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A couple of people requested a Nicole story so here you go! It's set on the set of her new film Cold Mountain, although it's obviously all completely made up. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! :)


Nicole lent in towards Jude for their kiss, the climactic scene of the film. Their eyes firmly shut, their lips already anticipating the moment of contact. As their lips met Nicole couldn’t help but feel a frisson of excitement run down her spine. She was too professional to let anything happen, but even so… It wasn’t even a romantic setting, there was probably fifty or so crew watching and filming, this the last scene of their latest film Cold Mountain. As Jude kissed her she felt her nose begin to tickle. She staunchly ignored it, hoping the feeling would disappear. It didn’t though. If anything the tickle was growing into a monstrous itch and with it came the undeniable fact that she had to sneeze. “Not here, not now,” she thought in despair. Eventually she was forced to submit to the overwhelming of her power and breaking away from Jude she just managed to say, “Excuse me” before she emitted a loud “Aaaa ishoo!”

“Cut!” yelled the director.

“Are you Ok?” asked Jude with a look of genuine concern on his face as Nicole rubbed her pale, slender nose with her hand as Jude wiped away the tears that were now running down her face.

“Yes, I’m fine. God! Sorry about that. I don’t know wha what came over me,” her breath catching slightly as another sneeze grew in her nose. “I… uhhh… excuse me,” she said quickly turning away from Jude in order to shield him from the oncoming sneeze. “Aaatishoo! Aaaishoo! Tchoo! Shoo!” There was a pause as Nicole caught her breath, “Where did they come from?” she wondered silently.

“Maybe it would be best if we broke for lunch now,” suggested the director diplomatically. Nicole looked at him gratefully.

“Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be fine in a bit it’s just some dust or something that’s gotten up my nose,” she said hurrying the last part of her sentence before another two harsh “Aaa ishoo!”s burst forth from her delicate frame.

Jude was just as relieved as Nicole at the director’s decision to break for lunch. He found women’s sneezing incredibly erotic and the sight of Nicole, a woman he acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the world, standing in front of him sneezing was almost too much to bear. As Nicole hurriedly made her way to her trailer Jude was barely conscious of the fact that he was following her. He hesitantly opened the door behind her to see her having a full fledged fit.

“Aaa aaa tchoo! Aatishoo! Aaaishoo! Ishoo! Ishoo! Tchoo! Tchoo!” Nicole let out a small groan and then continued with four smaller “Tchoo”s.

“Bless you,” murmured Jude softly. Nicole turned round, startled by his presence.

“Thanks,” she replied, colouring at the thought of somebody having seen her sneeze. “I didn’t realise there was anybody else here,” she said turning away to look for a tissue in her trailer.

Now it was Jude’s turn to blush. “Oh, umm, I’m sorry, I, err, just wanted to check that you were Ok.”

“Yeah, I’m fine” Said Nicole through slightly gritted teeth, her search for tissues proving fruitless. “Umm, I don’t suppose you have any tissues do you?” she said sniffing slightly at the same time.

“Well, I’ve got a hanky, will that do? It’s clean I promise,” he added the cheeky grin diffusing the slightly tense atmosphere. He leant in close to Nicole as he gave her his hanky. As he did so Nicole felt the niggling feeling in the back of her nose intensify unbearably. She sniffed, hoping to quell the fierce itching in her nose. Unfortunately this had the opposite effect; she backed away and turned from Jude in anticipation of the volley of sneezes that was about to explode from her body.

“Aaa aaa aaatchoo! Aaatchoo! Atishoo! Aaa aaatchoo! Aaa aaa aaaeshhooo! Eshoo! Ishoo! Ishoo! Aatishoo! Ishoo! Tchoo!”

Jude stood there silent in amazement as her wiry frame snapped forward with each enormous sneeze. She continued with sneeze after sneeze until able to subdue them to stifled “Hcshh”s. Nicole looked exhausted as she finally stopped sneezing and blew her nose.

“Wow! Are you ok?” said Jude, moving closer to her. Nicole nodded wearily, as she stifled another couple of sneezes,

“Haa icshh! Hcshh! Icshh! Yeah, I thik I’b ok dow,” her voice thick with congestion form all her sneezing.

“You don’t happen to be wearing a different colode to usual do you? It’s just that I doticed that I started sdeezing whed you came dear me.”

“Yeah. It’s a new one I bought the other day. Why? Do you think you’re allergic to it?”

“Well, I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I… I… excuse me. Atchoo! Atchoo! Aaa aaa,” she paused and sniffed expectantly but no sneeze appeared. The look on her face was one of pure agony as she sniffed and rubbed her nose to try and get the sneeze to materialise.

In spite of himself Jude blurted out, “God! I feel terrible. I can’t believe that I’m responsible for getting you into such a state!”

“Thanks!” replied Nicole. “I realise I probably look pretty unattractive but I didn’t think I qualified as a wreck quite, uhhhh,” she broke off hoping for a sneeze to release her from the discomfort of the persistent itch within her nose.

“I didn’t mean that you looked unattractive because you don’t. Far from it in fact… but err, that’s not the point,” he added correcting himself and seeing the funny looks that she was giving him, “ I just meant that…” He trailed off upon seeing Nicole’s face clouding, “Are you Ok?”


“Are you alright you look a bit strange that’s all.”

“You know that feeling where you need to sneeze but can’t, like it’s stuck or something? It’s driving me crazy,” she said rubbing furiously at her nose. “Oh God I need to sneeze!” she all but screamed in desperation.

Jude edged closer to her and then suddenly emboldened, pulled her delicate body towards him and kissed her passionately. Nicole didn’t resist his sudden embrace and melted into his arms and kiss until she felt the previously static tickle return with a vengeance.

She abruptly pulled away from Jude, her eyes welling up.

“Aaa aaa Aatchoo! Aatishoo! Aaaishoo! Aaatchoo! Atishoo! Aaa aaatchoo! Ishoo! Ishoo!” She barely paused for breath between each massive explosion. “Haaa eshoo! Aaa aaatishoo! Atishoo! Tchoo! Tchoo!” Her sneezes started to slow and after one final “Aaatishoo!” stopped altogether.

There was an awkward silence as Nicole turned and faced Jude. Fortunately for both of them the director burst in at that moment.

“How are my two favourite stars doing? Great,” he said without waiting for an answer. “I want you both back on set in 20 minutes. Ok?” and he left again without waiting for an answer.

“So…I should probably just go and wash my cologne off then,” said Jude awkwardly.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Umm, I should probably explain. I…err… well you… you looked like you needed to sneeze pretty badly and seeing as me kissing you was what set it off in the first place I thought that…” he trailed off, too embarrassed to continue. “Anyway it didn’t mean anything so are we both ok?”

“Yeah. Yeah, we’re both ok. You should probably go wash off that cologne before I start up all over again,” she added with a laugh that broke the tension.

“Ok, I’m gone don’t worry,” that familiar grin breaking out on his face. He headed out the door and as he shut it behind him he paused for a moment and leant against it, savouring the beauty of what he had just seen.

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OH MY GOD!! :) :)

Thank you!!!!!!!!! Okay, so Jude didn't sneeze, but HE was in the story! :)

I would love for this story to continue with... both Nicole and Jude sneezing? Is that possible? Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeee??

:):):):lol: *begging on her bear knees* :wink:

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