum.

Article IV

There are many features of this board only available to registered members, including posting. Registration is free, e-mail addresses do not have to be displayed on the board and will not be shared with any third parties. Protecting the privacy of our members is important to us.
Please only register once to save space on the forum, and only if you intend to post and make use of the forum besides reading. There is no sense in wasting forum resources when reading posts can be done as a guest.

Registration is a two step process.

Firstly, complete the registration form and validate your e-mail address. This gives you posting rights but not full access to every area. The areas that you will NOT have immediate access to are the following:

  • Member profiles
  • Private messaging
  • File sharing section entitled "Share and Share Alike"
  • Blogs
  • Gallery
  • Trading Post
  • Adult and Youth Board
  • Snake Pit

The rationale for this is for the protection of members and the good functioning of the forums. Please be patient. There are lots of features to explore.

Secondly, administrator approval.
Once you have posted sufficiently you become eligible to be approved as a user of the forum. The second step is for an Administrator to approve your account (based on your post content and contribution to the community) and give you poster status and access to most of the features listed above, as well as the opportunity to apply for membership of the Adult/Youth board (see below). Please note we do not usually validate users who have warnings until those warnings have been removed.
Please be aware that abuse of any of these privileges through spamming, harrassment, or other violation of the rules and/or guidelines will result in warning(s) and revocation of the abused privilege(s). However the opposite is also true, that positive contribution is also rewarded with greater privileges, and if you wish to provide a lot of pictures for example and do not have the space, applications for additional space are welcomed.

Article IV-A
Private Boards

Private boards are only accessible to specific groups of users. However, if you cannot enter the board corresponding to your age group and have a user level of at least Poster then follow the relevant steps detailed below to gain access.

The Adult Board and Trading Post are only for the use of members over the age of 18. To gain access you must PM an Administrator, having filled out the Date of Birth and Age fields in your profile. These fields are mandatory.

The Youth Board is only for the use of members under the age of 18. All current youth members, including validating youth members will be automatically granted access to this board upon registration, assuming that the mandatory Date of Birth and Age range fields in your profile have been filled out.

The Lounge is only accessible to Full, VIP or Honoured Members and Forum Staff. Full Member status is given to members with 2000 posts or more with Staff approval. VIP and Honoured member status is granted by special invitation only.

Please note that if you have been warned for infractions of the rules by forum staff, you may be refused access to the private boards until such time as these warnings are removed.

Access to either the Adult or Youth Board is at the discretion of the staff and any decision they make in this matter will be final.

Article V

Rules are (perhaps sadly) needed everywhere, and this forum is no exception! These rules are very important and must be adhered to at all times in every area of the website. Not only are internet watchdogs kept happy by them, but they ensure smooth running and safety for all our users. Breaching these rules is considered very serious, so the action taken by the forum staff is likely to be severe! You have been warned!

  • If you are unsure where to post something or do not have access to a certain area of the site, please contact the staff before using someone else's thread to post or posting it somewhere it may not belong. If your post has disappeared, it may have been moved because it was not posted in the appropriate area. When a post is moved then where possible shadow topics will be left for 48 hours, or until it becomes clear the member who posted it is aware of it's new location, whichever is sooner.
  • If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all! The obvious exception is the Snake Pit where this guideline is relaxed. This is especially enforced in the stories, obs and media areas. People put a lot of effort into providing material for the entire forum, and critique or outright criticism are neither appreciated nor tolerated, unless the author has specifically requested constructive criticism.
  • The forum is not the place to promote or sell any illegal material. Furthermore, discussions of illicit drugs, sexualisation of minors or other law breaking activities will be subject to discipline at the Staff's discretion. Use common sense. If you couldn't do it in front of a police officer in most countries around the world, don't post that you have done it, would like to do it or that you think others should do it. This rule is for the safety of the Forum itself, as well as for individual members.
  • Posted Content and Consent:
  1. On this forum, the age of consent is considered to be 18.
  2. The forum staff do not condone members engaging in any form of activity designed to elicit fetish content from others without their awareness and/or consent and no observations, recordings etc. of such content may be posted. This does not apply to non-consent, torture, bondage or domination scenarios between consenting adults, but any media of this type must be posted in the Adult areas of the forum.
  3. Underage content: Underage content is defined as anything relating to any person under the age of 18. There are underage people here so observations or posts relating to them are not banned. However, there must be NO sexual connotation of any kind, and any observstions or posts relating to members aged 13-17 must be posted on the Youth Board. There are a number of types of media that can be posted and the rules for each are as follows:
  4. Real-life (Non-animated) Video Clips - No clips involving under-18's may be posted, linked or directed to. Please note this is not limited to standard clips, but also includes links to advertisements, medical sites or news items containing such clips.
  5. Video Clips and Artwork of animated characters i.e. cartoons, etc - Clips and artwork involving characters aged 13+ may be posted, linked or directed to on the Youth Board only, though the rules regarding sexualisation of underage people (stated below) still apply. No video clips or artwork of animated characters can be posted if the character is U13 and depicted in a fetishised way (sneezing, noseblowing, fevers, etc). ALL clips or artwork involving animated characters canonically aged between 13 and 17 MUST be posted on the youth board.
  6. Audio Clips - No clips involving under-18's may be posted, linked or directed to.
  7. Observations - No observations involving people under-18 may be posted, linked or directed to, except on the youth board, where observations, stories and artwork of people aged 13-17 are acceptable.
  8. Stories - There is no outright ban on stories containing characters under the age of 18, HOWEVER, if a character under the age of 18 is featured in the story, then there must not be any descriptions of any sickness symptoms relating to the child that could be interpreted as fetish-related (this includes, but is not limited to, sneezing, nose blowing, fevers, etc). If you are unsure whether your story will be allowed on the forum, then you should submit it to the staff for approval prior to posting it and failure to do so may result in a warning being given if material posted is unacceptable. On the youth board, this rule still applies, however the minimum age is 13.
  9. Please see our Read Before Posting section for more information and contact the Staff if you are unsure before posting any type of media. In addition stories, observations and general posts containing the sexualisation of an underage person (including self-observation of sexual activity) are strictly forbidden.
  10. Overage Content: Overage content is defined as anything that describes or depicts overt sexualization such as fondling, masturbation, sexual activity, nudity, etc., as well as graphic violence. All 18+ material is to be posted in the approriate sub-forum and any persons or characters depicted must be over 18 years old. Observations, Stories and Artwork should be posted in the Adult Obs, Stories and Artwork Section. Video clips, photos and audio files can be shared in the Adult Board or Adult sections of the Gallery. Topics for general discussion of adult subjects should be posted in the Adult Board. For clarification, no 18+ material should be posted, linked or directed to other than in the adult areas of the forum. 
  11. Notwithstanding the above rules, The Staff reserve the right to remove any media posted, if they feel it is in the best interest of the forum
  • Our members value their privacy. As such, we do not permit the posting of personal details (yours or anyone else's) in open forum. You may share your own personal information in your profile (e-mail, messenger IDs, etc.). You may *not* share personal information about another member anywhere on the forum, be it posting, blogging or in chat. As well, we strongly discourage our underage members from posting any personal details in their profiles, for their protection. This also includes sharing any media (voice or video clips) of anyone (not just members) anywhere on the forum if they have not made the content public. Private videos/audio clips that are sent privately must not be shared anywhere on this forum unless the person has given their permission to do so. If you cannot find the content yourself through internet searches then do not post it here.The staff also reserve the right to remove any media (video or audio) at the request of the subject of that media, and trading of media not in the public domain, whether on-forum or through private message is also against forum rules.
  • No flaming or harassment is permitted, be it racist, xenophobic, sexist, inciting of religious hatred, or in any other form, except in "The Snake Pit" which is there for this purpose - do not burden the rest of the forum (including private messages) with flaming or harassment!
  • Hotlinking other websites in posts is not acceptable unless the source site is one that explicitly allows this use of its bandwidth, for example Photobucket or Webshots.
  • Use of the forum is entirely at the user's risk. No responsibility will be taken by the forum staff for the contents of the forum at any given time, although every effort is made to ensure all rules and guidelines are adhered to at all times. Please also note that while information you submit to the site will not be distributed to any third parties, the forum staff cannot be held responsible for any acts of hacking or similar retrieval of information by unscrupulous third parties, or for the eventual dissemination of any information you post publicly.
  • As there is no way for us to verify the identity of our members, we are not responsible for minors who choose to represent themselves as adults or for members who choose to misrepresent themselves altogether (age, gender, location, etc.). We are not responsible for anyone choosing to meet people in real life that they have met on this site.
  • Multiple accounts are not permitted. If you forget your username and/or password, please contact the staff using the methods in Read Before Posting. You can always change your display name if you are ranked Newbie or above. This feature is available through your forum profile. If you're creating a duplicate account for nefarious purposes, just don't.
  • The Forum Staff are not responsible for the words or actions of anyone other than themselves and always do the best job they can. The Forum staff can expect to be allowed to do their job without undue hassle or mistreatment. If you have a technical issue or query while on the forum, the best way to obtain support is using the Website Support forum. If you wish to contact the staff privately, please PM one of them or e-mail using the methods in Read Before Posting
  • There are two forums in this community. Neither forum tolerates the trashing or flaming of the other. The administration of both forums is dedicated to keeping this community a friendly, active place. Additionally, each forum's staff keeps thier staffing activities to their own forum and our staff will not involve themselves with disciplinary issues on the other forum (and vice versa).
  • You *must* be at least 18 years of age to enter this site. The ONLY exception is members under the age of 18 who were registered prior to April 2018.
  • No spamming is allowed on the forum - this includes (but is not restricted to) posting the same message on lots of different sub-forums, asking the same question multiple times, repeatedly bumping up old topics that haven't been replied to in a while (especially your own) and anything else that the staff considers to be needless spam.
  • Advertisements for original commercial products must be made in the Trading Post board, and only in the Trading Post board. Sellers are allowed to post elsewhere on the forum provided that their messages are relevant to the thread they are posting in. They are not allowed to slip in plugs for their own commercial products and services. Sellers may not provide links to their clip stores in their signatures or profiles and posts should in no way advertise products or services unless the post is made within the Trading Post section. For clarification, the sale or resale of clips made without the permission of the owner of the material is strictly forbidden. Trading or distribution of clips for free without the permission of the owner of the material is also strictly forbidden. This Forum is for the trade and distribution of original material only. However, members can still leave reviews or recommendations about commercially available material. Full details of guidelines for the Trading Post can be found on that board.

Article VI

These are important as they ensure the smooth running of the forum and the conventions we as a community have adopted over the years. Adhering to these is strongly advised, and the forum staff are likely to politely remind you of them if you breach one. Continual breaches despite staff intervention may be taken more seriously and may, in extreme cases, lead to the issue of official warnings. However the staff will normally issue verbal warnings to advise you that further breaches will result in an official warning before this occurs.

  • Let common sense, honesty, integrity and good nature prevail here - if you do not have a conscience you have no place here!
  • Please stay on-topic. Thread authors tend to get annoyed by excessive thread-jacking, and the staff will get involved if a complaint is made. Going off the occasional tangent is fine, but when you're posting in someone else's thread, please respect that, and act accordingly. There are a few places (Fun and Games) where silliness is permitted and even encouraged.
  • When posting obs, stories, or art, please be sure to include gender within the post title. When providing VCR/Tivo alerts, please include the date, time, location (country) and medium (channel or website). e.g. F/cable 22/USA.
  • Observations and Stories: Please use the standard tags to label your obs, stories and artwork correctly. This also applies if sharing a file in Share and Share Alike or posting a file in the gallery or Sneezing in the Media.
  • Roleplays placed on the forum should be open for anyone to join if they wish. We want to encourage members to be able to participate freely in any thread that they wish (as long as they follow the rules). If initially two people start an RP they should title the thread the type of RP it is. Please do not label threads as "belonging" to specific people.
  • Please do not post any "Fiction Competition" thread (or indeed any other writing competition) without the express permission of the staff. Please also avoid ranking other members with regard to sneezing, wavs or in any other comparison of that type. Creating threads for the purpose of rating anything, from media to people, is not condoned by the forum staff and is strenuously frowned upon.The forum staff do not endorse any "rating or ranking" threads that might be allowed under this guideline
  • This forum is not a place to seek or dispense medical advice. Nobody here is qualified to diagnose or advise on medical conditions described on the internet. Any posts of this nature may be removed at the discretion of the forum staff. However, general discussions about medically related topics are allowed and members may share their own experiences concerning particular conditions.

  • The English language provides infinite possibilities for expression. Please try not to limit yourself to four-letter words. The Snake Pit is the main exception, where, of course, you can do anything that doesn't break the law or the core rules of this forum. Everyone is welcome here, so let's make it as pleasant an experience as possible for all concerned.
  • Please feel free to make any constructive suggestions or ideas to improve the forum to the staff. The input of the users is valued greatly as the staff desire to provide the best forum possible for the users.

Article VII
Forum Staff

The Owner, Administrators and Moderators of the forum are collectively known as Forum Staff, and are generally the most senior members of the community. Be NICE to all the staff for they are generous, hard working people. You only need to read on if you want to know more about them or are thinking of becoming one and want to know what it means, or need to know who to talk to about forum issues. Membership is by invitation only, although occasionally applications may be requested, and if you let the Administrators know you wish to join the staff he or she may get back to you in due course.

The Moderators come in four grades and appear some variation of blue in the active users list. They take care of the following:

  • Checking posts on the forum and their adherence to the rules and guidelines of the forum and taking appropriate action in the case of posts being found to be in breach of one or more of the rules and/or guidelines.
  • Acting as a decision-making body for the forum.
  • Liaising with internet support agencies on matters regarding the forum.
  • Deciding on the appointment of new Moderators.
  • Providing basic support to the users of the forum on all matters, either technical or regarding usage.

The Administrators appear red in the active users list and, as well as the moderator jobs, deal with:

  • Taking appropriate action in the case of users being found to be repeatedly or seriously in breach of one or more of the rules.
  • Acting as a team to form the ultimate decision making body for the forum.
  • Managing the users and groups of the forum.
  • Deciding on the appointment of new Administrators.
  • Providing advanced support to the users of the forum on all matters, either technical or regarding usage.

The Owner (appearing purple in the active users list) works as an administrator, but also on:

  • Maintaining the forum web space and introductory pages.
  • Implementing modifications and upgrades to the forum software.
  • Liaising with the web hosting company regarding the forum and its bills.
  • Accepting and managing donations from the forum users.

Article VIII
Full, VIP and Honoured Members

The Full, VIP and Honoured Members of the forum are all the users who in some way have significantly and positively contributed to the sneezing fetish community without being actively involved in the day to day running of the Sneeze Fetish Forum. This may be through financial donation, long term membership and positive posting, or through contributing media or a website for the community to enjoy. Any user can nominate any other for entry to these select groups, although the final decision rests with the Forum Staff.
Full Members are bronze, VIP Members appear silver with Honoured Members gold in the active users list on the forum, and receive additional privileges within the forum, including but not limited to:

  • A private board only accessible to yourself and the other VIP or Honoured Members.
  • Automatic access to the Adult board without requiring application.
  • Much larger capacity for storing your private messages on the forum.
  • Greatly increased bandwidth allowance for downloads from the forum gallery.
  • Much larger capacity for files hosted within the forum.
  • Full, VIP or Honoured Members' logo and your name in silver or gold on the active users list on the forum main page, unless you are a hidden user.
  • Capability to e-mail users (who have allowed this option) directly using the board software.
  • Better control over your own posts after submitting them.
  • No time restriction on forum searches.
  • Priority support with any and all forum issues.

Article IX

Users who have reached at least Poster status may create blogs hosted at the forum. Users who have reached at least Newbie status may post links to external blogs, and read blogs belonging to other users. The staff appreciate that blogs are personal but the same rules apply to blogs as to the forum in general. More explicitly on a few issues:

  • Do not post any illegal material, or anything with the potential to seem illegal or link to anything illegal under United Kingdom or United States law.
  • Content suitable only for those over the age of 18 must be posted in the Adult Board and is not permitted in blogs.
  • Ranting in a blog is permitted, but personal attacks and flames may still only appear in the Snake Pit.

Article X

Users who have reached at least Poster status may access the gallery to download and share sneezing media: videos, images or sounds. The forum rules apply in this area as in any other. Please also take note of the following:

  • Do not post any illegal material, or anything with the potential to seem illegal or link to anything illegal under United Kingdom or United States law.
  • Content suitable only for those over the age of 18 must be posted in the 18+ area of the gallery. Please contact the Staff if you cannot see/access this area.
  • All submissions are subject to moderator approval so will not appear in the gallery immediately. Staff WILL scan files for viruses, worms and trojans.
  • Please remember to save files to your computer and therefore only download them once rather than repeatedly as this wastes precious forum resources.
  • Please place any uploaded files in the correct folder for their gender, category and file type and tag them appropriately.

Article XI

The Chat Room is available to any member at ‘Poster’ status or higher and is accessed by clicking on the ‘Chat’ tab from the list below the site banner. The following rules apply:

  • All Forum Rules and Guidelines (see Sections 5 and 6 of the Constitution) apply in the chat room.
  • All conversations in the chat room (including Private Messages) are logged and transmitted daily to the Administrators via e-mail. The Administrators do *not* review this data as a matter of course and will only do so in order to obtain evidence if a report of behaviour in breach of the rules is received. The Staff ask for the co-operation of all members in reporting any offences they may witness to them.
  • Please respect that other members may not wish discuss sneezing or other fetish-related topics in the chat room. Continually attempting to engage in such discussions with other members who have indicated they don’t wish to, will be considered harassment and dealt with accordingly.
  • Members should be tolerant for conversation topics of others. Where members wish to talk to other individuals they are asked to use Private Message windows rather than the main chat window.
  • Chat room discussions should generally be in English. However we understand that for many of our members English is not their first language and they are welcome to chat with other members in their own language if they wish either in Private Messages or in the main chat window if all members present are fluent in that language. The main chat window should be kept to English at all other times.
  • Approaching an under-18 member and trying to engage them in conversations of a sexual nature will not be tolerated in any form.

Article XII
Disciplinary Measures

Breaking of the rules and/or guidelines as set down in articles V and VI will result in official warnings being issued by the staff. If a warning is issued you will be sent a PM/e-mail explaining why the warning has been issued. If you feel you have been issued with a warning in error, please initially contact the member of staff who gave it to you to make your case. If the issue cannot be resolved privately, the staff member will refer it to an Adminstrator who will make a judgement.
Multiple warnings can result additional punishments being given. The list details a set of typical punishments that might be issued if continued rule breaches occur. This list is by no means prescriptive or exhaustive and the Owner trusts the Staff to use their judgement and issue appropriate punishments as provides greatest benefit to the forum:

  • 1st Warning: Warning level rises to 10%. No further action taken.
  • 2nd Warning: Warning level rises to 20%. Access to private/age-restricted boards removed.
  • 3rd Warning: Warning level rises to 30%. Account suspended for 3 days.
  • 4th Warning: Warning level rises to 40%: Account suspended for 7 days. Placed on moderator preview for 28 days.
  • 5th Warning: Warning level rises to 50%: Account suspended for 14 days. Placed on moderator preview indefinitely.

Subsequent warnings above this level will result in the staff having to take drastic action, including suspending your ability to make posts or banning your account. If you account is banned from the forum, any subsequent accounts you try to make will also be banned.

Article XIII

Making donations is both highly recommended and greatly appreciated as regrettably funds are required to keep the forum running. All donations are very gratefully received. Further information can be found inside the subscriptions manager section of My Controls once registered to use the forum, or contact a member of forum staff who can point you in the right direction.

Article XIV
Just to say thanks for reading and enjoy your time in the forum.

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