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    • MystiqueRules
      Erik was sitting idly at the kitchen table, disinterestedly reading a newspaper. He was drinking a mug of fancy imported coffee, courtesy of Charles. It had a unique flavor, most likely not with making again. But it was more important than anything in the newspaper. He turned on the radio looking for a good station. He found a station of someone playing a song on the harp. He wasn't a big fan of the song, but it help lighten up the atmosphere. He came across an article of a local robbery, and laughed softly at the thought of someone trying to rob him. He loved when people turned guns on him. it was just amusing to see the surprise on their faces when he turned it on them using his powers. "What are you laughing at?" A female voice asked. "Just people and their guns," He replied. "Oh." The young girl said walking towards the fridge, running a hand through her soft blonde hair. "I don't see the humor." "To me there's humor. Good morning Raven." "Morning Erik," Raven opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of Apple juice, shutting it close just before pinching her nose and pitching forward releasing a sneeze. "Hih-gnxt!" "Cute," Erik said.
    • EveP
      I love hockey, big strong guys who are sick and, of course, sneezing. I hope to read more about these, even though I follow SHL, not NHL. 🙂
    • Bless you, Hi
      Yes sneezing habits are based on genetics like EVERYTHING else regarding body functions. For example, studies have concluded that photic sneezing is more prevalent in white people. Darker generally skin has more resistance to the effects of the sun. Injecting racism into observational sneeze habits on a sneeze forum... Think about that. Racism in sneezing. There ARE sneezier areas unless you think all places sneeze the exact same amount of times per capita. Like wtf... Anyway, I would say Mexico is a very sneezy place. Mexicans I know tend to sneeze several times in a row and Latinas in general. I'd say Southern Americans tend to have seasonal allergies but this is just my observation. I'd also say big city people tend to have outdoor allergies.
    • Bless you, Hi
      Regarding your question, let me be clear: I want more obs.
    • NotWho
      I absolutely love your stories aggedy! 
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