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    • CharliesGirl
      This is amazing! I love it so much. Beautiful writing and lovely characters. 
    • Daphine
      I got the idea for this story and comic from the Looney Tunes classic Lumber Jack Rabbitt.  It's the cartoon were Bugs is being chased by a giant dog and jumps down into his Rabbitt hole.  The dog covers Bugs hole with his nose until Bugs Bunny makes him sneeze😄. I personally think this is the best Scooby Doo comic I have drawn in a while! Comic  https://imgur.com/a/1BshvYA LUMBER JACK SCOOBY!Nina rolled onto her side as she struggled to catch her breath. She laid there trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened. She thought they were just kidding when they instructed her to report to Sonya if she should happen upon a giant Great Dane. Less than an hour later she had done justthat. Now she was sitting at the bottom of a rabbit hole after the large dog had tried to chase her down. Now just as Nina looked back up towards theopening and daylight everything went black..In the darkness Nina could hear the sound of sniffing and snorting and she could feel blasts of warm air on her scantily clad body. She reached over and began to frantically feel for the flashlight she was carrying when she jumped down into the hole. Seconds felt like hours until her right hand bumped into her flashlight sending it rolling across the floor. She stopped her frantic search telling herself to calm down, work the problem. Right now panic is your worst enemy. She took a deep breath and reached over in that general direction she had heard the flashlight roll and instantly found it. Switching it on she cast the beam of light towards the opening she had just jumped down through. Looking up Nina saw that the opening was now completely covered by a Hugh black nose. Fear began to take over Nina’s mind. She was trapped!Scooby Doo knew that the pixie he had chased was now cornered. His highly sensitive nose could smell her perfume right below him. For the first time in what seemed like forever he had the upper hand. Had the pixie gotten away from him she surely would have informed Sonya of his presence. Scooby knew that as long as he had her trapped in that hole he would be safe.Nina shined her flashlight in every nook and cranny of that hole hoping to find an alternate exit but there was nothing. All she was able to find was dirt, sticks and a pile of old leaves and feathers that must have been bedding for a rabbit at one time. She shined her flashlight sky word again. As she looked up her face kept getting blasted by warm air as the large dog continued its sniffing. She watched as the large nose moved with each breath. The large nostrils flared and throbbed with each sniff. It was then that Nina had an idea. Turning her flashlight back towards the bedding she began to take it apart. She tossed piles of old leaves and tiny down feathers off to the side hoping to find something that could help her. Finally down near the bottom of the pile she came across a stiff pointy Seagull feather. It was only 4 inches long but it was old and dusty and perfect for what she had in mind.Scooby Doo could hear voices coming from far down the hallway. Nina are you around here, did the battery die on your phone again? Scooby just stood there perfectly still knowing how important it was for him to remain hidden. Nina held the feather like a samurai sword as she looked up at the large nostrils. She timed them, the way they would flair open wide when ever the large black nose inhaled. Finally she pushed the pointy end of the feather up against Scooby Doo’s nose. She then began to lightly drag it back and forth across the width of the nose. Scooby‘s entire body stiffened. His ears sprong straight up. His eyes Quickly became the size of saucers. Nina continued with the gentle tickling, "What a nosy character" she mocked quoting a Bugs Bunny cartoon. She watched as his nostrils quivered and flared and that’s when she made her move. Inserting the pointy tip of the feather up into Scoobies right nostril she began to wiggle and twist it around. Scooby Doo‘s body was suddenly covered in a thin layer of sweat. His eyes began to tear up as his large nose began to quiver. "Tickle tickle tickle" Nina taunted as she removed the feather from Scooby’s right nostril only to replace it into his left. Scooby could feel mucus forming against the walls of his nasal passages this was always a sign that a sneeze was forming. Ro no The poor great Dane thought ra rot a reeze! From just outside the hole Nina could hear the beginning of a building sneeze. She pushed the feather deeper into Scoobies left nostril which instantly released a strand of mucus. His eyes began to grow heavy lidded as he began to take in large gulps of air RAA, RAAA. Scooby bit down hard making a desperate effort to fend off the sneeze. He knew that if his powerful sneeze didn’t alert Sonya‘s agents to his position it Would certainly release his little captive. Nina continued to tickle torture Scoobies nose alternating nostrils. His nose now ran freely. It oozed and dripped mucus, large strands ran down covering the pixie. Scooby could feel his lower jaw falling slack as his nose began to convulse . It became a battle between Scooby Doo‘s brain which ordered him to hold back the sneeze and his nose which demanded relief. The sneeze grew more powerful by the second and Scooby could feel his will crumbling. RAAAA, RAAAAA, RAAAAAAA. Scooby could feel his eyes close tight as they squeezed out the remaining sneezy tears. Nina now covered in mucus made one last aggressive tickle with the feather. Scooby’s nose could take no more and finally it came RAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!The sneeze hit with such force that knocked Scooby Doo backwards. Nina Quickly clawed her way out of the rabbit’s hole and made her escape, alerting Sonya to Scooby Doo’s where about‘sTHE END!   FOR NOW!!  
    • Daphine
      OK, probably more than I should say but one of my Scooby Doo fantasies involves him sneezing on my neck or my cleavage, or both😄 
    • shalbright222
      Wow, bless her! that sounds like an incredible sneezing attack to witness. How bad are your fiancee's allergies, does she have sneezing fits too? Any good obs from her recently with all that pollen?
    • lutzzie
      One more fun one - not a Sal sneeze, but still kinda cute.  On the new episode of Hey Babe (on YT) Ep 53 titled "Tis The Szn", at just around 47:55, Sal's co-host Chris sneezes - which Sal sorta imitated (never seen anything quite like it...LOL) and then he looked at Chris and said "Bless" and continued on with his story (and then Chris said a breathy apology for the sneeze).  That's the first time I've heard Sal even remotely come close to acknowledging someone sneezing near him (other than the time he freaked out when Joe Gatto sneezed behind him).  😁 
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