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    • Heathercd
      I’d like to offer to donate alllllll of my luck this fall to you. Have been sick off and on for the better part of two months. I blame it on young kids coughing directly into my eyeballs all the time. 🙃 So come on over and lick a doorknob or something - guarantee you will come away with some kind of upper respiratory thing 😂
    • Skylacticon
      So I was hanging out at school in a studio where a lot of our classmates hang out. It was after a morning class, I’d just had lunch and I was with one of my close friends. She’s around 5’7, has light brown hair and blue eyes. She was working and I was kinda fooling around, scrolling on my phone and talking to her about life. As she was putting pieces of a model together, quite focused, I heard her take in a long gasp, and immediately knew she was going to sneeze. Although, she was holding two things as it hit her, and she opted to sneeze freely.   “hhuh’CHIEWW!!” I saw her nose scrunch slightly as she sneezed. It wasn’t wet, but definitely sounded itchy. I blessed her, and she stood up straight from crouching. She sneezed again, harshly- “huHd’TCHHIEWW!!”   It sounded quite winding. She panted a little, and shyly, I asked if she was okay. She gave a low, calm chuckle, sounding like a dreaded moan. “I’m gonna sneeze…”   Then, after a beat, “I need to blow my nose…”   She put down what she was holding and walked to the sink at the front of the room. I was still scrolling shyly, not entirely watching her. Then-   “OH NO I FORGOT WE DON’T HAVE PAPER TOWL,” she exclaimed, in a funny, dramatic way. She laughed, and sniffled a few times, thickly.   “Oh no…” I got up and went to my backpack, pulled out my travel tissue pack, and fished one out for her. I offered it to her, and she accepted it. As I continued to scroll, she blew her nose gently, but wetly. After a bit, I asked, “Can you breathe?” in a slightly teasing way.   “Yes. Thank you,” she said softly, and went back to working on the model.   After that she didn’t sneeze much, but I’m a little worried she’s catching a cold. She seemed to have a bit of a cough when we went out on the weekend, and has been unusually wobbly. I’ll try to keep an eye on her. Just thought I’d share 😚
    • Wig_Powder
      @Blackcat182 @AntheaHolmes Thank you both so much! It's nice to know this story still gets readers 2 years on, and that people enjoy it despite its length and the gaps without sneezing!
    • Bondi
      I mean, you could just not sleep anymore and eat nothing but crap and stress yourself out really badly and that'll run your immune system to the ground. But then again you'll probably also end up with way worse than just a cold so maybe you don't want to do that. My immune system thus far has also been really, really good, which I'm perfectly happy with because I don't want the crap that everyone else is catching. 
    • Wirescrossed
      I've been waiting to catch a cold for SO LONG, turns out I never had that cold from forever ago and it was just the stupid weather. EVERYONE ELSE has gotten sick. My immune system is being stupidity good at keeping things out.
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