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    • Heathcliff
      Preach, preach! I've been living and breathing this game since it came out. The EMMIs are a pain in the ass but also an utterly brilliant game invention, the fact that it's a 2D game but the sound of an EMMI coming scares the hell out of me is a testament to how good it is. If this turns out to be Samus' last outing, she went out in style.
    • Blooming
      Aaa thank you so much! 😊 yess, I really love hurt/comfort lol Yess! I was sad to see the lack of snz content for that pairing, which is my favorite in Persona 4, so writing for them was so fun! I do plan on making a small drabble for the aftermath of this fic just for funsies 💕
    • Stephy_Gee
      There’s a cafe just off of campus where a lot of students go to study and work on projects. I usually go there to read or to type up essays I have already written. It was comfortable with couches and overstuffed chairs, and they sold the best coffee I had ever tasted. One Friday in May I had gone to type up some writing I had done for my Literature For Children class. I was just getting into typing, when from in front of me I heard, “WHACHHHHOO!” My head shot up, and I saw a man with long dreadlocks at a table with his computer sitting in front of him. He was in profile to me. The sneeze was loud, and quite obviously a surprise judging by the embarrassment on his face. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized to the rest of the cafe, “I’ll try to be quieter.” A series of ‘no worries’, and ‘bless you’s followed. I went back to typing my work up. Five minutes later another “WHAACHHOOO!” Echoed off of the walls. “Oh God I’m so sorry, it’s probably going to keep going,” the man’s face was red now. “I’d be quieter if I could…but I can’t…” Some more ‘no worries’, and a handful of ‘bless you’s. It was quiet again for quite awhile. “Oh, I think I’m gonna sneeze again…Oh, yeah, here it comes…HAAHCCHHHOOO! Oh sorry, I have to…WHATCCHHHOOO!” People were starting to pack their stuff up and leave the cafe. “You all should stay. I’ll go, I just can’t stop. I…WHAACHHOOO! oh bless me…” By this time most people had left, and the only customers inside were the man, and me. The staff looked slightly annoyed, and slightly amused. I watched as they whispered to each other. “WHHAACCHHHOOO! WHAATTCCHHHOOO! HAHCHOOO!” The man sounded tired and humiliated. He had a tableful of used tissues that he was trying to salvage through this unanticipated sneezing fit. I spotted a pile of folded cloth napkins, and I knew those would be better than paper tissues. So I left my computer, picked up the napkins, and went to sit across from him. I put the napkins on the table beside his computer. His head shot up, and his eyes met mine before he grabbed a napkin and buried his face in it. “ATCHHHHOOOM! Oh excuse me…” “Many blesses,” I answered. “What are you working on?” My question looked like it surprised him. “Oh, um, an essay for my English class. At least I’m trying to,” he shrugged. “I’m sorry I’m disturbing you.” “Nah,” I said waving off his apology. “I already wrote my stuff by hand, I just need to type it up. And it’s not due until the end of the month...” “Oh no…” the napkin came back up, “…ah-ahh-AHHCHHOOOOOM! Oh I just keep thinking I’m done, and then…HAATCHHHHHOOO!…the tickle comes back.” “…I’m just an overachiever. If I could pre-write every essay I have to to graduate, I sure as heck would. Who’s your English prof?” Again he looked surprised. “Mister Sprox,” he answered, and I nodded. “I had him last year. He’s very good. I wish he taught me still, but…” “WAATCHOOOO!” “…I guess he doesn’t teach children’s…” “HEETCHOOO! NAAHCHOOOO! AAAHHTCHOOO!” “…reading or writing, so he’s no going to be involved with children’s lit,” I finished with a smile. “AAATCHOOOO! WAAHCHOOO! Oh no, I think I’m gonna have to go home. Whatever is bugging me isn’t going away…AHAHHCHOOOO! Oh I’m so sorry, I just can’t stop,” the man’s eyes were red and running tears down his cheeks. “Where do you live? Did you walk?” “I did walk. I live on campus, block C,” and the napkin came back up, “WAAATCHOOO!” “I live in B, I’ll walk with you,” I said with a smile. “I’ll just grab my stuff!” I put everything from my table into my backpack, and slung it over my shoulders. We walked the length of campus to our dorms, and stopped to say our goodbyes. “It was nice to meet you,” I said with a smile as the man pressed a clasped fist under his nose, his breath hitching. “I slid my number into your backpack. You can call me if you’d like. I’d love to hang out sometime.” “AHHHTCHOOOO! Thanks for being so cool. I’ll give you a call for sure…EEHTCHOOOO!” I gave him a quick hug, and turned to go up to my dorm. I could hear him sneezing as he continued his walk. I really couldn’t wait to hang out with him.
    • Bless you, Hi
      Does it have to be characters that there's still a possibility of that happening or can it be from older stuff? Can it be movies too? If so I go with femme fatale Gene Tierney in "Leave Her to Heaven" or Naomi Watts in "Mulholland Drive"... or maybe Rachel Weisz in "The Mummy"
    • Horseshine
      Awesome! I can’t believe I had access to this episode all along on peacock and didn’t realize it/discover this. Thanks so much! 
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