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      Part 47: Arya sniffled, yet again. She hasn't been feeling very well - her nose was running and her head was starting to ache a little. This was really not the time to be feeling off. She needed to be at her best. Today was the test she's been studying for these past few days. Arya was very determined to be at the top of her class and this test was the first step towards getting there. She needed to be focused, but her nose was constantly distracting her. "Hueipsh Tshooo!" when Arya entered the lecture hall where the test was about to take place, she heard the sound of a loud sneeze. The sneezer turned out to be none other than Professor Sophia Hopkins, the very same person who taught the class Arya was about to be tested on. "Hu ChooHoo! *cough cough*" next to Professor Hopkins was Shelly, her T.A., who looked just as sick as her. "She was sick when I talked to her a few days ago" Arya thought as she sniffled again. "I hope I didn't catch anything from her". "Pleas sit dowd, everyode" Professor Hopkins told the students. "Your exab shou... shoul.... HeaIsh Ptshoooo! excuse be *sniffle* your exab should start sood". "It's a good thing that she's not standing close to the students, because she's definitely contagious" Arya thought as she watched the poor professor sit back down in a chair, cough several times and blow her nose loudly. "Here's your exab forb. If you have ady questiods durig the exab, raise your hadd add I'll see what I cad do Hu Hu TshChooo!" Shelly sneezed into a tissue right after handing Arya the exam form. As Arya watched her walking away, letting out a series of gurgling nose blows into her tissue, she couldn't decided if she looked worse than Professor Hopkins or not. Normally, Arya would've been happy to use the help of a T.A. during the test, but the last thing she wanted was to be near someone so sick. It was very difficult to concentrate during the test, for every other minute there was a loud noise coming from the front of the lecture hall. Professor Hopkins and Shelly were constantly sneezing, coughing and blowing their noses. It was especially difficult for Arya to concentrate: She was sniffling more and more with each passing minute and her head felt fuzzy. As time went by, Arya's nose started to tickle. "Oh no" she thought. "Not now". Arya tried to struggle with the tickle in her nose, but in vain. "Ho Ashoo, Hai Sha!" she sneezed twice, trying her best not to ruin her test form. Her sneezes weren't extremely loud, but she was in the middle of a test, so every noise she made felt like she was shouting at the top of her lungs. "Excuse be" she quietly said to the people who gave her angry looks. She couldn't blame them for being mad at her. "Ashioo! Ex..... excuse b..... be aga..... agaid Ha A Shooo, Ai Sha! I'b sorry" Arya kept apologizing to the people around her. She left her tissues in her backpack, which was at the front of the lecture hall, so she sniffled her way through the rest of the test. "Tibe's up" Professor Hopkins said after what felt like forever to Arya. "Please put dowd your exab forbs add Hai PtsheShoooo! Shelly will cobe add collect theb". "Haetsh Choo, Hue TshChooHoooooo!" Shelly sneezed as she made her way through the lecture hall. Arya wondered how long will it take her to become a sick mess like Shelly was. Judging by the way she felt - not very long. After Shelly finished collecting all the test forms, Arya practically ran to her backpack for the sweet relief of the tissues inside it. "Oh dear *sniffle* did you also catch the *cough cough* horrible cold that's beed goig aroudd?" Professor Hopkins asked Arya. "I'b Ha Ashioo! afraid so *sniffle* Professor Hopkids" Arya replied. "Bless you, dear" the professor said. "I'b sorry to HeaIpsh Tshooooo! hear that". "Excuse be, Professor Hopkids - I thidk I'll be goig hobe dow" Shelly told the professor. "Of course, dear. Thadk you for all your help today" said Professor Hopkins. "I'll be HaaaIpsh Tshooooo! goig hobe sood byself". "Hu U Choo, He Yish Choo!" Shelly sneezed into a tissue as she left the lecture hall. "Bless you" she raised her head and found herself looking at Tara, who was standing outside the lecture hall talking to Serenity. "Thadk you" said Shelly. "You were dot id the exab right dow". "No, I'm not taking this class" said Tara. "I just came by to ask my friend, Serenity, how did the test go". "I hope it wedt well" Shelly said before blowing her nose. "She thinks so, but she told me it was hard to concentrate because there were lots of sneezes around" Tara said before turning to Serenity. "No I see what you meant". "I'b sorry" said Shelly. "Both the professor add I have Ha Etsh Choooo! colds". "Don't be sorry - it's not your fault that you're sick" said Serenity. "She's right" said Tara. "You need to focus on getting over this cold". "That's what I'b about to do odce I get hobe" said Shelly. "It would've been better if you had someone to take care of you" said Tara. "Well, I'll have to take care of byself, udless you wadt to be the ode to take care of be" said Shelly. This was not something she would normally say, but she was sick and tired and when Tara mentioned someone taking care of her she suddenly realized just how much she wanted that. "Sorry, but I can't" said Tara. "I'm already late to meet my girlfriend and she wouldn't like it if I go take care of another girl. Hey, I have an idea - why don't Serenity take care of you? She told me how much you helped her before the test, so now she can help you". "Me?" asked Serenity. "Why not? You just said you have some free time for the next few days, now that the test is over" said Tara. "I do....... but I'm not sure Shelly would want me to take care of her" said Serenity. "Ha Eish TshChoooooHoooooo!" Shelly let out an exceptionally messy sneeze. "Bless you" said Tara. "You see, Serenity? She needs your help. Go on - take care of her". "Well *sniffle* I'b goig hobe dow" said Shelly. "If you wadt to take care of be you better cobe alodg". Serenity hesitated for a moment, but Tara gave her an encouraging look so she started following Shelly.
    • NoseB4Bros
      I'm really into contagion and, thus I love the specific scenario; A person who has a cold sneezes once, causing a tiny drop of snot to appear out of one nostril. That person then has to sneeze again and hasn't yet taken care of the first drop of snot meaning the next sneeze is going to be a real contagious messfest. 
    • cara
      It's pretty near the beginning. Great sneeze! 
    • poiub
    • dragonko
      Omg, I just rewatched the movies the other day!! I still think the second and third movies are trash compared to the books, though. Love this story though! Would love to see it continued!
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